Saturday, February 25, 2012

AT LAST:The Information Many Readers Have Wanted About RELOCATION





Describes a domicile or domain for dwelling as a family unit with all essential needs of food, water, waste and energy contained within that land’s boundaries.

A fully contained, sustainable ecosystem
suitable for human habitation.

From Pamela Rae to all my concerned Readers:

You will enjoy going to BIOSPHARMS' excellent website and reading more about this incredible yet workable concept that has many people excited. Many North Americans realize that we are on the brink of disaster and famine and nuclear war as well. More and more are considering RELOCATION out of the CONUSA (Continental USA.)

In fact, many Americans have already chosen to relocate out of North America to places like Costa Rica where I have lectured to them previously. They are concerned about their children and their future safety as well.

Darin Smith, a committed Christian and professionally trained in agricultural techniques and farming, has developed a wonderful concept for viable self-sustaining farms in Central American, Belize. More about Darin:

" ...I have been schooled in tropical sustainable agriculture and experienced as a international developer. This is the combination God gave me to build the farmettes or ARCs. We have been prophesied over, that thousand's will seek refuge in our ARCs. Our job is to get the word out to the Christian community so that those called know where we are. We are putting this all together as inexpensively as possible to make sure all walks of life can join us and we even have financing available which is unheard of in central American countries. Please help us spread the word. We both agree that time is very short."-Darin Smith, director of BIOSPHARMS.   

Here is more from their website:

Biospharms ... Where & Why
Biospharms are commonly referred to as ARC’s (Agricultural Retreat Communities). When searching for the best place on the planet for agriculture, Belize takes the top spot. Why? Belize has three growing seasons and as long as you are in the best spot in Belize the rainfall and soil are near perfect for growing almost any crop. Furthermore, the laws and language of the country are most favorable to western buyers.

Biospharms Layout
The layout of the farms is important for several reasons. The Biospharms community is off the grid. With that being said, roof tops and windows must be designed to take full advantage of sunlight and breezes to help bring full enjoyment to the Biospharmer and their family. These farms are fully fenced and securely gated to insure privacy and peace of mind.

These lovely Biospharm units can also include fine cabins for single people or families.

The above is a smaller version of their excellent cabins. The cabin unit below is larger. But both are excellent options for those who desire to relocate to a safe haven outside the CONUSA.

Once again I encourage my readers to visit Darin Smith's excellent and informative website for BIOSPHARMS by clicking on the link below. Time may be short for remaining freedom and safety in North America. Consider RELOCATION as a safer option TODAY. Christians, fast and pray and do your research on this important subject. Don't be moved by panic but PRAYER and sound wisdom and research.

Darin Smith
Cell: 239.896.7777

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Warning Darin Smith Wolf in sheep's clothing! I purchased a Farm at Belize biospharms and can say first hand Darin holds all the cards and uses them to prey on the pure in heart. Darin and Stacy Smith are a Wolf in sheep's clothing team. The farms are overpriced and not sustainable. He is a slanderer and will destroy you and leave you penny less. Darin Smith has zero sympathy, to date I lost possession of my farm and the paid in full $46,000 as well. Darin plays the Judas role Betrays you with a kiss and will leave you for dead! Stay clear of this scam! God speed!

  2. How about it. That and his bogus orphanage. What it is really is a free house for Darin. You cannot live on food grown and there has never been an animal killed for food. It is all for show when people go there.

  3. There are legitimate places in Belize but Biospharms is not one of them.

  4. Biospharms IS A SCAM. DON'T FALL FOR IT! LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES. Same as the others say, it's all for show. There's no farming, no bartering. Why do you think he and his family don't live there? He'll take your money and leave you for dead while slandering you all the way home. A skilled and charming con artist. A narcissist and compulsive liar. The worst experience of my life. The community is not legally set up in Belize,. An american corporation collects your money, while that company, biospharms, inc isn't even registered to do business in Belize and doesn't even own the property. It's all rubbish and many are going to be taken advantage of if something isn't done about it. Save your family and your money and run from this as fast as you can. Seriously.

  5. Purchased land there. Found out the land is all in the name of Darin Smith. He shows on this website the land is divided up into a lots but the government does not recognize what he is selling off. Just like the others are telling you he is a wolf in sheep clothing with his fake good deeds to the children's homes. BEWARE! Never by land in a foreign country without a lawyer and talking to the Lands/Title office.

  6. Anyone can check online to the laws of the Belize government to see how to set up a subdivision or divide off personal property. This property is not registered as shown on the site map or the one he hands the owners as they buy in. If you do your homework, it is still agricultural land for farming for Darin Smith. Those buying into Biospharms has not been taken into the Belize Title and Land office and been given the Land Certificate where as the owner has to be there to sign off on to the new owner. You only get promises that are never fulfilled.

    Yes, the Christian families that live at Biospharms are very good people who are hard working, honest and caring. They were hurt and disappointed when they found out the end of last year, they purchased property that has not been divided off to them with a Land Certificate and only given a Quick Claim Deed which is not recognized in Belize.

    Strange how a person can think they can go to another country and make their own laws and rules for unknowing people to follow. Any government would not be happy seeing this and start looking into it.

    They were told by the developer that he was a very experienced in real estate and developing and there was no reason not to trust a good Christian. Mistake number one.

    Let’s wait and see if they get it worked out.

    I might add that these homes are not “turn key”. The price gives you a “shell” with cracks that will be your responsibility to seal. The workmanship is poor, completely out of alignment. Count on doing a lot more work and shelling out the cash. It is NOT cheap to have the developer to build for you, his head is still in the USA where he lives with the prices of Ft Myers, Florida. Extremely over priced for the existing market in Los Tambos.

    You do not live off the grid, you pay for the town water which is expensive, you are not allowed to bring in electricity which is not as expensive on a monthly basis as told to us by the developer, you have to have propane to run an very expensive refrigerator, hot water, and stove. Then, your solar will run into thousands of extra dollars for what you want to use. The little system that is sold to the buyer is 45 watts and you won’t get much for usage except to charge up your cell phone, computer, lights and small fan.

    The roads are a mess, the bridge into the back section has not been properly built and washed out with each heavy rain and will not pass the inspection of the Belize government.

    Money paid for these properties have been wasted in that they do not have the proper setup in completing a subdivision as shown on the Biospharms website.

    Promises, delays, more promises, more delays and still people wait to see the fruit of the words.