Tuesday, September 29, 2009


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

This is an urgent alert to all God's faithful Christian PRAYER WARRIORS following this important information blog. We are rapidly approaching the dread THREE NIGHTS OF HUMAN SACRIFICE that HALLOWEEN, or SAMHAIN, is all about: October 30, 31, and November 1.

Former satanists revealed much to me about SAMHAIN and how it is REALLY celebrated by the CRAFT and the BROTHERHOOD. They traditionally begin their "HUNTING" at mid-September, prowling the neighborhoods and highways, hiking trails and lone roads, parks, malls, etc., across AMERICA for innocent victims to abduct and ultimately sacrifice during SAMHAIN rituals.

Such people are called HUNTERS/HUNTRESSES by the satanists. They often use VANS, RENTAL TRUCKS, RV vehicles, etc. Inside such abduction vehicles, they have trained ABDUCTION TEAMS, duct tape, chains, knock-out drugs, etc. to restrain the victims once they are abducted.

BEWARE of vans with no back windows, wherein you can only see the driver and the passenger up front. These vans, when used by satanist "hunters and huntresses", contain their abduction team hidden in the back, with their tools of the trade: duct tape, knock-out drugs, chains, etc.

It only takes them a few seconds to pull up beside a lone hiker, jogger, or hitchhiker, or even a small child walking home in the dark, etc. Their trained teams jump out, abduct the victim, thrown the victim into the back of the van, and within seconds they are subdued, injected with a powerful knock-out drug, hands and feet duct-taped together, mouth duct-taped closed, and off they speed to their location of future sacrifice and holding of hapless victims until SACRIFICE.

Former satanists I have personally interviewed told me all about this method used heavily across America ( and the world.)

CHRISTIANS are high on the list for abduction and sacrifice! "Satan was demanding CHRISTIANS for sacrifice, and we satanists obliged....." revealed the former high priestess of Indiana to me one day as I interviewed her in Florida, after she became a Christian and began exposing satanism she was once heavily involved with.

Every year in America alone, in to the upper hundreds of THOUSANDS of victims are sacrificed on the satanic altars in this nation, and the news media deliberately BLACKS IT OUT. This statistic was confirmed by former satanist leaders and FBI investigating satanic crime in our nation.

CHRISTIANS FASTING AND PRAYING and using their God-given authority in Christ Jesus and THE POWER OF HIS BLOOD, can truly MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE in the numbers of tragic innocent victims this HALLOWEEN (and Winter Solstice as well.)

The NWO satanists often use this season (September/October) to commit more BLACK OPS intended to bring America down UNDER MARTIAL LAW as well (as in "9/11" in September of 2001.) In their minds, every innocent victims who dies in such NWO black ops, becomes ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN, to obtain his power and "favor"to bring down their satanic NEW WORLD ORDER of REVELATION 13...even as former Satanists/Illuminati admitted to me.

And likewise, every victim abducted for human sacrifice this HALLOWEEN/SAMHAIN, will also count as ONE MORE SACRIFICE to obtain power to bring down their NWO agenda in this nation.

"We satanists were under a mandate from satan to OFFER UP MORE AND MORE VICTIMS OF HUMAN SACRIFICE to him, in order to get power to bring down his NEW WORLD ORDER," admitted several former high priestesses, now coming out to expose the former darkness they once walked in. Phoebe Brown a former high priestess of South America admitted this in a series of exposes in one newspaper. SO did my friend Elaine, to me personally, as I interviewed her in her home in Okeechobee, FL for a month in 1995. Elaine was the former high priestess of INDIANA for 17 bloody years until she came out o become a born again Christian and expose the darkness.

HOW PERFECTLY this fulfills REVELATION 13's description of this satanic Antichrist world government, to whom THE DRAGON, Satan/Lucifer, will give his throne, power and great authority to! It states in Revelation 13 that "...men worshipped THE DRAGON who gave power to THE BEAST..." (of the world government of Satan's.)

HOW is the dragon worshipped? Primarily BY HUMAN SACRIFICE! Let's start understanding Bible prophecy, and discern the enemy and his tactics, and use our God-given authority n Christ Jesus against this deadly foe!

