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"Just Keep PLEADING THE BLOOD OF JESUS!"-How ONE Satanist Abduction Attempt Was FOILED

BY Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I can never forget the time that God called me to stand with one family in WNC in 1992,(Western North Carolina), whose daughter was targeted for abduction and human sacrifice. They even brazenly announced it by phone to her shocked mother one day. " We're gonna git yer daughter for HUMAN SACRIFICE..." CLICK! And then, as they revealed to me, the days and nights of attack, intimidation and horror began for this precious family.
(She later discovered that she was targeted because she was a CHRISTIAN and virgin as well.)

One satanic crime investigator contacted me and told me about them, and encouraged me to move in with them for spiritual support, prayer and encouragement. I spoke to them for five hours by phone, and finally came to their home, an isolated trailer. The elderly father lay dying inside as well.

I began to share by practical experience and application all I had learned about spiritual warfare with the family. But I also learned more about the enemy. These people quickly decided that HERE WAS A "TWO FER ONE" they could get TWO Christian women for sacrifice, instead of merely one...or so they thought.

The satanists of the mountains of NC are, to put it mildly, insane. There is nothing too wild or outrageous...or evil...for them to think up or attempt to do. I learned this by hard experience as I worked with endangered families under their attack in those mountains. (But then, satan worship turns ANYONE insane ultimately...and frankly you have to BE insane to worship such a depraved and defeated foe anyhow.)

These satanists then began to put this family through hell, literally, after I moved in to stand in support with them. I finally had to buy chains and padlocks to lock ourselves securely in their trailer night after night, when they managed to steal my friend's car keys and door keys one night after she left them in her car overnight.

These madmen would do things like cut off both the electricity and the phone, and come out of the nearby woods late at night, even even climb on the roof of her trailer and stomp all over it.We could not call the police: the phone was dead. They even had equipment to BLOCK OUR CELL PHONES AS WELL! How well I remember standing on the WORD OF GOD in the dark, watching as my terrified friend stood trembling in the shadows, next to her mother, clutching a loaded 38 handgun in case they managed to break in.

One member, secretly in love with this woman in fact, would put his life at risk to come to us secretly periodically to inform us of their plans, because he feared for her life. When I asked him how they could even cut off the cell phones, he said, "These satanists of Asheville are filthy rich...they have their own phone equipment, in a truck. They park it over in the parking lot of the grocery store...they can cut off your cell phone any time they want to!" And it was true, and they did. I saw their truck, in fact, one day.

I would take the BIBLE and begin to walk up and down the trailer hallway, standing on the WORD OF GOD and PLEADING LOUDLY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. I would also pray IN THE SPIRIT as well. Hour after hour, night after night, this pattern of prayer and pleading the BLOOD OF THE LAMB would continue, until we could collapse exhausted by early morning, as the satanists finally left before the sun could rise.

Finally with HALLOWEEN rapidly approaching, my friend realized she had to take shelter in a special place for battered and endangered women, a SAFE HOUSE. And it was time for me to leave Asheville as well for my own safety at this season.

Later, after Halloween, I returned to her home to hear a most amazing true account of the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST!

She told me: "I met a young woman with a newborn child, who came up to me and identified herself as the girlfriend of the satanist leader of the coven after me! She told me she HAD TO FLEE FROM HIM, because he threatened to SACRIFICE HER NEWBORN CHILD TO SATAN in place of ME, if they did not abduct me in time for HALLOWEEN!"

This woman, now fleeing her satanist boyfriend to protect her endangered newborn, told my astonished friend, "Honey, JUST KEEP PLEADING THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST over your life! He would come home night after night, SO angry, saying 'I JUST COULDN'T GET THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS!"

What a powerful testimony of the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST!

I later found out, through 7 years of research and tracking down this satanist coven leader and murderer, who he really was. His name is TONY RICHARDS, a Lakota Sioux Native from Pine Ridge Reservation in SD. Former members of the covens in Asheville, NC, that I encountered from as far away as California where I researched, told me all about him. That his brother's name was Woody Richards, married to Yolanda Martinez, a Native American musician (she is no longer married to Woody). I talked to her in fact one day on the phone. She is very nice.

Lakotas I interviewed in Rapid City, told me that the Richards family in Pine Ridge was VERY dark and many were involved in this satanism as well. The name of the woman whose child he wanted to sacrifice who fled from him, and encountered my friend in safe shelter that Halloween, was Joanne Wilkinson, and the child's name was "Cheppaw", (unsure of spelling) Lakota for chubby little one. She fled to California to escape this evil man.

(By the way, I love Native Americans! I have worked on several reservations and and have ministered to many. There are MANY fine Lakotas in America. This is NOT an attack against the native Americans, but rather exposing darkness that can exist in ANY race or people, including my OWN.)

