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By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have spent 13 years of periodic researching (often intense and dangerous as well) and travel throughout MONTANA. My labors of love for Montana residents throughout your beautiful state have included going on local RADIO (Kalispell)and TELEVISION (Missoula) and lecturing as well.

I have at various times endured bitterly cold winters that involved living, sleeping and working out of my vehicles (unheated at night in temperatures down to -30 degrees BELOW zero, at times at high latitudes,) in order to perform critically urgent research on your behalf.

WHY? Simply because I AM a Christian, and I happen to care deeply about what they plan to do to so many innocent people in your state under martial law. I am publishing some of my information for your benefit, especially if you live in this beautiful state, now SO endangered by the NWO agenda.

I have even encountered Christians from Montana, like one woman at a "Derek Prince PROPHECY Conference" held in SC in 1995, who told me that GOD HAS BEEN GIVING HER VISIONS of people being ARRESTED IN MONTANA, and shackled into PRISONER BOXCARS to be taken to DETENTION CAMPS like cattle, to be killed. She told me, "This explains the VISIONS GOD HAS BEEN GIVING ME," when I told her of my research uncovering martial law agendas, prisoner boxcars and detention camps in her state.
(The Bible reveals that the wondrous Holy Spirit will SHOW YOU THINGS TO COME, in fact.)

PLEASE understand: NONE of this is wildfire rumor or "urban legend." I painstakingly took the time and effort for years, to carefully sort out such false information from the GENUINE and obtain documentation in order to warn people of what is coming.

The PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES are rampant throughout your state of Montana, prepositioned to haul you and your loved ones to the FEMA/HOMELAND camps when their agenda begins. MONTANA is filled with government and military/FEMA spies, infiltrators into communities (including churches), local militias, etc. They already know that Montana is considered a "place of refuge" against the NWO agenda for many informed Americans, and that such people are preparing to make their last stand for FREEDOM in the great freedom-lovers' state of Montana. And the US government/military/intelligence community has responded accordingly.

Their spies are NOT so foolish as to be dressed in "three-piece Washington DC government business suits!" No, they are rather dressed totally like local mountain folks instead. The ones detected by locals have been known to dress like good ol' mountain boys and cowboys, drive mountain trucks, hang out in local bars and family restaurants in order to infiltrate and penetrate the local communities. BUT IN FACT THEY ARE "FEDS!"

One man in Kalispell told me a rather humorous account of one such Fed being exposed.
"It was morning in Kalispell, when right near Snappy's sports store and Walmart, there was an minor traffic accident in the intersection. Before any police could arrive on the scene, an old truck pulled up , and what looked like a local mountain man jumped out and ran to the driver to see if he was hurt. I came up closer, and watched as he then PULLED OUT HIS WALLET AND FLASHED AN OFFICIAL FBI BADGE! Yup, he was one of those FED INFILTRATORS into our community alright...."

After going on radio live for two hours in Kalispell, in fact, to share this information I research and report on, the owner said, "Beware of FED INFILTRATORS here in this region...they are swarming everywhere and have infiltrated completely this area..."

Montanans are not stupid by any means. That is WHY you no longer see OPEN MILITIAS meeting any more. They KNOW they are heavily infiltrated and monitored! "This is why it has finally become 'every other home is their own private militia' now in Montana," as one person admitted to me while being interviewed.

I first heard of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES through an eye-witness traveling with four other Christians to perform a PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA in 1995. After they returned to South Carolina, Marie (the leader) told me about their strange and disturbing discovery: as they followed railroad tracks into the woods in COLUMBIA FALLS MONTANA, to take pictures and not get lost, they accidentally (or DIVINELY?) stumbled upon BLACK BOXCARS. Suspicious, they went to one where the door remained partly opened. Once their eyes adjusted to the dark inside, they noted SHACKLES WELDED TO THE SIDES AND FLOORS OF THE CARS.

And something stranger still: A MODERN GUILLOTINE BOLTED in one end of the boxcar. GLASGOW MT is where they have stored thousands of modern GUILLOTINES, some already previously welded into PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES sighted by reliable witnesses in COLUMBIA FALLS MT.

Shocked at this revelation, I decided to prayerfully travel to Montana for the first time, to Columbia Falls. I first arrived at BOZEMAN, where I met with one person in 1997 who was head of a prayer group, who had heard of the prisoner boxcars with shackles from a Native Blackfeet Indian through whose reservation those boxcars had passed while apparently being transported from there they originated east(Glasgow, MT) to the Glacier park region further west and beyond.

