Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christians Facing the New World Order Guillotines

A WARNING of things to come and what our ONLY Biblical Response Can Be-

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Yes, the modern military guillotines are very real! I have been researching them for 15 years now, among other topics under the subject of the New World Order. Whether the ones originating from JAPAN, or CHINA, or now in our own military bases, THE GUILLOTINES ARE REAL. And none of my information originated from the Internet  regarding my reports on the guillotines. It all came from first hand accounts as reported to me by eye-witnesses.  Many websites are now carrying my articles about the guillotines. You can find many of my reports not only in this blog  with past articles, but also by going to:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=1d556ad472bf6615&biw=1424&bih=746&ion=1

There IS a reason for these modern guillotines in today's world. FIRST OF ALL, they perfectly fulfill Bible prophecy in these end times with the obvious emergence of the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER described in Revelation 13. The Bible clearly speaks of the beheading of the saints of Jesus for refusing to participate in this "Kingdom of the Beast" or New World Order as it is called today.

Read Revelation 20:4.

"And I saw the souls of them beheaded for the witness of Jesus and the Word of God...." who, to paraphrase it ,  had not worshipped  Satan represented by his Antichrist world leader or the statue of him, and would not take the mark of the cashless society or the number of it's name-"666".

The cashless society is HERE AND NOW, waiting to be implemented at the right time.

A Bank of America representative admitted this to me in Florida one day. When I talked to her about the coming cashless society, she smiled and said, "Yes, you are right. We are preparing for this. There will be no cash someday. And all the banks in America will be merging under ONE BANK someday,  which in turn will come under the GERMAN BANK..." Hmmm. Interesting how German currency was called "THE MARK" As in "mark of the beast"  ( and now THE EURO.)   And when I researched in Germany in 2001, I saw ominous billboards everywhere with "666"  and nothing more. How obvious a message!

Here is a practical example of "666" everywhere. Every bar code contains "666" in it automatically. The two thinnest lines with the narrowest space between them, of every complete bar code, stand for the number SIX. simply find a product in your home that has a complete bar code. Look on the right hand side of the bar code. Find one that has a number six.

You will see that the pair of lines over "6"  are the two thinnest   lines  separated by the closest space apart. Every number in the bar code system has TWO LINES of varying width assigned to it. Always on the right hand side, the bar code lines for "6"  are the two thinnest lines the closest distance together.

Now look carefully at the complete bar code. You will see   the pair of bar codes lines for "6"  BEGINNING each bar code, DIVIDING each  bar code, and ENDING each bar code! 666 is already here and on BILLIONS of sales products!  

And the coming antichrist  cashless society  is full of "666"  in many forms as well. "WWW" actually stands for "666." How? In the Hebrew alphabet, there is no W. There is only a "Vav" to replace the "W" sound in the Hebrew alphabet. The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Vav!  "Vav-vav-vav" (the Hebrew equivalent of W-W-W) or "6-6-6"!

The Rothschilds are a powerful Jewish banking family and have much power and influence in the banking world of today. They are also an Illuminati bloodline, meaning they are powerful SATANISTS and well. There is a notable segment in the Jewish society, of those that are actual satanists  or Illuminati, who are working towards a NEW WORLD ORDER. (Sad but nevertheless fact. But then to be fair, there are also many NON-Jews into Illuminati satanism and the NWO as well.) The Rothschilds and  their supporters, both Jew and Gentile alike, have been working behind the scenes through their power in the banking system, to bring down their antichrist cashless society to further eliminate the much hated Christians.

Remember, the powerful  Illuminati (satanist) Jewish ROTHSCHILD BANKING FAMILY was directly responsible for designing, funding  and implementing COMMUNISM, beginning in Russia, as a tool of bringing in their sadly very JEWISH-originated  concept of a  New Word Order and eliminating  the Christians and their faith  in Jesus Christ as Messiah hated by so many Jews  worldwide. Satanist hatred of Christians coupled with traditional  Jewish hatred of Christians makes for a very deadly combination, and such make up the major ranks of those who support and believe in the New World Order, Satan's manifest kingdom on earth of Revelation 13.

However, before I go any further, I must make the important following statements  so there is no misunderstanding  of what I am trying to communicate:

I do not stereotype any people. It is a terrible thing to do and it has hurt many. There are many Jews who are aware of the kinds of things I report on, who are NOT in agreement with what SOME  of  their fellow Jews are doing regarding establishing  either communism or a New World Order. There are many Jews who are not even aware of those things I report on. 