Former satanists, now Christians, told me just how EVIL and WICKED this man Tony really was. "there is NOTHING too evil for this man to do...." They told me he was among the worst of the satanists in AMERICA! Richard Morgan ("Bear"), a former satanist and prisoner, who later had a dramatic conversion to Jesus Christ and went to Bible college in Tulsa, OK, and later was a part of Christian motorcyclists as well, admitted to me at one Christian retreat where I interviewed him during a Christian Bikers' Convention in Florida, that this was all true about Tony Richards, unfortunately. (Richard is now deceased.)

Former satanists told me, in California, that Tony had a home in TAMPA, FL, Custer, SD, and ASHEVILLE, NC as well. This is where he attacked my friend and I during the siege to abduct her in 1992. In fact, she often told me that she could see a PONYTAIL on this man, through their darkly tinted windows, as they followed her in high pursuit at times. But that was all we could discern about him at that time.

In fact, I ultimately was led to this very man, Tony, in 1999, in Custer, SD. Looking for Native American jewelry beads in Native stores, to make my own chokers, I stumbled upon this evil man in one store...NOT even perceiving WHO HE WAS!

He acted friendly. He had a long pony tail and was distinctly a Lakota. Smiling a big Lakota smile, he showed me some of his beadwork and I actually BOUGHT one small piece! And then hoping to make a another sale, he held up a music tape and said, "Oh, and here is a music tape by YOLANDA MARTINEZ....." I froze.

A million bits and pieces of processed information filled my mind instantly, from 7 years of research. YOLANDA MARTINEZ...??? Finally, I looked at him and said, "Yolanda Martinez...why, isn't SHE married to WOODY Richards, and isn't HE the brother of TONY RICHARDS???"

Smiling again, apparently NOT knowing who he was talking to, he said, "YES..and I AM TONY RICHARDS!" Again, I froze as even MORE pieces of information swirled through my tortured mind. And at that precise moment, the HOLY SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD took over completely...even as I silently pleaded for strength and the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST to take over in this unexpected situation.

With a boldness that I did NOT have normally, I walked up to him and identified myself. It was HIS turn now to freeze as I confronted him with the truth about what he and his coven did to my friend and I in Asheville, 7 years previously. I confronted him with the word of God and the call to REPENT.

And then something amazing happened: TONY seemed to lose all strength and almost staggered out to the front porch to a bench in front of the store. He collapsed on that bench! Frankly, he looked pathetic, evidently disarmed by the power of the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST and years of prayer against this man as well.

And I had NOTHING to do with this, but to stand in faith believing in His Word: this was the SOVEREIGN WORK OF THE LIVING GOD AND HIS HOLY SPIRIT AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, and for HIS glory alone.

I spoke to Tony and said, "Give me your hand." He limply held it out to me. I grasped it, and looked into his eyes. I knew I was holding the hand of one of America's most murderous killers, that had slain many a victim on their altars nationwide.

With all the sincerity that the love of God and His power gave me (after praying for his salvation for 7 years!), I spoke to Tony about the power of Jesus Christ, the grace to repent, and forgiveness and his need for salvation. And then I told him "I FORGIVE YOU." Releasing his hand, I entered my vehicle and left. I have never seen him again. But I know he now lives outside of Rapid City, with several other children, and still sells his Native goods in the local Indian stores in Rapid City, SD. Local Indian crafts dealers selling his products told me and at one point gave me his phone number (!) Thanks, but NO thanks. I'll just keep praying for him!

I even met his aunt through a friend in Denver, Colorado, who told me his nickname is "BUTTERBALL!" But she never knew the dark side of Tony, until I told her the tragic truth.

But Tony and his Asheville coven never DID get my friend, nor I , for sacrifice! GLORY TO THE LIVING GOD of our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

One Chippewa Medicine man I met in Montana confirmed everything I uncovered about Tony. "I even stopped a ritual he was setting up in Minot, ND, at one time...." he told me as I sat with him at his booth at a county fair in NW Montana one day two years ago. He knew what Tony was involved with and fought him every opportunity he had.

This IS the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST! And this is a true and authentic testimony of the power of God.

Fellow Christians, if you have not already, discover this amazing POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST and APPLY IT NOW to your life! Not ONLY does the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse away your sins, it also is the very power that defeated Satan and his dark kingdom as well. Apply the Blood of Jesus Christ, through faith and prayer, to your health, your family members, to your safety and every aspect of your life that God wants to bless.The eternal Blood of Jesus Christ will never fail you, both NOW and in the times to come under MARTIAL LAW and persecution, as well.

-Pamela Schuffert

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