Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"The RAILROAD SPIKE CROSS Around My Neck"-Now YOU Can Own One !

I know that millions of my fellow Americans and Christians will be terribly affected by MARTIAL LAW to come. Many of my fellow Christians will be arrested for their faith and sent, Nazi/Bolshevik style, by PRISONER BOXCARS down the railroad tracks of America, to their deaths in the many modern detention camps located across America and Canada and Alaska as well.

After many years of following the railroad tracks of America to track down reports of prisoner boxcars with shackles sightings and known detention camps, I began to collect old rusted and discarded ones from the many tracks I followed, especially throughout Montana. http://americanholocaustcoming.blogspot.com/2009/02/unfema-prisoner-boxcars-with-shackles.html

Deeply grieved by what I was uncovering, and realizing how many of my fellow Christians would meet their final end on the railroad systems of this country, I finally decided to have a cross made of such railroad spikes as I found across America.


I contacted a metal worker in NC, Tekla, who was willing to make my spikes into a cross. I handed her three spikes. She cut two of them in half and welded the top ends of them to form side arms of the cross, welded to either side of one complete spike. The impressive cross that it formed was incredible and deeply moving.

I have actually worn my railroad spike cross to churches and while praying on city streets across this nation. It is MEANT to be an attention-getter and attract questions from viewers. And people now LISTEN when I tell them WHY I wear this kind of cross, and WHAT IT MEANS.

Let me be honest with you: I cannot bear this heavy burden and this cross alone. God needs many MORE of His people across the land to warn other Christians and Americans of what is to come to this nation. After much prayer about this, I decided to contact Tekla and ask her if she were willing to make MORE of these beautiful Railroad cross spikes for me and my readers as well. She said she would be delighted!

If YOU would like to now possess your very own RAILROAD SPIKE CROSS, to use as a gripping prayer reminder of what is coming to our nation, and to show to others in order to begin to warn them about the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, you can now receive yours through this ministry.

For your support gift of $50 or more, I will be happy to send you your personal RAILROAD SPIKE CROSS. Tekla will charge me $25 for each cross she makes, and of course there is shipping costs involved as well due to weight. SO be generous in sending your support to keep my work of investigative journalism on behalf of my fellow Americans going, WHILE I CAN STILL CONTINUE TO DO THIS.

I wish I could send them out to every one FREE. Unfortunately, I cannot. Because this kind of investigative reporting has been a sacrificial work for so many years, I am utterly destitute, having sacrificed everything to perform this valuable labor on behalf of millions of threatened fellow Americans. And in the end, I will sacrifice my freedoms and my very life for this work. But it will have been worth it all, IF people will ONLY WAKE UP and respond to the WARNING!

If you would like to own a RAILROAD SPIKE CROSS, please contact me at:

Pamela Schuffert, PO Box 488, Montreat, NC, 28757

I will place your order at once with Tekla, and your Cross will be shipped to you immediately upon completion.

Last month, I thought I was going to actually die. My SUV drove it's last mile and had to be towed away. I had no food left, no financial support coming in, my church could not help me with any more emergency food cards (because they have to help so many others). I found myself with NO vehicle, NO food, not even personal needs that most take for granted, like toilet paper.

(Thanks to the kind support of ONE person prior to that, Joyce from Texas, I was able to temporarily get food and a few much needed items...God bless her! But it was gone all too quickly.)

And I had no one to rescue me: I have no home to go home to, no family to lean on, no monthly checks coming in, etc. BUT THE WORK HAD TO GO ON. This is the only reason WHY I finally felt compelled to share my financial needs with you, my readers.

The kind gifts that some readers have sent, have literally given me HOPE and LIFE! With your gifts, I have finally bought some FOOD! And personal needs as well. My clothing is very meager, most of them from Good Will and some donated from Salvation Army, which I am wearing as I type this. The kindness of the dozen of so readers who have sent gifts of compassion have literally given me LIFE. I have been enabled to continue this work now.

But I still more support at this time. My reporting needs a replacement vehicle to continue across this nation. Unlike so many across America who HAVE their survival food supplies, and survival gear, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NONE! I find it sadly strange that, after having laid down my life to warn America non-stop for 13 years about this coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, I have absolutely NOTHING to stand prepared for the coming famine and food shortages, and no survival gear to speak of. In fact, I gave most of mine away to others in need as I traveled, to help them prepare to stand. I frankly talk about this to God many hours at night, asking Him for His provision and solution.

For those of you who also are also destitute financially (as MANY tell me they are) and have little or nothing to prepare for the coming storm, REMEMBER THAT WE ALL HAVE THE WORD OF GOD AND HIS ETERNAL PROMISES TO STAND ON, REGARDLESS! Jesus Christ will NEVER let you down. HE WILL NOT FAIL YOU IN THE TIMES TO COME! But take the time to prepare as well.

"Faith without works is dead, "declares the Word of God in truth. Be a "wise Virgin" and take "extra oil" for the coming crises, so you can minister to others as well, being a good Christian witness!

His word will never fail YOU nor I in this desperate hour of America's destiny. Remember this when the hard times come!

I do, every single day. And I remind God of His promises as well, through hours of prayer daily..not just praying for SELF, but rather for millions who face the same things I do.

God bless you all.

-Pamela Schuffert

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