I have met with some lovely people, Jewish, who were shocked when I began to reveal these things to them. One woman had even worked as a secretary for GEORGE SOROS, Hungarian Jewish billionaire  who is of the same ilk as the Rothschilds and working feverishly for a NEW WORLD ORDER agenda indeed. "I knew Soros was evil, but I did not realize just HOW evil he was nor the truth about the New World Order..." this Jewish  woman Pat admitted to me last summer as we sat and talked about these things.  

I have loved and worked with and for Jews in many capacities  throughout the past decades. I have worked at summer camps with adorable Jewish children (Russian Jews from NYC) for years, and I love them dearly to this day. I have taken professional care of Jewish elderly until they died, often for families that could not afford the normal  rate of pay. I sacrificed gladly to provide home health care for their dear Jewish elderly. I lived for a while in Jerusalem, and spent so many hours praying for Israel, for the Jews, and simply showing God's love to everyone I met there. This is the true nature of genuine Christian love and compassion.

There were many Jewish protesters of communism in Russia, who recognized it was wrong, And they suffered alongside the Christians under communist persecution. I have stood side by side with Russian Jewish protesters in Washington DC  holding signs protesting communism in the former Soviet Union.

The point I am making is  that whenever I am compelled to mention, as an honest journalist, the role that some Jews decidedly play in the emerging NEW WORLD ORDER, it is with deep sorrow and regret   that I even have to admit such things.

There are other websites exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER: they know the same things that I know as truth  and the role of some Jews in this. But their response is not a Christian one. They are filled with hatred, with stereotyping of all Jews, they are even designed to be inflammatory against all Jews. This is dangerous, because it can cause many innocent people, even children and elderly, to be hurt.

Look what happened under the Nazis in Germany and Europe. Jews were stereotyped. inflammatory movies and publication were used to turn the hearts of people in Germany against the Jews as a whole. And many Jews were rounded up and sent to the camps to die horrible deaths, elderly and children included. I have taken care of Jewish elderly and children: they are precious and pose no threat to anyone.yet they suffered under Nazi oppression lie all the rest.

And as I discovered while researching In Germany for 6 months in 2001, there is a deadly rising underground movement, very large, of the new NAZI YOUTH and sympathizers throughout Germany. I was taken by one young female member, by invitation, to one of their secret apartments in Munich. I was shown huge amounts of modern day Nazi magazines and literature. Much of it was filled with traditional Nazi stereotyping and hatred of Jews.

Yes, their literature was quite accurate  in describing the certain  Jewish elements involved in the threat of the New World Order. But their RESPONSE to such truth was anything but Christian in nature, and in fact quite inflammatory and dangerous instead. Their literature I read while visiting that secret underground Nazi establishment in Munich, was filled with hatred and murderous intentions towards the Jews. I  was very afraid to be in that apartment, even though spending the night, and was relieved to leave the next morning as quickly as possible.  I fear greatly for what is going to come from this seething underground movement so filled with hate and spiritual darkness. Jews in Germany and Europe, be forewarned: this modern day underground Nazi threat is REAL.

This is not and can never be the Biblical Christian response.We are not of this world and are called to higher accountability and a Biblical response...even if those Jews in support of the NWO agenda for America hate us, are happy to see us arrested someday and sent to the FEMA camps, or beheaded under their Jewish Noahide laws. I have encountered such Jews who have admitted these things are true, and that they DO want to get rid of us Christians through their plans and NWO agenda.

And my  only response has been to BE LIKE JESUS, and love and pray for them and show them the truth from Scripture. And, to forgive their intentions. Of course, I pray against such NWO darkness daily, if not hourly. But I also pray for the forgiveness and salvation of ALL involved. Did Jesus die for ALL sinners to be saved? Yes. And as He hung in agony and rejection on a cross, mocked and hated and condemned by His Own Jewish people, what was His response? "Father, FORGIVE THEM, for they know not what they do!" Again, this can be our only Christian response as these sad truths become evident, IF we are to BE LIKE JESUS.

Christian readers, I encourage you to find  a Jewish nursing home in your area, and  visit some of the patients there, and take the time to love them. Go to a Jewish synagogue some Saturday and show the genuine  love of God to these people. Pray silently in your heart for all of them to find Messiah Jesus as you sit through their service. Walk the streets of a Jewish community and PRAY for all of them to be touched by the love of God and the truth about Messiah! Hug a Jewish child! I have done all of the above, and have found love returned, and seen the power of God work incredibly           through this. How can they know Jesus loves them, without OUR manifesting HIS love to them in realistic ways? We are called to overcome evil with GOOD. And LOVE never fails.

