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Pastor or spy, or BOTH?

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism...and churning out yet one more article the government LOVES TO HATE-

Once again, here is another "suicide article" written for my readers, putting my life in even more jeopardy than previously, but in this desperate hour of the Churches' destiny in America, THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD. 

Christianity, while guaranteed to save your soul,  is not primarily a "save your life" religion, but rather a "lay down your life for the sake of others and the Gospel" faith. Truthfully, if I were not willing to lay down my life, this work could never be done.

And so I am sticking my neck out once again to warn the Christians in America today. 

Always remember that "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church," and that even though the Christian messenger can be "taken out", their message CANNOT be taken out of the world. If anything should happen to me, thankfully my Christian testimony will remain in the world to glorify God and to bring others to Christ. Christianity remains a "win-win" faith of THE OVERCOMERS!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


Today I am blogging to you, reading an email sent to me from a friend in Vermont. I almost cannot help but sadly laugh sarcastically at what the message says about the sad state of many churches in America today. 

Apparently, the author of this article is not privy to the kind of information I have been uncovering over the past 18 years about the martial law/NWO agenda for America, and the many traitorous players across this nation who are sadly involved...INCLUDING government plants from the church pulpits of America today.

"Of course I'm a Christian pastor...
just follow me to the nearest FEMA camps!"

When pastors read an article Chuck Baldwin wrote recently, talking about the duty of Christian civil disobedience in the face of lawless, godless tyranny, they then wrote their replies to Baldwin. Here is an excerpt from his article quoting their replies:

“If federal agents or troops came to my house and put my wife on the kitchen table and raped her, Romans 13 tells me I could not interfere."

“If government forces came to my home intent on harming my wife and children, I would not resist; I would simply tell my family to run.”

“America’s Founding Fathers were rebels against God. They had no right to fight a war for independence. Subjection to a king, even a tyrannical one, is God’s Will."

“Anyone who resists civil government is going to hell."

“There is no such thing as natural law, and anyone who promotes it is of the devil.”
The author of the offending article then goes on to state "how shocked he is" that "pastors" would reply in this manner. Why should he be shocked?

I was not surprised at all. From my years of researching the subject of the NEW WORLD ORDER and it's plans to takeover North America, I understand perfectly one of their major strategies: infiltrate the churches, and then corrupt and deceive the faithful into following "government authority" no matter what the personal cost.

The NWO hates "resisters of the NWO," and various whistleblower insiders told me so to my face. They admitted that the many FEMA/DHS camps I have been investigating across this nation, were built with TERMINATION ultimately in mind for the political/religious resisters of their new world order agenda for America.

Former CIA NWO planners also admitted this to me personally (and more than one.) Also former satanists and Illuminati, the very "backbone of the NWO," confessed this as well to me.

I can never forget my interview of one retired CIA operative (who shall go forever nameless due to his former expertise of torture and assassination). He agreed to answer my questions one day as we talked over the phone about the NWO agenda for America.

Question: "Isn't it true that there are hundreds of FEMA detention camps and hundreds of thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles to take NWO resisters to the FEMA camps under martial law?"
Answer: "Absolutely."

Question: "Isn't it true that there are modern guillotines here in America today to behead NWO resisters, especially Christians?"
Answer: "Yes."

Question: "Aren't Christians a major target under martial law?"
Answer: "Yes."

Question: "Hasn't the CIA infiltrated all the churches of America today?"
Answer: He laughed a very loud and arrogant, boastful laugh and then replied jubilantly, "Yes...it's absolutely true! There is not ONE CHURCH or Christian religious organization that the CIA has not penetrated and infiltrated to a greater of lesser degree......."

Uh-huh...I thought so. Thanks, D, for confirming this for my readers.

An article I published confirms this even more ominously. A reader from Montana called me on the phone and told me about what his brother saw while stationed in IRAQ and working for the US Army's CENTCOM.

