Thursday, November 19, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have now placed beside me the excellent book, POISONED NATION-by Loretta Schwartz-Nobel. I recommend sincerely that you find it in your local library or purchase it online.

This is one of the many books that I have been consuming recently that expose OUR TOXIC NATION and the people and industries behind it. The more I read, the more outraged and concerned I become over the toxin and pollutant epidemics raging across our nation, which remain SILENT epidemics. Meaning, the mainstream media is NOT publishing the truth about this,nor promoting this kind of information helpful to millions of fellow Americans at this time.

Have you ever heard the old saying, "What you DON'T know, CAN'T HURT YOU!"

This is an absolute lie. In fact, what you don't know can both HURT and KILL you in the end!

According to many authors researching this terrible national tragedy, the silence in major news media outlets is ultimately linked to THE MONEY TRAIL. So is the silence of the FDA and other government agencies set up to protect the health of the America people. One book exposing this problem gives the names of MANY government agencies supposedly set up to protect the health interests of the American people, BUT INSTEAD have also taken the "MONEY BAIT" and are silent, or actually denying the truth about such subjects.

Another book I have read recently on this subject, is POISONED PROFITS-THE TOXIC ASSAULT ON OUR CHILDREN, by Philip and Alice Shabecoff

The horror of children being born with birth defects across America continues to unfold every day. Through researchers investigating certain regions across America where groups of identical health problems occur, these birth defects and other related health problems are constantly being linked to industrial pollutants from nearby companies and industries and toxic waste dump sites, among other sources. When groups of people or children are found with the same illnesses in a concentrated region, they are called "clusters." Clusters often indicate that the diseases they all have in common are linked to nearby industrial pollutants, toxic dump sites, etc.

POISONED PROFITS outlines the poisoning of America's children FROM THE WOMB, by poisons ingested by the mother (which include pharmaceuticals, plastics, fluoride and a host of other toxins in the air and water and food that the mother is exposed to.) Soon after the child is born and begins to drink mother's milk, the poisoning continues, unknowingly, through the mother. Whatever she is exposed to, she will secrete in her milk to her child.

This book also explains the deadly plastics used in making children's toys, teething rings, bottles and nipples, sippy cups. It explains the hazards of fire retardant in children's clothing and pajamas. Plus the hazards of foam mattresses in a baby's crib.

The many chemicals or pesticides often found in baby formula, baby food, the water given to the child, the pesticides in the fruit and food the child consumes constantly, are all detailed in this excellent book.

ANYONE WITH CHILDREN OR INFANTS IN THEIR FAMILY should take the time to purchase or obtain this book from your local library and READ NOW!

The great and deadly hoax of FLUORIDE POISONING OF THE CHILDREN (and anyone else as well) is exposed in the excellent book, THE FLUORIDE DECEPTION by Christopher Bryson.

Again, the fact that industries are profiting immensely by such operations is brought to light in this excellent book, PLUS the deadly damage fluoride does to a person's health throughout their life, and how fluoride gets into our bodies.

In light of all this, the following questions MUST BE ASKED: IS the toxic poisoning of our children and our nation DELIBERATE in some cases?

IS there AN AGENDA, such as the "DUMBING DOWN" OF AMERICANS to better control them in the future NWO?(Fluoride, a toxic byproduct of aluminum production, contributes greatly to brain damage, for example.) Russian communists used FLUORIDE to add to the water of the prisoners in the immense GULAG SYSTEM, to keep prisoners docile and cooperative. Hmmmm!

IS there a CONSPIRACY between pharmaceutical companies and big industries and the medical profession, to profit off the sicknesses of the American people, that come directly from the industrial and other pollutions filling our nation today???

IS there a BIGGER PICTURE in all of this??? When one considers that the BILDERBERGERS/ILLUMINATI are often the owners and controllers of such mega-industries which are the worst offenders, and when one considers that their agenda is WORLD POPULATION REDUCTION and the ultimate CONTROL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ( and the world) under their NWO, such questions are unavoidable.

No, these industries are not stupid. They KNOW well the tragic and toxic results of their industrial policies on the health of the American people. So does the US military understand well the results of toxic pollution of our nation and our water supplies being continually contaminated by military industrial waste and indiscriminate disposal of their deadly toxins, by-products of military productions, such as perchlorate and beryllium and MANY more.

And YET, they continue to both produce their products using hazardous chemicals and processes, and thereby produce deadly by-products as well, and continue to jeopardize the health and best interests of the American people.

And one must ask, to what extent have the American people been betrayed and sold out by our own government and military, linked to all this as well?


-Pamela Schuffert

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