Friday, September 18, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

September 18, 2009-

I just received this important email today from my friend BRIAN of OKC. Brian is a former SECURITY GUARD with CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN NORAD in Colorado Springs. He told me much about being exposed to the NWO agenda while working there previously, and how he said "NO!" when they tried to recruit him into going along with it in the USAF. Now Brian goes through all kinds of covert attacks, such as his home broken into, CIA vans parked outside his apartment, microwaving through the walls, military sitting next to him in church in full uniform asking strange questions. Pray for Brian and his family.

I have long reported on the used of GERMAN MILITARY BUNDESWEHR and other German forces in America under MARTIAL LAW, to patrol our streets, shoot us and seize our weapons and take us to the camps in the future. Refer to my previous articles on this important subject.-Pamela

On Sept 16, Weds of this week, I had worked at the gun store in the morning. I later got a call for me to come and pick up the new flag "DON'T TREAD ON ME". So I jumped back into my van and went back to the store.

Outside the store in the parking lot was a large white van with logo of a town just outside OKC. It was not marked as a police unit. So I walked into the store wearing my black SWAT hat, military sunglasses and long beard and hair.

So what did I see in the small store? 20 men and women ages from about 21 to 35. All strong, they all looked as if they just came from a workout gym. Most were at lease 5ft 10 inches to 6ft 3 inches tall. Most blond hair. Thus going through the door 40 eyes stared at me all at once.

Everyone quit talking. You could drop a pin and hear it hit the ground.I guess they did not expecting to see"'Santa Nam Vet!" Tee-Hee.

So I walked behind the counter by the cash register and picked up my flag from a member of the family who owns the store. That snake on the flag is big! So many German eyes were looking at the flag. So I started to ask if anyone needed help in the store.

Not one person spoke up. Then a man in his 40s said "Oh, they are German police officers and they are with me!" So I asked if it were an exchange program. He said "Yes!" Then he said this was the third year that this had been going on. Plus they (Americans) had been going over to Germany. All parties learn each others ways of "law enforcement".

Then he said that"these GERMAN officers do not put up with anything. When they ask you for I.D., you better give it to them or they will 'bust your head and put you in a world of hurt!'" (Hmmmmmm! They learn the German way of doing things.)

My point of all of this, Pam, is: "how many of these German officers will end up on American city streets UNDER MARTIAL LAW?" With the American police officers being sent over to Germany to enforce things under a NWO agenda, replaced by foreign so their German officers can take our freedoms, shooting gun owners or taking families away to camps?

Just things to ponder! One last thing: all the German police officers speak perfect English.

That's all for now from "OKie" land!
-Brian (p.s you can post this if you want... :)
NOTE-I performed many years of investigating the foreign troop presence in our nation, here for MARTIAL LAW. I interviewed German military in both GERMANY for 6 months (2001) and here in America. German BUNDESWEHR (military) are now stationed in over 100 of our own military bases nationwide. German military stationed at HOLLOMAN AFB in NEW MEXICO
were at one point openly bragging to Americans that :

"...Your President knows that UNDER MARTIAL LAW your America troops do not want to arrest you, fire upon you or take you to the camps...But he knows WE GERMANS WON'T HAVE A PROBLEM! That is why he is shipping out more and more of your AMERICAN troops and bringing in more and more of us GERMAN TROOPS!" Admission of one German military source in Alamogordo, NM, with Holloman AFB, to Americans one day, according to eye-witnesses I personally interviewed while researching there for 6 weeks and going on live local radio as well.

They scorned the American ignorance of their activities and coming martial law.

America, isn't it time to get educated to THE HARD TRUTH and to WAKE UP?

-Pamela Schuffert

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