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Sorry, NWO Zionists, But I Am NOT Giving You What You WANT!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

(Note-The following article is written to whom it is written. It will  never be understood by all readers, nor is it intended to be. Those to whom it is written, however, understand perfectly. However, for those of you on the outside wondering what this is about, go to the  following link for insight:

This article had to be written, Zionist NWO supporters. And it is addressed to you. Of course, many of you read my blog all the time, don't you? You are fully aware that I know too much and write too much, perhaps, about things you wish the American public did not know about! But the truth must be told.

Huh? Shut up already, you say? How do you expect me to remain silent at a time as this, when I and my fellow Christians nationwide are so endangered by YOUR agendas for OUR America and against OUR religious freedoms...and threatening our very LIVES as well! You gotta be kidding. If I were to remain silent with what I know, the very rocks would have to cry out. If your people were critically endangered in Israel, would YOU remain silent? Hardly.

However, I am not giving you what you want. Certain elements among Jewish Zionists are historically known for sacrificing their own fellow Jews in the name of Zionism,  through dark tactics such as even helping to create the Holocaust in order to create the need for a Jewish homeland and restore the Jews to ISRAEL. How many NWO Zionist Jews worked hard with the Nazis behind the scenes, to help create the horrors of the Holocaust, so that the suffering of their hapless fellow Jews could be used as a Zionist excuse to establish Israel once again as a Jewish Homeland. This is well documented by many articles and researchers.
                  Jews forced by Nazis to carry signs against Jews.

My well-known Jewish journalist friend Barry Chamish and I had a talk about this one day. When I expressed surprise that Zionist Jews would actually murder fellow Jews for their agendas, he replied, "Of COURSE they would, and they do so for their agendas ALL THE TIME!" Hmmmmm. Thanks for the insight, Barry. Golly, don't Jews have enough enemies in the world, without them killing one another? I guess not.

Here is another excellent article by Chamish, exposing horrific Zionist crimes against their fellow Jews, even children, and the behind-the-scenes roles of some collaborating with Nazis, even in THE HOLOCAUST, to force the Jews to leave Europe and go to Israel instead. My friend Saida, a Sephardic Messianic Jew, was one such victim of the horrific genocide program against Sephardic children through massive x-rays used on them allegedly to "kill ringworm." Again, it is Jew killing Jew for dark agendas.

Many powerful Zionists have traditionally been behind much persecution of the Jews, to drive them out of Gentile nations and back to ISRAEL. "ALIYAH" or returning to the homeland of Israel is very important to Zionists. So important, that once again, they will even sacrifice their own fellow Jews to make this happen.
         Jewish neighborhood, Bensonhurst, NYC

However, there is a problem: Zionists know that Jews are very contented here in America. They have nice homes, established neighborhoods and communities, good jobs, a cushy state of existence compared to the challenges they would face in Israel. It is not easy to live in Israel: I lived there for a while and know this.They know it will take alot to move them out of America to Israel. Uh-oh! So WHAT are the Zionists going to instigate behind the scenes to pressure and persuade reluctant Jews in  America to LEAVE and MAKE ALIYAH?

Traditionally, Zionists have always been good at helping the opposition (such as NAZIS) to raise up PERSECUTION against the Jews. What? Jews helping THEIR PERSECUTORS? Yes. Zionists will stoop to any wretched level to accomplish their goals...and they have proven this historically  again and again.

Enter my reporting on the New World Order...or what many Jews have told me is THEIR New World Order. And of course in the process of researching the NWO and it's roots and participants, I uncovered the sad reality of many who call themselves Jews being heavily involved in the NWO/communist  agenda for America. Fact.

And of course the Noahide  Laws that pave the way for us Christians to be beheaded for our faith when we refuse to renounce our Jesus to join their NWO, are strictly from Jewish origins. Lubavitch much more Jewish can you get? Oy, vay.....and "Ha'Shem ha kadosh baruch Hu" help us Christians when they get those guillotines going on our tender necks because of their Noahide Laws! Actually, it is not a joking matter: it is deadly serious subject with many frightening consequences.

