Saturday, September 26, 2009


It is 1998. I am now visiting a Christian retreat in Bradenton, Florida, where my mother worked then. Amazingly, I have just encountered a former satanist from Asheville, NC. He was there at a Christian retreat for a life change. Much stranger still, he was also the former satanic high priest for my father's coven meeting in Virginia Beach many years ago as well! (I later got confirmation about this through another former high level satanist,who became a Christian exposing the occult with several books in Christian book stores, in fact.)

He began to open up to me and we discussed many things, including all my research in the mountains of North Carolina and ASHEVILLE. He used to run with the satanists in Asheville, in fact. He confirmed to me personally the accuracy of my research and the subsequent impact my in-depth reporting exposing satanism therein had throughout those NC/TN mountains.

He revealed, "Take my word for it, NEVER RETURN to those mountains again! Your reporting has shaken their kingdom all the way into the heart of the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. they wanna put a bullet through our head...they say you KNOW too much and you TALK too much!" He shook his head.

I simply smiled and said, "If God calls me back to those mountains, I will return...but only at His timing and for His purposes." Truthfully, I never had any plans to ever return, due to several previous death attempts on my life in NC.

But let me emphasize the following: while I was very encouraged to hear that my investigating, standing with victims and reporting DID have an impact against such terrible darkness, I must say "TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY THROUGH JESUS CHRIST HIS SON!"

Frankly, I only did the reporting, and much prayer over what I found out. It was what FOLLOWED this kind of factual informative reporting telling God's people, that God used to SHAKE THEIR KINGDOMS OF DARKNESS IN THOSE MOUNTAINS: INTERCESSORY PRAYER!!!

I was often so shaken by the terrifying reports of actual accounts of many, including Christians, being abducted by these satanists and brutally sacrificed in these mountains, that I spent hours into the night, MANY long nights, crying out to GOD TO INTERVENE and to BIND these forces of darkness so prevalent throughout NC/TN (and in fact BEYOND as well.)

Performing such research was an eye-opener to me as well as all those who subsequently bought my book, SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY and read my graphic reports on the Internet. I had learned very little from my own father. He played the game of "pretend" and tried to hide what he was involved in for 30 longs years, until he finally repented and became a born again Christian in 1998, six months before he died.

It was other former satanists, now Christians that I interviewed, that informed me about the hidden activities of my father with the satanists worldwide. I confronted my father with the revelations of his former high priest (after meeting with him in 1998 in Florida), exposing my father and his satanist "other woman"participating in one grim ritual he presided over at one time, and challenged my father to REPENT and confess to this darkness and become BORN AGAIN before he died. And finally, he did. A wonderful USAF Chaplain, Ailsworth, was sent throughout friend Col. Jim Ammerman, to confront him with the evidence, and my father got gloriously SAVED by receiving Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and confessing his years of darkness.

I spent YEARS in intercessory prayer against the satanist darkness of this entire region. Many Christians across this nation began to do the same thing, so moved over the horror of what i exposed and reported on.


Thankyou Father GOD through Jesus Christ Your SON! Thankyou ALL THE WONDERFUL CHRISTIAN PRAYER WARRIORS across this nation, who have stood in intercessory prayer against the ugly and terrible darkness of SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY.

God will NEVER share His glory that rightfully belongs to HIM ALONE with ANYONE. And no true servant of His seeks to glorify ANYONE or anything, but GOD and His Son, Jesus Christ.

To GOD BE ALL GLORY for what He does through His servants of no repute. Had it not been for His grace, I would have become just one more victim, one more statistic, of those satanists in the mountains. They tried to abduct me in the fall of 1995 in fact, and set me up more than once for death. There followed many attacks on my life in subsequent years for my reporting on MARTIAL LAW and the coming police state. ONLY HIS GRACE has delivered me time and time again. I fall at His feet and worship Him and give HIM THE GLORY forevermore, for any way he chooses to use me to help or serve others. I am nothing: HE IS EVERYTHING. Halleluia!

TRUE ministries always put the focus and the glory on GOD ALONE, NEVER on self. We are called to be in ministry for the GLORY of GOD and His glorious Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

"And I, if I be lifted up, I will DRAW ALL MEN UNTO ME, "declared Jesus Christ. The salvation of the WORLD depends solely on JESUS CHRIST. Let us strive therefore to lift HIM up and glorify HIM to the world around us. Our prayers and our Christian witness WILL make the difference in today's perishing world.

Continue to pray and MAKE THE DIFFERENCE, my friends and readers. My reporting is only meant to inform YOU and to facilitate YOUR PRAYER and AWARENESS and righteous actions as well. ONLY PRAYER has held back the dark forces of MARTIAL LAW THUS FAR! Continue to be informed, and PRAY!

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from NC

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