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Satanism in America Today
-Part 5

When Being Stalked By Satanists
"I will never leave you nor forsake you."
-Jesus Christ-

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism on behalf of the endangered American people

This is the continuation of my previous report on this blog involving moving in with a victim being stalked to offer support and prayer. Please see previous report to understand better if you have not yet read it.-PRS
...We finally got through that terrible night of being stalked, weary and worn from their ceaseless attacks following their phone threat. These ruthless Satanists would usually emerge from the nearby forest, shadowy forms coming out from the woods that partially surrounded her home, by 11 P.M. 

And later, they would gradually melt back into the woods by 4 A.M. as soon as daylight began to emerge. And then these satanists would restore the electricity and phone lines so that the police could find no evidence of their previous attacks  the next day.

During this dangerous period of intensified Satanist attacks in Asheville, NC, her weary mother was in the backyard hanging out clothes, when she came screaming as she ran into the home. 
We chained the doors shut as she described what she saw standing at the edge of the woods. There stood a man, dressed in black, with full night vision military head-goggles, a sophisticated military headset for communications, and much more.

Recognizing this as full military issue and expensive equipment, I later asked our informant from inside the coven about this. He replied, 

"Oh, these Satanists here in Asheville are rich and powerful...they can get any kind of equipment they want! The Satanists in the military are supplying them with this military equipment you saw."

One night, the Satanist harassment went into even more dangerous extremes. Cindi had by this time moved her mattress onto the living room floor so that she would not be window level when she slept at night. 

Her head was ground level, right next to an air duct. One night she came to me and said, 

"I've been smelling something strange for the last 15 minutes..." I had smelled nothing. 

A few minutes later she came back to me and said, "What are those funny black spots doing around your head???" She then suddenly collapsed and fell on her knees, her head and shoulders fallen on the sofa. I ran and lifted her entire body up on the sofa. She was totally unconscious by now....and would remain that way for hours.

After she came out of this state, we later hypothesized that they had introduced some type of chemical weapon into her ventilation system, but not strong enough to affect everyone in the trailer...only her, since her face had been directly next to the vent. 

She and I had heard sounds coming from underneath her trailer that night, and we KNEW that they had spent some time under there...but we dared not go out to confront them at night.
Thank God for ministering angels

When she came out of this unconscious state many hours later, she admitted to having a most marvelous angelic visitation in which she realized God had divinely visited her, and this angel had promised her victory in this battle. 

How I praised God over this visitation,because it was exactly what I had prayed for only days earlier, as my heart broke for her terrible dilemma.
 What a tragic way to spend the Christmas season...

A few days later, Greg came by with a beautiful and expensive diamond necklace for Cindi. It was only a few days before Christmas. He was passionately in love with beautiful Cindi, and wanted to give her what he thought would be her final Christmas gift.

Greg looked at her sadly and said to her, "I am giving you this necklace now, because I don't expect either of you to be alive by Christmas day. They have vowed to sacrifice you both by Solstice." 
He admitted that they planned to use a small charge of explosives to blow the door off the trailer, ever since they had discovered I was chaining the doors shut each night.

"Once they break in, Pam, they plan to shoot and kill you, and then abduct her for sacrifice, " admitted Greg. 

(Shoot me to kill??? Yeah, I remember thinking, they would want to do alot more than THAT to my body, after the stand I had taken taken against the satanists in Asheville. Read my previous reports to understand what really happens to Christian women on satanic altars.) 
With God, ALL things are possible

Cindi and I earnestly renewed our time in prayer and spiritual warfare. Night after night, the terrifying attacks by these heartless satanists continued. They even took a bizarre twist one day. A strange and terrifying phone call occurred one day.

"We need four babies to sacrifice and your sister's newborn is going to be one of them," a smirking voice declared to Cindi one day....and abruptly hung up.
Cindi's sister and her precious newborn child were in the pediatric unit of the local hospital, Memorial Mission of Asheville, NC.

Knowing that many Satanists and witches worked there as doctors and nurses, by the frank admission of one nurse I had interviewed, we did not take their threat lightly. The satanists all networked together...and anything could happen there.