And there are many other websites and alternative news sources also doing the same thing as well.

And you Zionists know that what I publish is absolutely true. You know these truths among yourselves and you talk about this all the time in your circles. Jewish contacts have explained this to me. You KNOW about the guillotines. You KNOW about the prisoner boxcars and the camps and their  communist orientated agenda for America. You know all about the martial law plan for our nation. Because many of those among you have played a major role behind the scenes in setting this all up, right? We both know it's all true. Sadly.

And I am sure many of you were originally thinking, "Yeah, lady, PUBLISH the truth about the NWO...TELL Americans how much some Jews are involved...make people in America ANGRY about this ...ANGRY at the the point where they will start  hating and threatening and persecuting the Jews in America so Jews will WANT to leave and make ALIYAH BACK TO ISRAEL! C'mon...push 'em! Write MORE!"

And I am confident that some of you watched my reporting with baited breath, hoping that this Gentile would be a useful idiot in your Zionist agenda for this purpose.

Sorry, darlings, but it ain't gonna work. I refuse to be your useful idiot and pawn in this deadly Zionist game. Why? Because I love the Jews too much. Little Jewish children...the elderly...and so many others would be hurt needlessly by your kind of tactics. I have encountered and taken care of both throughout the years, and I love them. Many Christians in America love and are praying for the Jews  and Israel in this nation. And yet sadly, you want to kill us?
                        Jewish elderly affected by the Holocaust

Your murderous Zionist tactics are despicable! How many helpless and innocent Jews have died, including women and children and elderly throughout the recent decades, due to disgusting tactics such as yours, even in assisting in the Holocaust in order to drive Jews out of Europe??? Far too many, I am afraid. History proves this out.

                           Jewish children during the Holocaust

Therefore you will carefully note, that whenever I am compelled as a honest journalist to mention the sad reality  of certain elements of Jews involved in the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, I am very careful NOT to respond with hate and vicious counter attack. My articles are never written with the intent to inflame Americans to murderous acts of hate, but rather to honestly inform. I want people rather respond, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Jesus Christ commanded us to love and pray for those who hate us and persecute for His sake.

I have exhorted Christians to take the time to love and pray for the Jews in our nation, to show compassion and mercy, and to live up to Jesus the Messiah's expectations of us all.

I pray there will never be a Nazi-type response from Biblical Christians (which compose 80 percent or so of America) to this very real threat in America, because a "FINAL SOLUTION" is never God's solution!

And I steadfastly refuse to be your "useful idiot" in your insane  pursuit  of your often deadly Zionist agendas.
                  God protect the precious children........

May God protect the little Jewish children in our nation from any such horrors as the NWO Zionists would seek to devise, who deliberately want to raise up persecution against the Jews in order to drive them to Israel. May God protect the fragile elderly, the children, the infirmed, and all others endangered from Zionist madness of this sort. May the Christians in America come to understand what this is really all about, and stand in the defense of the innocent, both targeted Christians and Jews alike, if any such hour should ever come upon our nation as it once to Germany.

No, NWO Zionists. We genuine lovers of God and followers of that wonderful Jew, Jesus, are never the real enemies of the Jews. We who pray for the Jews and for Israel, who keep Israel afloat in part by our tourist dollars, and send our Christian sons to fight Israel's battles in the Middle East (sigh...), are NOT the enemy of the Jews!

YOU ruthless Zionists who conspire to create such tragedies that sacrifice countless Jewish lives are! You with your heartlessness in raising up persecution and pogroms from behind the scenes, even aiding in a Holocaust, just to get what you want...THIS kind of behavior is the real enemy of good Jews everywhere.

Indeed, I publish some very disturbing and heavy materials at times. but I know I am handling it correctly. I will never use the truth as an inflammatory tool to raise up persecution or hatred against any people. To do so would be WRONG!