Christians worldwide, PLEASE wake up and begin to perceive these truths! Begin NOW to deploy powerful weapons of spiritual warfare against these Satanist/Illuminati/Luciferian cold-blooded and ruthless murderers who have ALREADY shed the blood of countless innocents WORLDWIDE, CHRISTIANS INCLUDED, abducted or bred for their satanic altars, in their insane quest to bring the world under Lucifer's NEW WORLD ORDER!

Christians, PLEASE understand: YOU ARE THEIR MAJOR TARGETS! Former NWO satanists in the CIA, admitted to me personally as I sat to interview them, that THEY DESIGNED THE WHOLE DETENTION/CONCENTRATION CAMP SYSTEM ACROSS AMERICA (which I have been reporting on faithfully)to TERMINATE all perceived "resisters of their NEW WORLD ORDER" under martial law...WITH CHRISTIANS BEING THEIR PRIMARY TARGETS IN MIND!

"We satanists in the CIA hated the CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA more than any other people....they stood in the way of our bringing America under the NWO...because we knew that Christians would never accept our satanic New World Order, and so we designed the camps to get rid of them...."-Elaine, former assassin for the CIA and former high priestess over Indiana, now Christian exposing the occult.

Friends, take this reporting seriously! WHY do you think that I quit two jobs 13 years ago, and forsook everything dear to me, to LAY DOWN MY VERY LIFE in order to perform this invaluable task of investigating and informing my fellow Americans and endangered fellow Christian about THE NEW WORLD ORDER and their genocide program against not ONLY Patriotic Americans opposed to the NWO, but ALSO AGAINST THE CHRISTIANS???

What do you THINK they will do to a woman like me, once they decide they have had enough of my kind of reporting, and decide to finally arrest me? I tell you frankly, they will seek to utterly destroy me in the most painful, degrading and horrifying ways they can think of. I am not naive. I already know what they do to Christian women on their satanic altars or crosses. They HATE Christians like myself especially, exposing their darkness and warning others so they can prepare to stand against their wicked NWO agenda.

BUT true Discipleship Christianity demands that WE, the committed followers of Jesus Christ, EMBRACE THE CROSS, deny ourselves, hate our lives in this world, and LAY THEM DOWN for the call of Jesus Christ on our lives, and on behalf of others. I have examined the Word of God carefully for 38 years now. There is NO OTHER WAY, especially in the prophetic times we face, to OVERCOME to coming times we face of persecution and testing, but to EMBRACE THE CROSS, die to self, and seek God for the grace to follow Jesus Christ ALL THE WAY TO VICTORY.

"And they OVERCAME HIM [satan] by the BLOOD of the LAMB, by the Word of their testimony, and because they LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES UNTO THE DEATH." Revelation 12:11

We are ALL called to be OVERCOMERS. And in order to become OVERCOMERS, we have to study the WORD OF GOD and steadfastly apply it to our lives daily, and FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST FAITHFULLY TO THE END.

To put it bluntly, I have willingly laid down my life and all I hold dear, in order to help wake up the slumbering Christians across North America, who are their primary targets. IF you fail to wake up, or to take such a graphic warning seriously, all that I have suffered and will suffer on YOUR behalf is in vain. And YOU will become the VICTIM of their evil agenda!

REMEMBER: YOUR ETERNAL SOUL IS AT STAKE! SALVATION DEMANDS that we remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH! We cannot deny HIM to save our lives, our loved ones, our jobs, etc. The Bible makes this clear. And the NEW WORLD ORDER minions of darkness are coming to CHALLENGE and DESTROY YOUR CHRISTIAN FAITH and utterly uproot Christianity from the face of the earth!

STAND AGAINST THE DARKNESS NOW! Christians prayer warriors across North America (Canada included) AND THE WORLD, please purpose to use your God-given authority in Christ Jesus to MAKE A DIFFERENCE this season!

BEWARE Of hitch-hiking! Beware of OUTDOOR HIKING ALONE in isolated regions, even in National Parks! Former satanists admitted to me that they obtained MANY innocents for sacrifice on lone hiking trails across America, even in National Forests and parks! WATCH your children and infants carefully, especially in parks and indoors malls, etc. ONE CARELESS MOMENT and they can be SNATCHED to be NEVER SEEN AGAIN! Cover yourself and your family with the PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST for protection from ALL of Satan's dark tactics!

For more revelation on Satanism in NORTH AMERICA, go to my reports on: http://educate-yourself.org/ps/satanismamericatoday14jul01.shtml

God bless you and protect you ALL!

-Pamela Schuffert

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