Thursday, October 1, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Christians in America are under siege and attack from many sides, and often do not even know it. Many Christians today do not understand what is coming to our nation, and how the enemy plans to attack them in the name of their satanist NWO under martial law.

Countless churches and Christian ministries across this nation are already infiltrated by the Illuminati, Satanists, cults, often by CIA and the intelligence community, spying on the faithful...even up to the PULPIT itself. Enemies of the true Gospel from many sectors of society and many hidden agendas have infiltrated, corrupted, deceived and even brainwashed many Christians in this desperate hour.

I discovered from former Illuminati and former satanists that indeed, the satanists are preparing their people to assist in the government/military round-up of Christians when martial law is declared. Just as patriotic Americans are preparing, even forming Constitutionally based and legal militias to fight for their freedoms when martial law is declared, so the satanists/Illuminati are preparing their people in covert paramilitary training camps, to combat ALL future NEW WORLD ORDER RESISTANCE. They will work with the traitorous elements of our military and government and law enforcement, to help round up all NWO resistance, including CHRISTIANS (often top of their lists).

Former NWO Illuminati supporter and programmer SVALI, exposed the satanist paramilitary and how they trained their own to fight for the NEW WORLD ORDER and to fight all who oppose it. She is my friend. I communicated with her personally. She had attended the same church I had in Northern Virginia at one point, after coming out of this darkness. In her reports, she outlined the truth about the Illuminati/satanist PARAMILITARY and their covert rugged training camps, preparing their people to help seize America under MARTIAL LAW for the NWO, and to oppose the CHRISTIANS and all other NWO resistance.

CISCO WHEELER, a person who has come out to expose this NWO darkness after being in it for many years, told me much also about their plans against the Christians. Her father was a military satanist and working for the NWO and forced her into it as well. She came out at the age of 16 to become a born again Christian. She told me,

"I was participating in a satanic human sacrifice ritual in Oregon, watching as they tortured a Christian man they had abducted, to death. They were cutting out his eyes...but instead of screaming in pain, this man was PRAYING IN TONGUES and it was evident that the power of God was upon him! I instantly prayed inside me as I watched, 'Jesus if you are stronger than satan, I want YOU now in my life!' I become a Christian immediately after this experience..." Cisco come out to write many articles exposing the NWO she used to be a part of.

I asked Cisco about their knowledge of martial law and what they had planned to do to Christians they would help arrest under it. She replied, "We satanists in Oregon sat around planning what we would do to the Christians once they started arresting them under martial law, and we satanists helped the authorities. We decided we would torture them for 13 days before finally sacrificing them...."

For those Christian readers who are cringing by now, this is all too typical of satanist behavior. I am sorry. I cannot sanitize the terrible truth to make you "feel better." You fully need to understand just HOW dark this NWO/martial law agenda really is, and the evil nature of the people who plan to carry it out...on YOUR tender bodies.

This is one of the many reasons WHY I am adamant about laying down my LIFE to warn YOU of what is planned against you in secret! God cares, and so do I. So do many others who have also put their lives at risk to warn YOU, the endangered American people, of the grim truth of where these NWO planners intend to take America.

Christian prayer warriors, please pray about this very real danger of the SATANIST PARAMILITARY preparing to help seize America for the NEW WORLD ORDER, and the threat they pose to the Christians and Patriotic Americans against the NWO across America.

-Pamela Schuffert

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