Monday, November 30, 2009

The CALL TO PRAYER Throughout This Holiday Season

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Sorry this was not up sooner, but our library (hence computer access) was closed longer than what I expected, and so this greeting comes AFTER Thanksgiving. But truly, we should be living in a state of Thanksgiving to God every day, and for MANY reasons.

We are not YET under martial law and military police state rule...THANK GOD!

I hope ALL my readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Rarely do I ever break my vegetarian/organic rules in eating, but I admit that THIS Thanksgiving, I finally did! I could not resist my wonderful friend's gourmet holiday dinner. Anne Foreman is a professional gourmet caterer serving western North Carolina and the Asheville, NC, area. Her MOMENTS coffee house in the Asheville area is a BIG hit with everyone here. EVERYONE here loves her freshly baked delicacies. Her custom-made CHAI is also a favorite.

IF you are traveling through the ASHEVILLE, NC, region, PLEASE take the time to visit Anne and her wonderful MOMENTS Coffee House, immediately off I-40 in Swannanoa, NC, only minutes from Asheville, NC.

I spent much time in prayer throughout this Thanksgiving, thanking God for His mercies over this nation and upon His elect remnant, to protect them from the evil that the ungodly desire to bring upon us in this nation. We are truly in a spiritual battlefield in this very hour, with the forces of darkness ever seeking to bring persecution and tribulation upon God's people in our nation at this time. After I lectured in one state to a group of concerned Christians, we prayed. The Holy Spirit gave a WORD OF KNOWLEDGE to one person. The Holy Spirit declared,

"Thus saith the Lord: Had it not been for MY PRAYER WARRIORS interceding against MARTIAL LAW in your nation, YOU WOULD BE UNDER IT NOW!"

And this was several years ago. This then IS the mighty power of INTERCESSORY PRAYER AND FASTING, manifested on behalf of God's endangered people. God has held BACK the forces of hell that seek to bring our nation under martial law, yet a season longer, THROUGH PRAYER. And this is only one of MANY reasons WHY it behooves us, as Christians in America, to FAST AND PRAY frequently.

Will YOU therefore accept the CHALLENGE of becoming a powerful and fruitful CHRISTIAN INTERCESSOR in this critical hour of America's unfolding destiny?YOUR prayers can MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

Frankly, I am very weary of carrying this heavy burden in my heart continually. Although I indeed "cast it upon the Lord, " my heart is naturally grieved over all that I have uncovered. I understand perfectly what is coming to our nation, the planned persecution and tribulations against my fellow Americans and Christians in our nation. I understand well the ruthless, godless nature of the people planning this coming "AMERICAN HOLOCAUST" against the Christians and all freedom lovers in America.

If you consider yourself to be a born-again Christian, and understand the Biblical principles of INTERCESSORY PRAYER, please...won't you take the time to PRAY OVER OUR NATION on a regular basis? Also take the time to research and become EDUCATED in this subject of COMING MARTIAL LAW and the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for our nation, so you can then pray with clarity and knowledge and understanding. There are MANY excellent websites, including Christian founded, that expose the NEW WORLD ORDER and it's satanic agenda, and plans to persecute the Christians, nationwide and worldwide. This is NOT an hour for the Christians to be naive regarding what is planned against them, worldwide. "My people perish for lack of knowledge," warns the Word of God.

As a born-again Christian, God has placed at YOUR disposal the mighty tools and weapons of the WORD OF GOD, FAITH and intercessory prayer that can shape and change the destiny of eternal souls, and a nation as well!

DO NOT allow these precious tools to "become rusty" through neglect and lack of use. Purpose to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this critical hour!

Remember: it is YOUR religious freedoms, YOUR heritage and ultimately YOUR very life, that these NWO forces of hell and spiritual darkness threaten throughout YOUR nation, AMERICA.You had better be concerned!

In fact, we ALL need to become concerned and ACT in faith in this hour.

"Faith WITHOUT WORKS is dead..." declares God's eternal word.

Now, go and spend some time in PRAYER!

-May God bless and keep you ALL throughout the challenging times we face, by the eternal power of Jesus Christ His wonderful Son, our Savior and Deliverer from all darkness in this present world.-Amen

-Pamela Schuffert

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