PRAY for those particular Jews sadly deceived by the NEW WORLD ORDER  rhetoric, that their eyes would be opened to the truth about Jesus their ONLY true Messiah and the ONLY One God will ever send to the Jews.

The Jews who support the NWO believe that a NEW Messiah is coming to save them in a politically and world conquering way...AND to get RID of the Chrstians they actually believe stand in their way. Lubavitch Chabad has been working hard to raise up  THEIR NEW MESSIAH (the last one they proclaimed to be "the new messiah" died  and predictably has not come back from the dead yet...)

It is LUBAVITCH CHABAD that wrote up the Noahide Laws  and got them signed into actual legislation by Bush Senior, that will be used to pave the way for the beheading of millions of Christians nationwide under martial law. This is another example of just how far Jewish hatred of Jesus Christ and Christianity can go. But again, we are called to love and forgive.

Christians, PRAY for these people, pray about these tragic truths so painful to comprehend, and let us SEE what God shall DO in response to our Biblical behavior in the face of persecution to come.


The NEW WORLD ORDER of Revelation 13 has already divided the world into 10 WORLD REGIONS, with Canada-America-Mexico combined to form REGION NUMBER ONE of the NEW WORLD ORDER. One military insider source, Brian,  who worked for Cheyenne Mountain/NORAD at one point, told me this plainly. He described to me a secret military brochure he saw of the secret NWO plans for America and the world. They displayed this to him when they tried to recruit him into their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for the military. And when he said NO to joining the NWO agenda  for the USAF, he found his life actually endangered and had to leave the military and that state.

The NWO plans Brian was shown, showed a map where the borders between Canada, America and Mexico were erased to form REGION NUMBER ONE of the TEN WORLD REGION of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER.  Even the Bible in Revelation declares there will be ten world leaders under the Antichrist and his world kingdom of "THE BEAST." How accurate Bible prophecy is  proving to be!. Again, how obvious that Bible prophecy is being prepared to be fulfilled even as you read this.

And hence the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES are also in place to fulfill Bible prophecy regarding the saints of Jesus Christ who will NOT accept a totally satanic  new World Order of Revelation 13. Although many Christians have been beheaded throughout the past 2000 years, this particular passage of Revelation 20:4 is specifically referring to those Christians beheaded under this world Antichrist government of Revelation 13 and of no other time frame. This way we can KNOW that the saints who are in the world under this NWO WILL BE TEMPTED TO DENY JESUS and participate, OR  WILL BE BEHEADED   for their faith and confession of Him.

For my European readers, yes, the guillotines are worldwide...I have read reports of the guillotines in the UK and Europe. One military source, Staff Sergeant Donnie Boysel, formerly training his men on the guillotines in Fort Lewis, WA, even told me that "...hey, the GUILLOTINES are EVERYWHERE! Fort Lewis, Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, and even in Berlin when I was stationed in Germany...they are EVERYWHERE!"

And unless Jesus Christ returns very soon , you and millions of other fellow Christians will be forced by the military minions of the NWO to stand before these guillotines WORLDWIDE someday and be asked in so many words, "Will YOU renounce your faith in Jesus Christ and JOIN our NWO, or will you DIE?"

Obviously, for the true Disciple of Jesus Christ, there can be only ONE ACCEPTABLE ANSWER:

"Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior! I believe in Him and cannot renounce Him!"

Or, of course, every one's own personal words of  their Christian testimony spoken at that time  to this effect.

We are commanded by Jesus Christ to confess Him before men! We are warned by Him that to DENY HIM before men is to LOSE OUR SALVATION FOREVER! This is basic Bible doctrine that every Christian should know. But how many modern Christians really DO understand this, and how many are prepared to obey this Biblical command  when persecution comes , especially to North America and  Christians coddled and pampered by 400 years of religious liberty in North America?

How many Christian pastors (who nervously read websites such as mine and realize by now that  these things are true,) even have "...that pair of male anatomy commonly associated with courage", to stand up  and faithfully WARN GOD'S PEOPLE of these things to come? WHEN is the last time your pastor boldly declared to you these truths and prepared YOUR congregation to suffer and die for Christ in America?  Such pastors are only a tiny remnant to be found in America.

How very sad. And how many Christians will fall away under such testing, because even their pastors did not warn them? There is blood on the hands of the pastors of America today!

