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Deadly PENTAGON BLACK OPS SPRAYING Over America-Montana "Big Sky" Country

Deadly Pentagon Spraying Over America ~ Montana's 'Big Sky Country'

February 28, 2007

Deadly Pentagon Spraying Over America: Montana's 'Big Sky Country'
by Pam Schuffert

Friends, I cannot emphasize more clearly the following sobering fact: Americans are being used as unwilling/unwitting guinea pigs for the US military testing of deadly chemical-biological warfare agents on its own citizens.

NEW WORLD ORDER ATTACK AGAINST AMERICA has been in the process for a long time. The ATTACK against our freedoms. The ATTACK against our religious beliefs. The ATTACKS to bring our Constitutionally-based government, sovereignty, and freedoms down beneath the steel-toed,jack-booted heels of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

However, I recently had a true TASTE of the literal type of warfare attack that will be unleashed with impunity and brutally, insensitive to the value of human life, in the near future against Americans nationwide.

To understand more about what I am to share with you, you may first go to:

You may then visit various websites that are dedicated to exposing the outrage and the horrors of the ongoing secret government/military programs, using the American people as unwitting human guinea pigs to test their chemical/biological warfare agents and thereby monitor their effects on the citizens of this country.

The US military and the Pentagon are in the process of testing chemical warfare substances that can act as crowd control agents, incapacitation agents, and even that which will permanently incapacitate or outright kill enemy combatants.

Do they work? You bet...

At the time this report was written, I personally got EXPOSED to some Pentagon chemicals they were apparently testing in this region of Montana (Libby/Kalispell,)and it took me five months to recover from the effects of it.

Although the results eventually wore off, and I spent much time and money detoxifying, I have yet to determine the long the long term effects these chemicals may have.

And my experience was totally and immediately CONFIRMED by a person whose husband works for the NSA intelligence agency. Through a series of tip-offs after being affected, I was led to "M_____" in NW Montana.

She described how she and her NSA husband were brought into an office there by Pentagon officials, and told the following:

There is a SECRET GOVERNMENT/MILITARY PROGRAM BASED OUT OF THE PENTAGON, to use the people of MONTANA as HUMAN GUINEA PIGS to test the more deadly chemical/biological warfare agents. (The program has now been in effect for 7 years and is ongoing.)

Their reasoning is that, IF you were to test these substances on MORE POPULATED REGIONS, you would make many MORE people sick with each spraying.

MONTANA IS SPARSELY POPULATED per square mile, and therefore the ideal state to test them in.

"This way," they explained, "ONLY 50-60 people are made sick at one spraying, as opposed to thousands over a more heavily populated region...." I became outraged when I heard that.

"ONLY"??? If ONLY ONE innocent victim were made sick against their will, it would be ONE TOO MANY!

She and her husband were also told that they used the KALISPELL REGIONAL HOSPITAL (Kalispell, MT)in that area being tested, to monitor the reaction of locals to the deadly chem/bios after each spraying there.

MILITARY DOCTORS were embedded in that hospital to monitor results of each test spraying!

A company is working for the Pentagon, flying these planes resembling CROP DUSTER PLANES, but which in fact are CHEM/BIO TESTING PLANES to spray these toxic and deadly substances on the American people.


M____ told me, "Just drive over to Glacier International Airport and you can SEE the planes...they LOOK like crop duster planes, but THEY ARE NOT! And just the other day, they did a test spraying only OLNY, MT...."

OLNY! I had only recently interviewed members of the militia community in that area, telling me how they would stand against the NWO when martial law came down.

When I mentioned my reporting and what is coming to America, one man remarked,

"Yes, ma'am, we know it's all true, and OUTTA MY COLD DEAD HANDS THEY WILL PRY MY GUNS, because we will NOT be taken alive to the camps and we will NEVER surrender to the NEW WORLD ORDER..."

[Funny how I have a feeling that this is exactly what WILL happen, dear, in the future...if THE PENTAGON has it's way!]

This strangely is the same region wherein many PRISONER BOXCARS AND SHACKLES were previously sighted on a side track at one point. They are suspected of being prepositioned to be used to haul NWO resisters to the FEMA camps under coming martial law.


And of course anything sprayed aerially can affect the local water supplies and more. In the area I was affected by them, I know that I encountered them both in the air and in the local water supply.

What were my symptoms? At first, I could actually "taste" the chemicals in the air: they had no detectable odor. But they left a metallic taste in my mouth that was distasteful and very distinct....cold, the same kind of taste when one eats snow (indicating they fell from the sky), metallic.

And soon,the symptoms began to manifest in earnest: distinct mind-control type effects as described by so many survivors of military testing programs of various kinds.

They began to directly interfere with my ability to think, to make reasonable decisions, to give commands to my body (indicating severe negative neurological effects) and at times my memory.