I then called and spoke with his brother who had been stationed in Iraq. He told me of seeing another computer next to the Army's CENTCOM computer. When he asked what the other computer was for, he was told that THIS WAS THE CIA'S COMPUTER THAT MONITORS EVERY CHURCH ACROSS AMERICA.

Puzzled, he asked the operator how it worked. He was shown on the computer screen a large map of AMERICA. When the mouse was placed over a certain part of America,it would zoom into show counties and cities and churches in that area.
Is YOUR church infiltrated and in the CIA computer???

Once a church was clicked on, the computer would give all the names of the members and the pastor as well. Even more revealing was the fact that each member of every church was profiled as to whether they were "sincere Christians" or "phony pretenders", etc.


JESUIT controlled
SATANIST controlled
MASONIC controlled
CIA controlled

The above information comes directly from this military source working with CENTCOM who saw this computer personally while in Iraq. I am repeating it to you exactly as he related it to me during our phone interview.

This information simply confirms everything my investigative reporting has uncovered throughout the years. Hey...even my own former Bible college, as excellent as it was, had been previously infiltrated by a military-trained Washington DC spy and recruiter for the intelligence community. 

In spite of the fact that very dedicated men and women of God had labored to minister the Gospel faithfully to thousands of students, unfortunately even my Bible college had been infiltrated, as one fellow student this "wolf in sheep's clothing" spy tried to recruit right on campus told me afterwards. 

As I sat in her apartment in Jerusalem, Israel, Devorah Goldsmith told me all about her terrible encounter with this government-planted spy on our college campus, with access to all the students' grade records so he could then select the brightest students to try to recruit.

When I performed background research on the federal spy in my former Bible college, I was overwhelmed as I studied his biography to discover that he had a heavy professional military background and an INTELLIGENCE CAREER as well! 
Hey...who's that spy in the pulpit of your church???

Well, that experience began to burst my idealist bubble about the presumed sacrosanct nature of Christian institutions across America. 

However, my faith in God and the Christian ideals will never change. While men may fail, a holy and ALMIGHTY GOD can never fail us. I refuse to throw out the baby with the bathwater. No matter how corrupt a man-made church institution may become, God remains the same, and Jesus Christ has never changed! His kingdom remains everlasting and incorruptible. You can safely trust in Him!

And since then I have uncovered so much more information about the infiltration of the churches across America today, with government spies and other miscreants determined to lead the faithful astray and down the path of destruction to the FEMA camps or taking the chip or even denying Christ to "cooperate with the government" under martial law.
One more infernal FEMA camp

There are indeed FEMA-coached pastors in the pulpits of America, who care not for the sheep that God has entrusted into their care. They care only about saving their wretched necks from coming persecution, and padding their pockets with the government payoff they get for cooperating with the feds. All unto their own damnation, sadly....

No one should be surprised about the corruption in the organized churches in America today...or throughout the world for that matter. In every generation, God has had ONLY A REMNANT of utterly sincere Believers and true followers of the cross of Jesus Christ. 

So many people "go to church" every Sunday. They dutifully stand up and sing the songs. They throw their money in the offering plate as it is passed. They sit and listen to a sermon. 

And then afterwards, they rush out to catch their local "all you can eat" buffet or watch the Sunday afternoon football game. And there are those who think that this is actual "Christianity." And many will someday die and go to hell as a result. They never became true born-again Christians and disciples of Jesus Christ.  They only followed a form of tradition, but never met the Savior.

Don't let that be YOU. Make sure you have come sincerely to Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness, and that you are walking with Him daily. No one has to go to hell! Jesus came to prevent that.

The genuine Christian life is far more than what I stated previously about some people who "go to church". (Thank God!) 

True Christianity touches every aspect of the Believer's life. It is powerful, it is fulfilling, it is life-changing! And the life which Jesus imparts to us, then flows out to positively impact the lives of all we encounter on a daily basis. 

What a glorious faith the genuine Christian walk truly is! 

