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Original Report On PENTAGON SPRAYING Reposted

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Here is a repost of my previous article outlining the deadly Pentagon spraying over Montana and their true "crime against humanity" of using innocent Americans as human guinea pigs.

For 13 years now, I have been performing investigative journalism in that glorious PATRIOT STATE OF MONTANA, "BIG SKY COUNTRY," which I have grown to love. Montana is filled with the bold and the brave who will DIE fighting for our cherished FREEDOM under martial law during the future attempt to impose a NEW WORLD ORDER communist regime across this nation. Here is my report that every Montanan needs to read and understand: it is happening NOW in your state. EVERY AMERICAN AS WELL needs to know this, because it will one day occur nationwide.



Pamela Schuffert reporting from the Pacific Northwest-

I was recently horrified and angered to discover through a reliable information source in Northwestern Montana (whose husband works with the "spy guy" agency, NSA of Fort Meade, Maryland)that THE PENTAGON HAS SELECTED THE STATE OF MONTANA to be used in an ongoing program (already 7 years now) to TEST THEIR MORE DEADLY MILITARY CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE SUBSTANCES on the unsuspecting HUMAN population of MONTANA.

And I became just one MORE of their victims in March of 2007, when I was performing investigative journalism in Northwestern Montana, in the LIBBY area. I simply happened to be in the WRONG place at the WRONG time, and became one of the many Montanans hit and affected with their deadly,covert, and ongoing military warfare chemical testing program.

Prior to being exposed to their insidious chemicals, I had performed much research on this subject of MILITARY CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL WARFARE TACTICS, and had purchased JANE'S DEFENSE PUBLICATIONS CHEM-BIO HANDBOOK as well, to better understand how such things work on the human body.

I therefore knew the warning signals and symptoms to watch out for, when I was caught in their low altitude spraying that day in March. I could actually "taste" the chemicals in the air, that hugged the ground surface due to cold and dampness and fog in the region. What ever was sprayed did NOT disperse rapidly.

The symptoms were numerous as I began to detect through smell and then inhale those chemicals. They immediately began to affect my brain and to alter my ability to think independently, to give the controls to my hands and the rest of my body. I began to feel disorientated, and felt helpless.I also began to feel "easily controlled," as patients might feel in a psych ward when given powerful drugs to disable and control them.
My motor coordination began to be affected as well. Extreme and long lasting weakness followed after this initial exposure that day. I frequently had the sensation that I was going to fall on the ground at any moment, in fact.

As I continued to analyze what these unknown chemicals were doing to my body and mind, I slowly began to realize that WHATEVER they were test-spraying that day, would be the PERFECT MILITARY CHEMICAL SOLUTION to cope with anticipated NWO RESISTERS UNDER MARTIAL LAW (including the many MILITIAS in Montana and independent gun owners in this state, who have vowed to NEVER SURRENDER to the NWO under martial law.)

This powerful chemical combination temporarily incapacitated me both MENTALLY, affecting my ability to think and reason and control my decisions, and it also effectively DISARMED ME at the same time, so that IF I HAD GUN and IF IT WERE MARTIAL LAW SHOWDOWN time, I would NOT be able to aim a gun or take other evasive action effectively.

I noted also that my body became VERY WEAK as well. SO weak in fact, that it took me 5 months of detox (with health food supplements)and total rest to recover strength completely from this one lingering exposure that day.

SUSPECTING BUT NOT KNOWING FOR CERTAIN that I had been exposed to powerful military war chemical testing, I went to various insider info sources of mine in Montana, who tipped me off and sent me to the woman whose husband is NSA in Montana.

I met with her, and to my surprise she told me, "YOU ARE CORRECT, and you did NOT imagine anything! You WERE exposed to Pentagon chemical testing!"

She then told me how she and her husband were ordered to report to an office in Whitefish, Montana, and then were informed by Pentagon representatives that
"...there IS an ongoing MILITARY PROGRAM TO TEST THE MORE DEADLY PENTAGON WARFARE CHEMICALS on the population of Montana, due to the fact that this is one of the most sparsely populated states in America. Should they test these chemicals on OTHER more highly population regions or states, thousands could die, but here in Montana, ONLY 50 or 60 people are made sick at time when they test them...."

Hearing this kind of justification for their actions,
I became angered. ONLY?????? What kind of insane US MILITARY REASONING AND JUSTIFICATION IS THIS??? If only ONE innocent America were made ill by this testing, IT WOULD BE ONE TOO MANY!
My contact continued in her revelations.