So go find other useful idiots, because this Gentile woman will never be one of them. God bless and protect innocent Jews (and Christians as well)   from your ilk everywhere!

I also have a honest proposition for you NWO Zionist hate-mongers. Since you believe in ALIYAH so fervently, WHY don't you set the example, and LEAVE America and GO make ALIYAH to Israel! And TAKE your Illuminati communist NWO agenda, your  prisoner boxcars with shackles and deathcamps and Noahide Laws with guillotines WITH you! America will be much safer for both endangered Jew and Christian alike. Don't be hypocrites: DO what you want every other Jew to do, set the example...and GO. 

You will be such happier, especially in Tel Aviv, perhaps even living on Rothschild Avenue (heh-heh..I am sure you get it), which is now the secret headquarters  of world communism. After all, this is what you want and this is what you love. Most American Christians and Jews have been content to peacefully co-exist and interact peacefully for hundreds of years now. Don't spoil a good thing by imposing your Zionist/NWO agenda on our nation, America.


(And you Gentile readers who also know the truth about the NWO, PLEASE don't try to accuse me of being some "shill for  the Jews" by writing articles such as this. I am simply an honest Christian journalist who is striving to do what is right in the light of God's Word, and thereby trying to protect the innocent from dark Zionist agendas that have destroyed so many innocent lives in the past. I am called by God to forevermore line up with what His word teaches. I love, and therefore I care about innocent lives. That's all. "A faithful witness saves lives." From the Bible)

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


Postscript- In 2001 I spent 6 months traveling throughout Germany, to investigate the NWO agenda in Germany and Europe. I encountered a member of the secret underground rising Nazi movement in Germany. When she discovered I was a journalist from America, she insisted on taking me to her apartment in Munich to tell me about her group. Afraid at first, I nevertheless came with her. My curiosity overwhelmed all fear.

Once we were in her apartment, she showed me piles and piles and modern glossy magazines filled with Nazi agendas and hate literature. Much of it accurately described the  NEW WORLD ORDER danger and the reality of the involvement of certain Jews in it. However, it was quite obviously written and designed to be inflammatory towards the Jews and to instigate open hatred for them.

I soon began to smell a rat , however. The volumes of this published literature and underground distribution across Germany and Europe would have cost millions of dollars to produce, and such literature is illegal to produce in Germany. People in their underground Nazi circles are not known for being rich, either. They are often poor, without jobs, etc.

In fact, here is an excerpt from a recent German news article confirming this:

"...Many unemployed youths, especially in eastern Germany, fall under the spell of neo-Nazi groups, or "Kameradschaften," which indoctrinate them with propaganda glorifying Hitler's Third Reich. Peer pressure sucks them first into a racist ideology and then into violent crime...."

And here is yet another article further confirming this as well:

"...The right-extremist National Democratic Party is almost broke. That, at least, has been the message delivered recently by both media reports and the party itself. Even the NPD chairman Udo Voigt admitted that his party was in an "existential crisis."

The NPD, which Germany's domestic intelligence agency describes as a "racist, anti-Semitic, revisionist" party bent on removing democracy and forming a Fourth Reich, is on the brink of insolvency..."

If this is the evident state of the underground Nazi movement in Germany today, then exactly WHO is funding the massive churning out of this expensive modern Nazi hate literature I witnessed in Munich that day, that is fueling this movement and rise in anti-Jewish sentiments?
I  soon began to wonder if this was not a blatant example, once again, of the Illuminati deliberately funding and raising up both sides to fight one another for their own hidden agendas. And in this case the Jewish Zionist elements of the Illuminati, to inflame people in Europe against Jews once again, to serve to drive the Jews out of Europe and TO MAKE ALIYAH TO ISRAEL. Jewish Zionists have done this BEFORE, and they can ( and WILL ) certainly do it AGAIN.Remember, things are not ALWAYS what they appear to be!-PRS

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