Finally making my way up to Columbia Falls and beautiful Glacier National Park region, I got up the courage to interview locals about what they knew about the prisoner boxcars with shackles sightings. Amazingly, they WERE aware of them. One man said, "Yes, it's true, they were here..but because of so many public sightings and too much public awareness, they were moved to higher elevations and remote sidetracks. Hunters occasionally stumble upon them, as well as hikers." I managed to locate and interview such hunters later, who confirmed at times such sightings in remote mountain regions.

Sadly, because of "Glacier/Waterton International Peace Parks" designation of being an official "UN BIOSPHERE", it can fully be utilized under martial law or war time as a region for: foreign troops to camp and use for their operations under martial law; PRISONERS TAKEN UNDER MARTIAL LAW to be incarcerated in facilities on it's grounds as well. Judging from all the NWO activities taking place around the Glacier region and along Highway 2, it appears they fully plan to utilize this otherwise beautiful park region to the maximum for their NWO/martial law agenda.

Further sources contacting me after hearing my radio broadcasts on WWCR, told me of WHERE these prisoner boxcars sighted in Columbia Falls, MT, originated according to LEE HARRINGTON of VALIER, MT(GLASGOW MONTANA) and WHERE the guillotines were stored (Glasgow military base) unloaded by US MARINES by the thousands, according to one friend and information source DORIAN what he told me from his US Marine source.
They will use US MARINES HEAVILY for round-ups under martial law, and they have been hardened to KILL their fellow Americans who offer resistance.

DEADLY PENTAGON SPRAYING in various regions has already been going on for 8 years now, especially in the NORTHWEST quadrant. Their military doctors have been planted in hospitals like KALISPELL REGIONAL HOSPITAL to monitor effects of their deadly chemical/biological spraying over various regions. They will be releasing such deadly chemicals/biologicals under martial law in the future to incapacitate all anticipated civilian resistance (militias, gun owners, etc.) They even brazenly sprayed the Amish community in NW Montana the very time I was visiting it 2 years ago, in order to pray for them and share some of my warnings with them. I was terribly affected, and so were many of them as well, as I found out later upon returning. It took me five months to recover strength, in fact. No, they will NOT spare the peaceful Amish, either!
RUSSIAN MILITARY (among others)will be used heavily through Montana and Pacific Northwest under martial law to police, patrol and deal with all anticipated resistance. There is a large presence, both in NW Canada and the Pacific NW USA, of Russian SPETZNAZ, spies and related people. We have reports from reliable sources of whole convoys of military equipment (including Howitzer type cannons)being moved into the mountains of NW Montana, driven by RUSSIAN military with DOD badges, according to one Pentagon and state trooper in information source. Evidently they plan to blow out of those mountains all who offer armed resistance, much like what happened to Patriotic anti-UN/NWO freedom fighters in the mountains of KOSOVO and former Yugoslavia.

HIGHWAY 2 (the"HIGHLINE") is apparently a major hot spot for MARTIAL LAW takeover (a major artery for upcoming military activities apparently, among other uses under martial law), I discovered as I drove repeatedly up and down that stretch of highway throughout my years of research. So MANY sightings of prisoner boxcars and strange NWO happening are sighted all along it.

And YES, there really IS a secret UN training base above TROY in the KOOTENAI National FOREST in the YAAK RIVER VALLEY. I interviewed eye witnesses and got lots of information. This facility near the Canadian border, has been used in the past to train dark skinned men riding on horses how to fire rifles while running at a full gallop on horseback, according to one eye-witness source. And more. Strangely, two men who witnessed their activities up close and began to report what they saw to others are now dead, according to one reliable information source.

Others hunting told me as I interviewed them in the Yaak, of having FOREIGN TROOPS crossing right in front of them , saying not one word as they silently passed by the hunters. Several other hunters from Noxon, MT, told me of stumbling upon RUSSIAN MILITARY practicing under American military leadership, and being cursed out by the American military and ordered to leave immediately.

In fact, Canadian sources have told me of many sightings of RUSSIAN MILITARY in large numbers arriving at the international airport in Abbottsford, BC and Lethbridge, Alberta, CA (right near GLACIER/WATERTON PARK). Since the Canadian and American governments are fully cooperating in this NAU/NWO agenda, we believe that many of the foreign troops to be used in America, are being trained and housed extensively in CANADA, according to some information sources including from TORONTO, ONT.