Praying about what to do, we decided that I should go over to her sister's hospital room and spend several hours anointing the room with oil, and anointing and praying over her endangered sister and her baby. I jumped into my car and quickly traveled to the hospital.
Discovering the POWER OF PRAYER
and anointing oil in Jesus' mighty Name

I could never reveal to Cindi's sister the REAL reason why I was there that night! She would have been terrified and traumatized. Instead, I simply informed her I had come to pray for the child's health issues, and for hers as well. 
Jesus loves the little children...

Satisfied following several hours of intense prayer that God would protect her and the baby, I left her room to leave the hospital. I walked through the waiting room of the pediatric unit that night (it was about 11 P.M.) I looked cautiously for any evidence of the Satanists who might be there to make good their threat. 

I quickly discovered that my suspicions were correct.

There, in the corner, standing in a huddle, were about 10-12 of the younger satanists. I noted with sadness that they were all high school age. In Asheville, the big, rich and powerful Satanists constantly use the younger people to do their dirty work. This protects the names and businesses of this big and powerful satanists there, as their use their teen grunts.

They maliciously glared at me, their eyes following me carefully as I headed for the elevator. As I stepped onto the elevator, they then rushed down the hall in the direction of her room. 

But in my spirit, I laughed inside, because God had given me assurance that NO enemy could penetrate that time of prayer we had together in her room for her safety. 
And thanks be to God, both mother and child emerged safely from the hospital after that. Halleluia and thank God.

Finally, Christmas Day safely dawned. Cindi and I looked at each other: PRAISE GOD...we both were still alive.The Satanists of Asheville NC had NOT succeeded in getting either of us for sacrifice that SOLSTICE! 

And miraculously, her weak and bedridden father emerged from his bed at last, to sit down and enjoy Christmas Day with his family. 

It would prove his last, for the next day, he died. 

I attended his funeral with my friend Cindi and her family. And after that, I left her home to then enjoy the Christmas season with my mother a few hours away back at our home in a Christian retreat in SC. 

But these deadly murderers never succeeded in getting her after all. THIS IS THE GLORIOUS POWER OF THE LIVING GOD IN ACTION, FRIENDS.

Nor did they succeed in getting me, although they made numerous attempts on my life after that through several abduction attempts, poisoning me, finally even sending into my life a Satanist  assassin posing as "a Christian who needed counseling." 

As I was to discover after narrowly escaping his set-up and satanist coven abduction attempt in Ridgecrest, NC, this Satanist "posing as a Christian" was actually sent in by the CIA, at the very same time former CIA operatives were giving me insider information about the NWO AGENDA and FEMA camps, etc. 

They apparently wanted my newly uncovered NWO information to die with me...but that's ANOTHER story.

Strange things emerged after our encounters with these Asheville NC Satanists. My poor friend Cindi was forced to go into a local "safe house" for battered women, to avoid their threatened attack at one time. 

And while there, Cindi unexpectedly encountered the actual former girlfriend of the head Satanist, "King One," who had lead their terrible coven in stalking her. 

This satanist leader's girlfriend, Joanne Wilkinson, was taking refuge there along with her newborn baby. And one day, she became bold enough to walk up to Cindi, identify herself, and admit:

"This man is so evil, there is nothing he would not be capable of doing. He would even force me on the Satanic altar and summon demons to have sex with me..." 

And yes, satanists hold DARK RITUALS TO "SUMMON DEMONS", to then send to against their enemies including CHRISTIANS. And they do it all the time. PRAY for your divine protection against SUMMONED DEMONS.

Joanne admitted she was forced to flee to this same safe house for protection from him, because he was demanding that she surrender her newborn child to him for sacrifice! Joanne confessed many other insider secrets to my friend Cindi regarding her having been stalked. Finally, Joanne looked at Cindi and said,

"Honey, JUST KEEP PLEADING THE BLOOD OF JESUS. That Christmas they tried to get you for sacrifice, he would come home so angry, night after night, cursing and shouting, 'I just couldn't GET THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS'." 


FOLLOWING THIS, I prayed intensely throughout the following years to find out just WHO this terrorizing Satanist coven leader was. My challenging journey to discover the truth took me to California, to Florida and finally all across the country. 

