Friday, September 18, 2009

The Autumn That New York City Fell

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
Friday, September 18, 2009
I was praying the other evening for our nation, against the heinous Martial Law agenda and for God to give me insight as to how to pray at this time. Immediately I received a strong impression of "MISSILES HITTING NEW YORK CITY." I was surprised. Although I always Ask God to show me things I must pray for, this came as a shocker. No, God did NOT give me a date. Prayer can influence and change many things.

But I was instantly reminded of several things. First of all, Messianic Jews in NYC told me of visions and revelations God gave them of great destruction coming to NYC in the form of missile attacks. Famed NYC "Teen Challenge" Pastor David Wilkerson has revealed how God has shown him how NYC will someday "burn with a THOUSAND FIRES" in judgment.

I was then reminded of the VISIONS my saintly "prayer warrior" Christian mother received before she died, very graphic, of NEW YORK CITY in ruins. She told me all about it one day, some 30 years ago. God showed her it was going to happen IN THE AUTUMN of the year it finally comes to pass.

In her vision: "I saw the buildings all around me in ruins everywhere in New York City. I was with a friend in my vision, walking carefully over fallen buildings and rubble. I heard people discussing this terrible crisis, saying that "the tunnels are closed and no one can drive through them now because of the destruction...." (There are tunnels in various locations in NYC under water.) God showed me it would happen in the fall of some year in the future..."

I am always praying for God to hold back such horrors in our nation. Military sources warned me that because of our US policy in the Middle East, there WILL be nuclear strikes on American soil in the near future. They informed us that the US military is now stockpiling up to 10 years of emergency food supplies in the DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES in full expectations of a PROLONGED NUCLEAR EXCHANGE. (Source: anonymous military insiders from Kirtland AFB, NM

Furthermore, another USAF source admitted to me personally that MISSILES ARE NOW AIMED AT MAJOR AMERICAN CITIES NATIONWIDE from our OWN MILITARY BASES! He admitted that this is for their covert MARTIAL LAW AGENDA, to help trigger martial law through military "black ops."

"Bravo Six" told me that the missiles at Ellsworth AFB ( )Rapid City, SD, are aimed at four major US cities for such an outrageous NWO agenda. "They have lied to the American people about the missiles having been removed from their underground silos, " he told me. "In fact, they are still there and will be used for their covert martial law agenda in the future...."

Of course they will BLAME it falsely on a "rogue nation" or "AL QAIDA", but in fact it will be our OWN traitorous elements of our MILITARY working with the government for their NWO agenda.

Interestingly, an evangelist shared at one time how God showed her a great EARTHQUAKE beginning in the MOUNTAINS OF NC, traveling up a fault line and leveling NEW YORK CITY (and other cities in it's path) as well. I have long been collecting prophecies of THE MOUNTAINS OF NC GOING TO BE JUDGED BY GREAT EARTHQUAKES, from many excellent Christian sources, including Russian Christians here in NC.

A powerful man of God, Bill Thurmond of Asheville, NC, told me how God revealed to him, "The longer I wait for these people [satanists] to REPENT and THEY DO NOT, the greater their JUDGMENT WILL BE WHEN IT COMES!" I asked Bill, "WHAT judgment?" He replied, " My wife saw a vision of the high rise buildings of Asheville toppled as IF BY A GREAT EARTHQUAKE!"

The potential for both missiles strikes, massive explosions, EMP's,chemical-biological releases, etc., and natural ( or PROJECT HAARP triggered) disasters and earthquakes for NYC and other cities/regions across our nation remains very real in this hour.

SO I have long been praying for the mercy of God to hold back such black ops, missile strikes on major cities and regions, earthquakes, etc., since all of the above will affect the innocent and the righteous in such regions when they happen.

Christian intercessors, you need to join with me in such intercessory prayers, now!
When it comes to Holy Spirit visions and prophecies, judgment, and "date-setting," I tell people "date- setting is foolish!" Because PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! So does repentance on the part of nations and people.

SO, NO, I am NOT saying that "THIS AUTUMN NYC WILL FALL." But I AM saying that the potential is HERE for anything to happen, not only in NYC but also nationwide, due to MANY factors at this time. And I DO know that I received a very distinct impression of "MISSILES" and "NEW YORK CITY" as I prayed the other night. The Bible tells us that the beloved and Divine Holy Spirit will indeed SHOW US THINGS TO COME as He wills, to those who seek Him in fasting and prayer in Jesus' name. And so often He shows us, so that our intercessory prayers can hold such things back and bring people to repentance...something that our nation desperately NEEDS IN THIS HOUR~.

SO PLEASE PRAY and seek God in this crucial hour of America's destiny.

-Pamela Schuffert

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