Wednesday, November 18, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

All across America, millions of fellow Americans are being effected by the toxic chemicals we BREATHE, we INGEST, we DRINK, and we TOUCH or encounter daily.

EVEN FROM THE WOMB, infants are being affected by what the mother encounters daily.
The US MILITARY is among the major offenders, being careless with how they dispose of their toxic wastes across this nation.

The US government and military are also guilty of using the American people as HUMAN GUINEA PIGS to experiment upon without their consent or being informed.

I recommend that you do what I HAVE DONE: Go completely VEGETARIAN/ORGANIC and drink only the purest quality drinking water you can obtain or produce. Also, obtain clothing, shoes and personal items that are made without plastics or related chemical compositions. Get rid of foam furniture (mattresses, pillows, etc.) and go with wood and leather, etc. Even carpets are offenders, among many other household items.

And make sure that you do not use plastics on your child or infant! Bottles, teethers, food servers, sippy cups, etc. There are children's' items available today that are safely manufactured without such dangerous plastics, which leach into your child every time they suck on the plastic bottle's nipple, chew a teething ring, etc.

Have your well water tested if you use it. Industrial pollutants can travel a long way underground, called a "PLUME," and make your water quite toxic. This includes local springs as well.

I was horrified when I read about the water quality of many cities and regions across America. What comes out of our taps is frightening! This is WHY I recommend that you not take prolonged showers or baths. Your body absorbs those harmful chemicals every time you do so.

Because of the dangers in municipal tap water and in taking showers or baths in such water, I recommend instead body bathing with bottled spring water and an organic chemical-free loofah sponge or washcloth, and organic body soap as well.This is how I bath (often several times daily to exfoliate my skin), from head to foot, and then apply organic body lotion and essential oils afterwards. My whole body feels great, I smell great, and my skins looks youthful and wonderful! There is even a local discount store called AMAZING SAVINGS where I am able to obtain both bottled spring water, and close-outs of quality organic products and essential oils for personal use, saving BIG dollars! You may have such a store near you as well. You do NOT have to spend MORE, to BE HEALTHY!

The amount of money I save just by eliminating all meats, milk and dairy products is incredible. The amount of money I save by refusing to purchase products that are "manufactured" (processed) and each filled with a variety of 15,000 or more different chemicals (for flavors, colors, smell and taste enhancement, etc.) is amazing.

And above ALL, my HEALTH is improving daily as I continue to avoid polluted and contaminated food/ water/personal use products!

Many Americans are already defeated by the big money people of the NWO! THEY are the owners of the big industries that are polluting our nation, filling out grocery shelves with their toxic "foods," etc. Get smart on this subject and DO SOMETHING NOW!

Here are some excellent links on this timely subject of OUR TOXIC NATION.






Go to your local library also. There are many excellent books outlining all of the above, as I found. I obtained at least 12 books in my local library.

I will write more in the future on this urgent subject.

-Pamela Schuffert

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