Tuesday, November 24, 2009


BILLBOARD WARS Erupts Across America

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I received a fascinating email from a reader the other day. It contained a link about strange billboards appearing across our nation. They are going up in PROTEST over what millions of Americans are now perceiving as a WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and our cherished American traditional heritage and freedoms.


Frankly, Americans have been suppressing for a long time the growing feeling of "we have been had!" With the truth increasingly coming out on national tragedies like "9/11" and OKC Bombing, just to name a FEW government black ops offenses against the American people, anger has been slowly building in the hearts of Americans nationwide. The hidden NWO agenda for our nation has become increasingly clear, as more Americans turn to ALTERNATIVE NEWS JOURNALISM to understand the truth, and choose to dump lying government controlled/ censored news media propaganda sources.

I discovered this first-hand, living on the road and traveling nationwide for the past thirteen years to perform investigative journalism, and hands-on research exposing the NWO agenda for our nation. I have interviewed people from one coast to the other, and from our northernmost border to our southern as well. Across this nation, people have expressed to me their discontent with corruption in our government, their suspicions over the government's hidden agendas and their role in "9/11" and their hidden motives. They have expressed to me their fears indeed about America heading towards MARTIAL LAW and a future military police state.

Many Americans I have talked to have translated their fears into practical actions. They have purchased their long term food supplies and their firearms and ammunition. Some have built or ordered their pre-fab underground fallout shelters and had them installed in their back yard or property. Yet others I have interviewed have relocated to other countries, as I discovered while lecturing in Costa Rica and other countries.

Truly, the previously hidden NWO AGENDA for our nation is finally a "cat outta the bag" for millions of Americans.

Revealingly, not ONE American I have ever interviewed, has ever told me that they will simply "roll over and play dead", or simply allow the government/military to seize their family members and food supplies and property voluntarily under martial law. Not ONE American I have interviewed, has said they would march meekly at gunpoint to prisoner boxcars with shackles, to be taken alive to the FEMA/Homeland Security detention camps under martial law.

On the contrary, people have made remarks indicating they have done their research through alternate news media sources, they understand what is coming to America, and they are preparing to fight and resist to the end. And interestingly, it is NOT only the "militia-minded" who have made these comments to me! Your average every-day American people who know about coming events, have let me know they are preparing to face the future in a way that let's the NEW WORLD ORDER thugs know: "NOT IN MY BACK YARD, YOU DON'T!"

One actual militia member in NW Montana told me one day as I casually discussed with him and several of his friends these coming events, "Yes, ma'am, we KNOW all this is true. And I got 26 guns, some of 'em are even hidden uppa tree. They will have to pry my guns outta my cold dead hands, because WE ARE NOT SURRENDERING TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER or being taken alive to their camps!" And I knew he meant every word he spoke to me this day.

In fact, he was practically speaking for the countless actual militia members scattered throughout the Pacific Northwest, especially in the mountain regions, who have made this region of America their home as a LAST STAND locale against the NWO. Most of them feel this way as well, as my interviews revealed.

Some have gone a step further by stating to me, that they are prepared to "...take a few of them out" also, as the NWO military forces from hell come breaking down their doors someday to seize their weapons and haul them off to the camps.

One Christian friend of mine, retired USAF, working at a gun store near OKC, told me that gun and ammo sales are going off the charts, especially since Obama was elected. "And it's NOT just the 'militia types' coming in to buy guns and ammo! Commonly, it is your average American citizen, truly concerned for where they see America is being taken..." Brian told me one day as we discussed America's future.

How close are we to SHOWDOWN TIME? Only God knows.

-Pamela Schuffert

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