I have long reported that FOREIGN TROOPS will be used extensively to do "the dirty work" that many of our America troops will not be willing to perform against their fellow Americans under martial law. Such include Chinese, UN/NATO/Partnership for Peace, and RUSSIAN MILITARY will be among them. In fact, right next to Montana, in SPOKANE, WA, my Russian Christian sources told me that Russian spies are openly bragging to them, stating,

"Ha-HA, stupid Americans! AS LIFE WAS IN RUSSIA, SO SHALL IT SOON BE IN AMERICA!" And I have looked sadly at my Russian Christian friends who have revealed this to me and told them, "Your Russian spies are sadly CORRECT..."

MONTANA IS FILLED WITH DETENTION CAMPS FOR ALL NWO RESISTERS, both ABOVE ground and UNDERGROUND. Local sources just this spring along HWY 2 admitted to me that one man reported of working to help refurbish an older underground military facility on HWY 2 near Libby, that will be used as an UNDERGROUND DETENTION CAMP for NWO resisters they arrest or round up under martial law. It was a former underground radar facility used during WWII, now being upgraded for future use.

One information source under top government security clearance but willing to talk anonymously, told me of making truck food deliveries to deep underground military installations and UNDERGROUND DETENTION CAMPS across America. When I asked this person WHICH STATE they had just made delivers to of UNDERGROUND DETENTION CAMPS, this person told me, "MONTANA."

I discovered while researching in Northwestern Montana, near WHITEFISH, that they are building NEW DETENTION CAMPS and laying much new railroad tracks (servicing BNSF) leading to such types of facilities, throughout that region. This was confirmed by another independent journalist.

After going on local television in Missoula, MT, I was recognized by one viewer as I sat at an outdoor cafe. He said, "Hey, I want to confirm what you said on television last night. A friend of mine was flying out of Glacier International Airport recently, and sat next to a man who was very nervous. He asked him why he was so nervous. The man replied,

"I am a journalist. I just finished researching in Whitefish
investigating alleged reports of prisoner boxcars with shackles, detention camps and martial law preparations I had heard about. Someone with Whitefish City Council told me that this was all true...they were building more detention camps, had mobile FEMA prisoner units in place, etc. And THEN he told me THIS WAS ALL CLASSIFIED GOVERNMENT INFORMATION for which I could be killed for either knowing or publishing. I AM NOW FLYING HOME TO GET MY WIFE AND DAUGHTER, and we are LEAVING AMERICA FOR GOOD...."

Even the innocent and gentle AMISH communities
are not immune to government spying and intimidation. I spoke to one man with his Amish community along Highwy 2, who told me, "The FBI came to me and my community and tried to coerce me into making a deal with them. I refused. we now FACE GENOCIDE....." His voice trailed off as he looked distraught and full of anguish. Montana is filled wth many of the ANABAPTIST COMMUNITY, including AMISH, MENNONITES and HUTTERITES.

I have received many reports by observers of the FBI and the intelligence community actively spying on such Amish/Anabaptist communities nationwide,
because they are known for their tradition of resisting corrupt government and refusing to conform to "the system." They are often looked at as MAJOR THREATS by the NWO bureaucracy, because they are able to LIVE OFF THE GRID and independently when martial law comes down. They supply their own food (farms) and generate their own power, etc. Many refuse to have their children accept Social Security numbers, etc. The government knows they cannot control such people through forced planned FAMINE, or by witholding electricity or gasoline, because the Amish are conditioned to living completely WITHOUT these commodities.

Hence, these Amish become a threat to their NWO takeover agenda.
These Feds have even gone so far as to label the Yoder popcorn farm in Indiana, for example, as a site for "POTENTIAL TERRORISTS"(!)

The US military has been practicing reconnaisance (spy)missions over Montana.
One former Army ranger told me of watching as men jumping out of low altitude planes landed accidently in Flathead lake one day. He and his father rescued them and picked them up in their boat. These men admitted they were practicing "recon."

What "RECON" means is,
once on the ground, they get rid of their military uniforms, don civilian clothing similar to locals, and learn to intermingle with the civilian population, hopefully remaining undetected. They may grow their hair long or grow beards, don a backpack to look like local students, hikers, etc. They then begin to monitor civilians and covertly report back periodically to their headquarters their observations. This former Army Ranger even told me about one man he KNEW was a military recon person, and pointed out how he dressed to look like a local hiker or student, grew a beard, carried a backpack, etc.
Yes, there IS sadly coming a day in which certain elements in our own military will be USED AGAINST US, the "Patriotic/Constitutionalist/Christian Heritage" elements of the American people, under martial law.

WILL PUBLISH MORE SOON! (Hidden secrets of Yellowstone National Park in Montana, PLUS the underground tunnel and underground military base no one knows about, and MORE.)-Pamela Schuffert

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