They had a distinct effect of what can only be pacifying/neutralizing any ability to effectively FIGHT, to offer resistance ( as in a combat/confrontation situation) and to make my mind totally pliable and subject to crowd control and suggestion and unable to think independently or with strength.

My strength was totally depleted, and I admit at times I felt close to death...yet knew that there was nothing wrong internally with my health nor was it health related.


In fact, so strong was this substance, that I almost lost the ability to stand at times, and almost collapsed on the floor more than once. My mind felt continually stripped of it's ability to think properly.

Interestingly, I was visiting an area known for many things, including a nearby hidden UN military training base facility two hours away (in the YAAK RIVER VALLEY above TROY, MT, near the Canadian border), and I was staying across from a regional airport as well... the same kind that houses the planes being used for this secret Pentagon CHEM/BIO testing program.

This would be an ideal location as far as military reasoning would be, because of it's admittedly large population of NWO-resistance (armed freedom-loving militia communities prevalent there)and the very types of people the future NWO forces of tyranny will seek to weaken and control through such deadly substances.

(Of course, the US military never thinks about how it might affect the babies and children, the elderly, the already incapacitated.)

I finally visited a local health food store in Kalispell,MT, told them what had happened, and one person replied,

"WE KNOW THIS IS GOING ON! Every time they test spray, PEOPLE FROM THE SAME COMMUNITY come rushing in with identical symptoms, and ask for help in DETOXIFYING! They go to their neurologists, they tell us, and their doctors can find NOTHING internally wrong! So they realize then that IT IS COMING FROM THE OUTSIDE!"

I then told my friends in this health food store about PENTAGON ADMISSIONS regarding this kind of attack.

They responded with, "We are NOT SURPRISED." Nor, in fact, should ANY American be!


As more information comes in, I will write MORE on this timely subject and send more emails out.

Yes, Pentagon/US Military test chemicals are real, they are DEADLY...they are LIFE threatening...and they are already here.

Their message was painfully made clear to me this time around:


To put it bluntly, in the words of NWO military enthusiast (now retired) Ralph Peters,

"...the US MILITARY must be prepared to counter all future NWO RESISTANCE with IRRESISTIBLE FORCE...."

It is experiences such as the one I just had, that I certainly can detect the seriousness with which they will perform their future task of subduing Americans under the New World Order.

And even as NWO planners have admitted from the inside of the US military working for the New World Order agenda,

"WE ARE THE RIDERS OF THE PALE HORSE: WE COME TO BRING DEATH...'god' [SATAN] SELECTS, WE DESTROY......." ( quote from Barbara Marx Hubbard when working with military satanist Michael Aquino towards a NWO agenda)

How many times must I emphasize to my fellow Americans, THEY ARE NOT KIDDING. Such reporting by myself and many others exposing the NWO agenda will tragically prove correct.

Seek God now for a battle strategy from the throne of grace on behalf of YOUR family and loved ones...because once this comes down, it may be too late, as you lie dead, just one more victim of of the NWO conquest strategies.

For practical strategies also, JANES CHEM BIO HANDBOOK is an excellent resource. ARMY SURPLUS STORES often carry gas masks, filter, chem/bio body suits and more.

All this testing indicates how heavily the military will deploy such tactics against all NWO resistance in the future.

Become informed, educated and become prepared.

-Pamela Schuffert


Pamela Schuffert is associated with A.F.F.I.R.M. (American Foundation For Integrity In Reporting And Media)


  1. Wow!!!I knew we were being poisioned.I knew it was about money and keeping us sick but did not consider what military was doing with the NWO plan.Jesus is the only answer for protection!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow! My older sister somehow contracted Guillen Barr Syndrome. She didn't take the recommended Flu shot which GBSyndrome is a side effect. She told me that one day she couldn't feel the bottom of her feet. Then a couple of nights later she woke up to use the bathroom and couldn't walk, her body was going into paralysis. Her husband rushed her to the hospital and she was admitted to the ICU in Great Falls, MT. My neice, my sister's daughter lives in Kalispell and she did visit her there around that time! Her condition baffled the Doctor's since my sister denied ever having a flu shot! This is very interesting. In the past year my dad's mind went downhill, fast. He was showing signs of Alzheimer's. I wonder if that is a side effect? When he went to the Doctor the Doc told us my dad's brain scan showed normal activity. His brain didn't show signs of alzheimer's. That doctor was baffled, too, about what happened to my dad! My dad lives in a small town, Browning Montana which is about 100 miles west of Kalispell. Which my dad would go to Kalispell, too, to see my neice! Ok the last family member to have something strange happen was just recently. I have a 33yo cousin who lives in Missoula and she had a stroke! Just out of the blue, it's wierd because she is so young. Hmmmmm...the is very interesting! Thanks for the article