"The Pentagon spokesperson told us that they had their military doctors embedded in the KALISPELL REGIONAL HOSPITAL, in order to monitor the results of this spraying after each test. And in fact, if you go to GLACIER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in Columbia Falls, MT, you can even SEE the low altitude flying planes they use, resembling 'crop-dusters', but in fact ARE NOT CROP DUSTERS BUT THE PENTAGON TEST PLANES!" The Pentagon had hired a company to spray-test these chemicals for them on this region.

She then added that "...only last week, they performed a test on OLNEY, Montana..."
OLNEY, MT??? I had just BEEN TO VISIT OLNEY, interviewing some of the many militia members who live throughout this region.

And I think now that I UNDERSTAND THEIR STRATEGY. The Pentagon is apparently selecting areas high in GUN OWNERS/MILITIA MEMBER populations to test such chemicals on, because they are the EXACT PEOPLE TYPES THE PENTAGON PLANS TO RELEASE SUCH DEADLY CHEMICALS AGAINST UNDER MARTIAL LAW, in order to effectively incapacitate them and mentally disarm them.

And recently (a few years ago)in HAMILTON, MONTANA, the US military has opened another testing facility, THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN TESTING LAB, which is being used to develop and test BIOLOGICAL warfare weapons.

God HELP all the Montanans they decide to use as human guinea pigs, when they test those BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS!

Therefore, I highly recommend that every Montana and every American, in fact, begin to do their homework (background research) on MILITARY CHEMICAL/ BIOLOGICAL WARFARE tactics and substances, because they will be using such means in the future to weaken, sicken and incapacitate the America people UNDER MARTIAL LAW...especially those Americans who they anticipate will OFFER RESISTANCE to NWO/UN the good American LOVERS OF LIBERTY of MONTANA.

JANE'S DEFENSE PUBLICATIONS provides an excellent handbook for EVERY American, JANE'S CHEM BIO HANDBOOK, for about $44.00 (and worth every cent.)
Learning how to recognize the symptoms of chem/bio attack and what to do, how to detox, etc., is critical in such a time when experiencing chemical/biological attacks. Detoxification is very important following suspected exposure to such toxins.
Immediately following my exposure to these terrible chemicals in Libby, I went to my regular health food store in Kalispell, MT. I spoke to one woman there who knew me as a regular customer whenever I was performing investigative research in Montana. I was amazed at her response.

"Yes, we DO KNOW this spraying is going on! Because whenever they perform a test spraying on local communities, PEOPLE FROM THE SAME NEIGHBORHOOD OR CUL-DE-SACS with IDENTICAL SYMPTOMS, come rushing to our store here for detoxifiers and supplements to help them recover. They often report of going to their neurologists to find out WHAT has happened to them, but their doctors cannot find ANYTHING WRONG INTERNALLY to cause such symptoms!" (And of course there IS nothing wrong with them internally...the symptoms all CAME FROM THE OUTSIDE through the deadly spray testing!)

She then shared how her husband was exposed
to similar kinds of chemicals apparently that I was, sending him into convulsions and taking away his strength. She then told me,

This made me further outraged by such outrageous Pentagon black ops and their insensitivity to the American people. Imagine the cost in human life, health, hospitalization and suffering,not to mention the FINANCIAL cost of medical treatment to try and diagnose these peoples' symptoms and cause of their "illness"and THEN to try and treat it!

I know that this attack on my health
wiped me out financially for five long months, spending all my research support funds on supplements useful for detoxifying my body from these chemicals (chlorella, etc.)and supplements to boost my body's strength.

I recommend that EVERYONE across this nation begin NOW to perform more research, easily performed on the Internet by GOOGLING words in "SEARCH" such as:
"Pentagon black ops chemical warfare testing covert America"
and SEE the related articles and interviews confirming my data, happening nationwide in fact, and THEN search the net for reliable source (Jane's Defense Publications, ARMY SURPLUS, etc.) of obtaining books on how to protect yourself and your family from such chemicals ( and biologicals) PLUS how to DETOX after such spraying, how to purchase CHEM-BIO BODY SUITS (disposable) and how to take precautions against them...BECAUSE THEY WILL BE USING WHATEVER THE PENTAGON AND US MILITARY ARE TESTING NOW, on YOU the AMERICAN PEOPLE in the future under MARTIAL LAW. You have been FOREWARNED. Now PLEASE go and DO something about this!

EVERY AMERICAN needs to become INFORMED of such happenings in our nation, and begin to act accordingly. IF YOU ARE A MONTANAN, please pass this critical information on to your fellow Montanans.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from the Pacific Northwest

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