Monday, November 2, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Biblical Christian perspective-

(This message is reposted from a previous report on my blog, BUT IT IS IMPORTANT in this critical hour. PLEASE READ!)

Are YOU Preparing for the COMING NATIONAL EMERGENCIES? Many of these are planned BLACK OPS to bring martial law down in this nation, as outlined to me by former NWO planners, former CIA and other information sources.


SHOULD Martial Law be triggered by massive CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL ATTACKS in your region, ARE YOU PREPARED?

SHOULD a SUITCASE NUKE be detonated in your city/region, ARE YOU PREPARED?SHOULD FAMINE STRIKE in this nation, ARE YOU PREPARED?

And MORE..........God ALWAYS desires a prepared people.

That is WHY He forewarned NOAH of the flood to come, so HE COULD PREPARE and save his family! (Not to mention the future of mankind and the animals as well...)

A forewarned people is an activated and A PEOPLE WISELY PREPARING for the worst.There are many excellent websites on the Internet that help you prepare for coming emergencies. In the event of MARTIAL LAW and the various disasters listed above that WILL come to our nation at various times, YOU WILL NEED:

-EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLIES AND WATER-Freeze-dried and long term food supplies are excellent choices. The US military told me they have stockpiled up to ten years worth of emergency food supplies in their deep underground military bases in anticipation of a PROLONGED NUCLEAR EXCHANGE because of our foreign policies in the Middle East.

-EMERGENCY HEALTH/MEDICAL SUPPLIES-Supplies that include medical, health (vitamins and prescription medications also) and related items such as first aid supplies.

-EMERGENCY DEFENSE- Household arms and ammunition, including bullet molds and related supplies, for survival based on hunting, plus protecting yourself and your family from armed intruders in a state of disaster. Fishing gear/trapping gear is also beneficial as well for survival food supplies.

ALTERNATE HEATING METHODS FOR YOUR HOME-Electricity and natural gas WILL BE DISRUPTED in the future. Make sure you have alternate heating/cooking /fuel sources in your home.A WOOD STOVE is excellent. Have a good source of wood and kindling and storage. Heaters that depend on fuels will only be good as long as there is fuel available. FUELS WILL RUN OUT AT TIMES!

-NUCLEAR FALLOUT SHELTER/BUNKER /PRE-FAB-These modern PRE-FAB FALLOUT SHELTERS are selling like crazy all over America now! I have talked to distributors and they are selling and installing them all over America at a rapid pace. You can locate them on the Internet.There WILL be NUCLEAR STRIKES ON AMERICA SOIL in the future of America! Military sources have confirmed this to me. Prophetic visions by Christian groups have also confirmed this.

BE PREPARED, however you choose to approach this, whether with home-made or pre-fab and installed. There are excellent websites dealing with home-made and cost-effective shelters and techniques as well. Also visit websites to obtain books on this subject of how to protect your family and yourself in the event of a nuclear attack. THE US GOVERNMENT/MILITARY WILL NOT BE THERE TO SAVE YOU WHEN IT COMES! (They WILL be there however to take you TO THE CAMPS to eliminate NWO resisters ...)

-DEFENSE AGAINST CHEMICAL BIOLOGICAL ATTACK-You will need a good book like JANE'S DEFENSE PUBLICATIONS "CHEM/BIO HANDBOOK"to recognize what has been sprayed in your area, and how to recognize symptoms, and how to detox yourself and your home, etc.

CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL books, gas masks, filters, body suits will all come in handy in the future. In fact, they will be ESSENTIAL.
-EMERGENCY BACKPACKS AND SUPPLIES-In the future, you will need an emergency backpack and supplies that include many items necessary for survival. A below-zero rated sleeping bag is essential for your well being. Quality hiking boots. A small backpackable portable camping stove and fuel. A water filter unit for your backpack. Utensils. Etc.

Many of YOU READERS will someday BE ON FOOT in the future, due to no fuel available many times, forced evacuation because of disasters, emergencies, chem/bio spraying in your area, not to mention persecution and fleeing on foot for safety, etc.
MARTIAL LAW SPELLS WAR-TIME CIRCUMSTANCES IN AMERICA. Many of you will be forced to abandon your home and all that is stored in it for survival, and to FLEE. Get a quality backpack and FILL IT with quality essentials...NOW WHILE YOU CAN.

SURVIVAL CLOTHING AND GEAR-For those of you in colder climates (like MONTANA where military battle against the NWO resistance will be fierce), you WILL need quality winter gear and clothing to survive in case you are forced out of your home or shelter or vehicle. You should have quality clothing such as coats to withstand colder temperatures, hiking/ski warm thermal socks, hiking boots, gloves, hats, and related warm gear FOR SURVIVAL. Appropriate summer survival gear is important too.
-EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS AND RADIO-Normal communications will be disrupted in the even of national emergencies. Phones and Internet and cell phones will be disrupted in many situations and locations. You will need an emergency radio and emergency communications devices in this kind of emergency.

This report outlines most of the basic survival information essential to prepare for what is to come to our nation under martial law or any kind of attack. However, there are many MORE things that may be necessary to your survival. Emergency gas storage for the time when there is no gas in your gas station, emergency forms of transportation, regional maps, a compass, etc. Please, sit down and DO your research!

And PLEASE do not be like the ten foolish virgins in the parable in the Bible! THEY KNEW the bridge groom was coming...but did not prepare by getting extra oil in their lamps AS THEY WAITED FOR HIM to appear at night! They ran out of oil, their lamps went out, and they suffered greatly as a result.

Many of you KNOW martial law and many disasters are coming to our nation soon. Shouldn't YOU PREPARE? GET "OIL IN YOUR LAMP" NOW! PREPARE WHILE ESSENTIAL EMERGENCY SUPPLIES ARE AVAILABLE IN YOUR REGION!

Emergency food supplies people informed me they are running OUT of food supplies rapidly! Guns and ammunition stores tell me the same thing. Please PRAY and prepare NOW."FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD, "declares God's word...and so might YOU be as well!

HERE are several more excellent links:

The MOST IMPORTANT PREPARATION will be SPIRITUAL, however, and that comes to you FREE OF CHARGE! Without Divine help from God and His Holy Spirit and His Son Jesus Christ, you "don't stand a chance in hell" in overcoming these forces of death and persecution...and if you DIE in the coming confrontations without JESUS CHRIST in your life, you will END UP IN HELL...forever! And THAT is never God's will!

If you are not yet a born-again Christian, take the time to PRAY now and ask JESUS CHRIST into your heart TODAY. Ask Him to forgive your sins and to come into your life and set you free from ALL sin and condemnation. (John 3:16)Ask HIM to cover you and your family with the precious blood of the Lamb, that blood shed for YOU and for your sins to be forgiven. Have everyone in your family receive Jesus Christ into their lives as well. Pray to be filled with Divine power of the Holy Spirit to give you strength to endure and overcome. (Acts 2 and I Corinthians 12.)

The whole purpose of my years of reporting is to INFORM and PREPARE AMERICANS of what is to come. Please take advantage of this FREE reporting, and prepare yourself accordingly.

-Pamela Schuffert (and GOD BLESS YOU!)

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