And at last, in California I met two men who were former members of the Asheville coven. One had been married to the ex-girlfriend of "King One." He told me all about this Satanist coven leader and vicious stalker.

His name is Tony Richards, a Lakota native from Pine Ridge Reservation, SD. He has a brother, Woody. And Woody was at one time married to a Native American singer and musician, whose name must be withheld since she is no longer married to him.

These two former satanists admitted that my researching was accurate regarding names and locations of  Satanists and their activities in Asheville, NC.  

From there, I traveled to Florida, where at a Christian retreat, I encountered two former Satanists who had been a part of the Asheville coven. One was now an evangelist, the other was his cousin visiting him at the rally. 

The one who was then an active evangelist and strong Christian, Richard Morgan of "LOVING HEARTS MINISTRY" (now deceased) admitted the truth to me about the Lakota Sioux stalker from Pine Ridge Reservation in SD, Tony Richards. 
Pray for Pine Ridge Rez, poorest in USA

"Oh, TONY RICHARDS is the worst of the worst," Richard admitted as he looked at me and shook his head. 

(Please note: I passionately love the Lakota and Native Americans, and I have worked on reservations in the past, including working one year in the Arctic Circle at a native Inuit village to assist my friend providing medical care for them in their remote villages. 
Lakota pow-wow

This information is NO indictment against the many wonderful people of Pine Ridge Rez, and the FIRST NATIONS peoples nationwide. But rather, it is intended to only expose people WHO ARE GUILTY  of such heinous crimes, in order to help warn others and help protect future potential victims, including MMIW ("Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women," a very serious problem on the reservations and off as well.-PRS) 

Evangelist Richard Morgan's cousin, Jericho  (who strangely was also my father's former satanic high priest of Virginia Beach, VA) admitted the same thing to me while I was there, as Jericho visited his cousin Richard's Christian Biker Rally that summer at Bradenton Christian Retreat with Phil Derstine.

As God's divine leading would have it, after this informative encounter i Florida, I traveled with my truck and RV across America, and finally arrived at Rapid City, SD. I had forgotten that Tony our former stalker had come from this area. 

Still praying to encounter Tony somehow, so I could confront him, I made a visit to Custer, SD, to purchase some Native jewelry supplies, bone pipes and beads to make beautiful chokers.

Going into an Indian crafts supply store in Custer, SD,(there are several: I forget which particular one it was)
I encountered a tall, dark-skinned Lakota man with long black hair. He started encouraging me to buy his beadwork, which I finally did. 

It was a medicine pouch to wear around the neck, that I was going to fill with a vial of anointing oil and a tiny parchment of SCRIPTURE, representing"JESUS THE HEALER." (Or, Jesus my one true Medicine Man.)

As I was leaving, he said, "Oh, you might want to also buy this music tape by (name withheld), a native American singer....." (She is no longer married to this man, has exited the former darkness, and it is unfair to presently associate her with these people.-PRS)

Suddenly, I froze, unable to move. A million painful and terrifying memories seemed to race through my mind in nanoseconds.

I looked intently at him and finally said, "Wait a minute...isn't ________the wife of Woody Richards...and isn't WOODY the brother of Tony Richards?" This is what former satanists had told me previously.

As I said this, the Lakota smiled a broad smile and replied, "Yes, and I AM TONY RICHARDS!"

I was stunned, and initially speechless and in shock for several seconds as I looked at him. 

My 7 years of difficult research, intense prayer and extensive traveling across America in search of this Satanist terrorist had finally paid off! Thank you, Jesus.

No, I did not recognize him, because he managed to conceal himself well in Asheville. My friend who was being stalked, Cindi, had often caught glimpses of him driving behind darkly tinted car or truck windows, describing to me the long black hair either pulled back in a pony tail or hanging loose.

Still shocked, with fear and caution slowly beginning to grow inside as well, I prayed about what to do...because I was now standing before a deadly cold-blooded serial killer, alone in the small store....and unarmed.

"...And I am Tony Richards!" 

Just hearing these words evoked painful memories of the months I and my friend had been ruthlessly stalked in Asheville, NC, by members of his brazen coven.