Readers, as you can plainly see, I am being your faithful witness to the truth in this hour. However, I know the Word of God: I am held accountable in HIS SIGHT to share these truths with you. Knowledge IS accountability. It will cost me everything in this world, but doesn't the Bible teach us that Jesus Christ is worth it ALL anyhow??? Isn't He WORTHY that we should suffer and die for HIM, Who suffered and died for US??? We live in a frail and temporal body anyhow, destined to die  someday regardless. Let us therefore choose to live and DIE therefore for Him as well. Heaven awaits us!

Pastors reading this, do you understand? Do you love your money and your sense of personal safety MORE than the flock God has placed under YOUR care? DO you fear the wrath of God for failing to warn and prepare His people? You should, because His great wrath will someday be upon YOU for failing to warn His people and to prepare them for the persecution and suffering to come! You will someday give an account  before Almighty God for EVERY soul that falls away under perseution in your congregation, because you failed to be the faithful shepherd and watchman, to WARN them of these things to come!

But I have no other option but to testify to this truth to  ALL. You "mighty men of God," are you going to be outdone by a mere woman, who has more courage than the vast majority of you, to tell God's people the truth??? God help us, if this is the case! Where are the mighty men of God boldly proclaiming these pressing truths and waking up the people of God in America! Have they all sold out to love of mammon, fear and self preservation, and 501-C-3 tax exempt status??? No wonder the churches in America are in such great jeopardy today.

These NWO murderers will use these guillotines to torment and tempt God's people to deny Jesus Christ. Children will be snatched out of Christian parents' arms and taken to the guillotines. The NWO will say, "NOW...Will you DENY JESUS CHRIST to save your children...?" Christian parents will be taken away from their children and forced to the guillotines, and the NWO will ask the children, "NOW...will you deny Jesus to save your parents from being beheaded...?" One Christian, Becky of Washington DC, had a very clear vision of this and how they would use the guillotines someday. her vision even included guillotines set up on the White House lawn. (This does not surprise me.)

READ my many previous articles written exposing the  MODERN GUILLOTINES and their purpose. read about WHO is behind them and WHY. Obviously they are haters of Jesus Christ and Christianity and His followers! Militant Orthodox Jews called Lubavitch Chabad and then-President Bush SR. (Mr. Illuminati/NWO advocate himself) teamed up many years ago, to make this beheading of Christians nationwide (and worldwide) a COMING REALITY. READ about the NOAHIDE LAWS of LUBAVITCH and their dark purpose! In the following link you will find many of my reports on many websites explaining this.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=1d556ad472bf6615&biw=1424&bih=746&ion=1

How many of you Christians reading this, have loved and prayed for the Jews and Israel? I have,   for decades, and have been a missionary to them and their children for many years. This is what makes their hatred for Christians and this NWO  plan to destroy the Christians even sadder still: they are murdering their true truest friends and advocates in the world through the dark plan of the guillotines and the Noahide laws. And through what many Jews call THEIR New World Order. How very heartbreaking this kind of truth is to report on. I spend hours at night praying about these things, pleading with God to touch and change their hearts, and for all who are so deceived by the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

Some Jews have actually bragged to me that my reporting is correct. One Jew contacted me and said to me that "...yeah, your reporting is correct. And the person you Christians call THE ANTICHRIST will be our NEW MESSIAH to lead us to world conquest and VICTORY, and to get RID of you CHRISTIANS who stand in our way!"

How very, very sad. Their "New Messiah" can only be the MAN OF PERDITION  of Second Thessalonians to instead lead them into ETERNAL DAMNATION! Read Second Thessalonians about the STRONG DELUSION that they will receive for rejecting the truth about their ONLY MESSIAH the Jews will ever have, JESUS or YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH!  He is called the MAN OF  PERDITION. He is also called THE ANTICHRIST.

You can also read about the many visions God has been giving to His Christian people about these things to come in my reports. Christians with visions from NEW ZEALAND, MONTANA, LONG ISLAND NY, CALIFORNIA, the BAHAMAS and Washington DC.  the Bible states that the Holy Spirit will show us THINGS TO COME both through prophecy and through visions.

People from inside the CIA have abundantly confirmed to me the reality of the MODERN GUILLOTINES to me personally, and you can read about this.  People from inside the US military have also confirmed this truth to me personally. People from inside the ILLUMINATI who have come OUT have also confirmed the guillotines to me personally. Truckers making shipments  across the USA of these guillotines have confirmed this to me personally.

