Monday, November 16, 2009


God bless you, Larry and Carol and Bob and Steve! I went to my mail box last week and this week as well, and was so delighted to receive your letters of encouragement! And because of your kindness, I am able to continue to come into town to continue to post my reports on this important blog.

TO LARRY of LYNCHBURG, VA-Thank you so much for your letter!
I used to live in Alexandria, VA, near historic Mount Vernon. Unfortunately, ANYTHING located near WASHINGTON DC will experience major NWO operations taking place throughout that state. Already you have MOUNT WEATHER. VA, especially used at such a time as in coming MARTIAL LAW/NATIONAL EMERGENCY.
We have received numerous reports throughout the past years of FOREIGN TROOPS AND EQUIPMENT being witnessed by quality eye-witnesses moving throughout that state. Foreign planes and helicopters as well. MANY things and events will transpire throughout the state of VA in the future. Be advised. And GOD BLESS YOU and bring you through!-Pamela

To Carol and Bob from MICHIGAN
-There have been many preparations made in the state of Michigan for MARTIAL LAW in the future. For example, CAMP GRAYLING will be used to incarcerate NWO resisters, in Michigan.
The MICHIGAN MILITIA has always been known for their professionalism, the WOLVERINES. There are MANY who are well informed about coming martial law/NWO agenda in MICHIGAN.
However, it is highly recommended that people who oppose the NWO/Martial Law agenda do NOT join militias meeting openly (though they be lawful and Constitutional.) Federal infiltration, spying, monitoring, etc., is rampant amongst such groups. Militia members admitted to me in Montana that they do not openly meet for this reason any longer. It is all underground now, and for good reason.

-Florida is going to be hit very hard during the future NWO takeover of this nation. With so many military bases located there, plus training for arresting and incarcerating of citizens under martial law that has been taking place for a long time now, and many other factors, Florida is going to be a difficult challenge to face under martial law.
When my personal friends JEFF AND MARSHA BAKER tried to set up their Christian/anti-NWO broadcasting network AMERINET in TAMPA, FL, they encountered unbelievable opposition from the military and the government. By night, black helicopters would fly over their studio and spray MALATHION on them (they also lived there as well.) Bullet holes filled their SUV. I watched them go through attack after attack.

Finally I asked them, "WHY aren't you going to church
and getting PRAYER from your pastor and congregation?" They looked at me and replied, "We no longer GO TO CHURCH, because we do NOT know who WE CAN TRUST any more!"

Stunned, I asked WHY.

The wife Marsha replied, "We WERE attending a Pentecostal church in Tampa.
One day our 'pastor' invited us to come to the church picnic after the service. We came. He handed my husband a cup of Kool-Aid. He drank it. A few hours later, MY HUSBAND WAS DYING! I rushed him to the hospital. The doctors performed tests and determined HE HAD BEEN POISONED. And the agent of poisoning...WAS THE KOOL-AID!"

"Horrified, we performed a background check on the 'pastor.'
We discovered he was AN ACTIVE CIA OFFICER! Obviously sent in to spy on us and to KILL my husband," declared Marsha his wife. They finally had to flee the country for safety and abandon everything.

Jeff wrote a book about coming martial law
, and outlined many things coming to FLORIDA during martial law, and other locations as well. It is a great book, and you may still be able to order it.

I want to thank you all so much again!
Thank you SO much, Larry, as well!(I sent postcards of thanks to you all...hope you received them!)And I have more to write later this week on this blog to you all. (Dern this library computer I gotta use! Only one hour daily.....)

As many of you have observed already
, events leading to martial law showdown ARE PROGRESSING RAPIDLY THROUGHOUT AMERICA!
Please, continue to pray and fast as well for this nation and YOUR future about to unfold in America.

Prayer and repentance in this nation WILL make a difference in every way!

-Pamela Schuffert

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