And that is why Christianity has endured for 2000 years on earth, and will continue for ALL ETERNITYIt's origins are of Almighty God Himself, sending His own beloved Son to save His creation from the power of darkness.

Beloved Christian readers, I am going to state the following truth to you, and may the consequences from wicked men in power be damned.

You are under neither moral nor spiritual compulsion to meekly cooperate with "Satan and Company's" plan for your destruction. Rather, throughout the Bible we are exhorted to RESIST THE DEVIL AND HE SHALL FLEE FROM US.

IN OTHER WORDS, you are under neither moral nor spiritual compulsion to meekly step onto FEMA prisoner boxcars (or buses, vans, planes, etc.) under martial law USA, to then be taken to your untimely and terrible death in the FEMA CAMPS AWAITING YOU.


The NWO is in fact Satan's kingdom manifested on earth through his depraved and murderous followers, the satanists and the Illuminati. The destiny they have planned against God's children in North America (and throughout the rest of God's world)is NOT OF GOD! 


The plans to destroy God's beloved children come straight from the pits of hell and Lucifer himself, who hates God and His elect. Lucifer is the one who gives the orders to his followers to hate, to persecute and to murder God's dear children, the Christians.
We must resist the devil, even as Jesus did. 

You are not bound by the word of God to cooperate with Satan's plan for your destruction. 

You are not bound by the word of God to cooperate with those who take their orders from Lucifer, the thief who only comes to steal, kill and destroy. You are never told to cooperate with Satan's NWO of Revelation 13.

Rather, the Bible commends those end-time saints and martyrs who refuse to compromise God's word, and instead give their lives to resist the satanic end-time tyranny of what is today called the NEW WORLD ORDER of Revelation 13.
God's will and plans for His elect are wonderful.

The glorious destiny God would have for His beloved children involves a future of love, compassion, healing and restoration, blessing and mercy, liberty to proclaim the Gospel, and every good thing that comes from His presence in Heaven.

God is not schizophrenic! He is of one holy will and one mind, and the will of God and the will of his adversary the devil are diametrically opposed to one another.

The devil wills to deceive you and destroy you.

God sent Jesus Christ to destroy the devil and his works, and to set mankind free from the enslaving power of sin and the devil.
Jesus came to free mankind from the devil's agenda.

Jesus said, "I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly."

Jesus declared that He has come to turn mankind from the power of the devil, to the power of the Living God.

The Bible never instructs God's people to cooperate with the devil and his agenda and his NEW WORLD ORDER! Rather, we are to battle for the Kingdom of God and His will to be established throughout the world. 

We are commanded to RESIST THE DEVIL that he might flee from us.

Essentially, every Christian worldwide is called to be "A RESISTER OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER," remembering that the NWO represents Satan's kingdom on earth.


Therefore, I can tell you from Scriptural authority, that we are called as Christians to resist every attempt to enslave us in America under Satan's NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for martial law in our nation, North America.

Whosoever resists Satan's dark and destructive will and plans in the world, called THE NEW WORLD ORDER,  is obeying the higher laws of God and upholding God's greater will and kingdom in today's world, and honoring God Himself, Who someday will destroy Satan and his followers and his angels 
in the lake of fire forever.
"And the devil who deceived them was
cast into the lake of fire..."

~Revelation 20:10-a~

(Bye-bye, bad guy!Ha-ha-ha-ha!)

I pray therefore daily for God's people throughout North America, and the rest of the world, to be strengthened with all might in Christ Jesus to RESIST and OVERCOME the devil's heinous plans for our world today.

May God make each one of you AN OVERCOMER through Jesus Christ His Son, who triumphantly overcame the world. For Jesus promises us that we too will overcome the world as we follow Him!

"And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony, and because they loved not their lives unto the death."
We are commanded to put on the entire armor of God so that we may stand victorious in this deadly battle. 

Interestingly, we are never told to take it off.

Onward, Christian soldiers!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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