In fact, before I left Montana recently, a Christian trucker warned me in a church in West Glacier, MT, that TRUCKERS WERE BRINGING IN THE MODERN GUILLOTINES TO BILLINGS, MONTANA,  this past summer of 2011.  A Christian missionary  eye-witness  accidentally discovering the prisoner boxcars with shackles with four other people accompanying her one day, told me they saw A MODERN GUILLOTINE  bolted into each of those prisoner boxcars  discovered in MONTANA.

Church across North America (Canada and the USA) WAKE UP!

And prepare to stand before the modern guillotines and the military who will operate them, fully armed with THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST and the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB!

"And they overcame him by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, by the WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY, and because they loved NOT their lives unto the death." Revelation 12:11

"Be thou faithful unto death and I will give you the CROWN OF LIFE! He that OVERCOMES shall not be hurt of the SECOND DEATH."-words of Jesus Christ in REVELATION

If you are moved to deny Jesus Christ to save yourself or your family and loved ones, you HAVE NOT saved yourself or them! You have only DOOMED YOURSELF to eternal torment and eternal loss of your very soul and their as well! The smoke of their torment shall ascend forever, who go along with this NWO agenda, declares God's eternal word!  Without Jesus in your life, you have no eternal salvation:  it is as simple as that!

With the US military and foreign military specialized forces training in many US bases on how to implement  the guillotines  (Fort Lewis, Fort Hood, Fort Bragg among other bases) and sightings of these guillotines surfacing everywhere, isn't it TIME  to prepare your hearts before the Lord through fasting an prayer to FACE THE GUILLOTINES OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER in TOTAL VICTORY THROUGH CHRIST JESUS?

This testimony of mine to YOU is true and confirms Bible prophecy of things to come perfectly.

Christians, PREPARE. Your eternal soul is at stake. Remember that Revelation 20:4 ends with the promise that THOSE BEHEADED FOR THEIR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST WILL BE RESURRECTED TO REIGN WITH HIM A THOUSAND YEARS at His return! 

Hold fast therefore to the promises of God, beloved in Christ, and NEVER be moved from HIM!
-Pamela Rae Schuffert reporting from ALASKA
(And once again, this report is brought to you FREE OF CHARGE, information painstakingly gathered at great personal cost and risk. I do not serve God for filthy Illuminati currency  that is not even worth the paper it is printed on, with no gold in Fort Knox to back it up. I refuse to even have a bank account. No one should be in "ministry" with "making money" in mind.  No man can serve two masters, declared Jesus Christ.

So when you come across government-sponsored COINTELPRO hate articles describing me somehow as some "well known con/scam artist,"  and other libel , understand the truth. The government will do anything it can to attempt to discredit honest journalists who pose a threat to their NWO  agenda. That person they have fraudulently described as ME simply does not exist, except in their evil imaginations and articles.Church, wake up and understand and quit being so naive.Didn't the Bible warn us that we would be hated for righteousness' sake?-PRS)


  1. I have not had the chance to read your material before this article. Yet, I have read similar articles about this very same thing about the guillotines as well as the stacks of plastic coffins being stored for "some event" by FEMA and/or Homeland Security. I especially appreciate that these events are also backed up by biblical writings to confirm what is being said. I hope to hear more from you in the future unless we are taken up to Jesus in the clouds which by the look of things will probably be very soon.
    Your Sister in Christ Jesus, Dianne Edgett

  2. About fifteen years ago I watched a documentary on The History Channel about the guillotine. At the end of the documentary, the announcer said, "Have we seent he last of the guillotine?" John wrote in Revelation 20:4: "Then I saw the souls of the saints that were BEHEADED for their faith in Christ, for not having taken the Mark of the Beast or for worshipping the Antichrist. Jesus will remove His flock from Earth before the Antichrist puts those guillotines to work. Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah so shall it also be in the days of the Son of Man." In the days of Noah there lived a demonic race of giants known as the Nephilim. It is believed Satan has created another race of demonic entities to be used as super-human soldiers in the Battle of Armageddon because he still thinks he can defeat Christ LOL! Satan will need hearts, livers, lungs and kidneys for these soldiers. Where will he get them? From those guillotined during the Tribulation since beheading doesn't damage organs as electrocution and lethal injection does. Come quicky, Lord Jesus!

  3. SO many Christians in America have become dangerously lukewarm and comfortable with where America is. Centuries of religious freedom and lack of persecution on a major scale has lulled many into a false state of "safety-comfort-denial" in this hour. In the minds of most Christians, in fact, no persecution could ever come to the Christians in America! And this is exactly what their flesh wants to hear and believe, for no one really ever wants suffering or persecution to invade their lives.
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