The wearying sleepless nights...the terror and fear of the unknown...the constant gnawing pain of wondering if either of us would ever emerge alive..and pondering how many other unfortunates had ended up on his wicked satanic altars in the past.

BUT SUDDENLY, the power of God came upon me, filling me with boldness. I then walked up to Tony and looked directly into his eyes. 

"Tony, you have a home in Asheville, NC, don't you?" 

He admitted he did, and one in Tampa, FL, plus his home there in Hot Springs, SD, which was printed on his business card he had earlier handed me. 

I then reminded him of his former wife, Joanne, and the baby, Chepaw, that was born to them 7 years previously...the very infant he wanted to sacrifice when they could not successfully abduct my friend for ritual sacrifice.

I then refreshed his memory of Cindi and her being stalked by his coven in Asheville. It was his turn to be stunned. The look in his eyes communicated "HOW DID YOU FIND ME???"

Praying to gather courage, I then said, "Tony, I have been praying for you for a long time. Many of your fellow Satanists have now come out of the coven and have finally found the true God and have become Christians. God is calling you to repent..."

It was true. I had spent countless hours throughout the years praying for the salvation of him and his family, and also for the many Satanists throughout western North Carolina. AND for their victims as well. 

And I had frequently gotten word that many of them WERE coming out of Satanism and becoming Christians as an exit from the tormenting world of darkness of Satanism. 

One former satanist who had formerly operated with  him was now an active evangelist. Even the daughter of one of the most powerful judges in Asheville,NC, a known high-level Satanist  (confirmed to me through numerous Christian police officers and former coven members) had also become a Christian. 

(One hanging judge, Shirley Brown, had previously sentenced me numerous times to their jail in Asheville for Christian pro-life activities, and had gone so far as to sentence one pro-life group I was with to a year and a half in prison in NC for one pro-life protest! 

A powerful legal secretary with relatives high up in the legal system had warned me, "Don't you know WHY this judge sentenced your Christian group pro-life to a year and a half in PRISON? She is very high in the Satanist coven here, and your Christian pro-lifers were sentenced out of A SATANIST VENDETTA AGAINST CHRISTIANS!"

So, she wore the black robe of a judge by day...and the black robe of a human-sacrificing satanist by night??? What KIND of justice can she POSSIBLY dispense,
except on Satan's terms!

Tragically, I have discovered all across America that Satanists have been active in infiltrating THEIR people into powerful positions nationwide, including judges' roles quite frequently. Not surprising...and a part of the "good ol' boy networking/cover-up system" much like the Mafia and other organized crime uses.) 

BUT now back to Tony...

Tony appeared to become very nervous. Actually shaking by then,(thank you, Jesus,) he quickly went out the front door of this Indian crafts supply store in Custer, SD, and sat down on the bench on the outside. 

Realizing apparently that his criminal satanist past had caught up with him, it was his turn to be terrified. By the way he reacted to my presence, I am certain he thought I was there to settle an old feud, their way. 

Perhaps he thought, as he looked at me with fear in his eyes, I was there seeking revenge.......
But the message of revenge is never the 

Rather, I wanted this man FORGIVEN and saved out of the terrible darkness. I followed him outside and calmly repeated to Tony, that God was calling him to REPENT, and that Jesus was ABLE TO FORGIVE HIM and set him free.

Looking into his troubled eyes, I said, "Tony, give me your hand." He weakly reached up his hand, and I slowly took it in mine. 

I realized as I held his hand, that these hands of Tony's had murdered many a helpless and innocent victim throughout his bloody years as a satanist. 


I then said, "This is to let you know that I forgive you, and that Jesus will forgive you if you will receive Him...

Releasing his hand, I quietly stepped away and walked to my truck, and drove home that unforgettable evening.

Much further investigative research confirmed that Tony was involved in the dark side in this area of SD as well, and apparently so were many of his extended Richards family members as well, just as Lakota natives from Pine Ridge Reservation whom I interviewed confirmed to me personally.

"Oh, the RICHARDS FAMILY? They are a very dark family..." one Lakota exclaimed when I mentioned this name. 

But NO one is beyond the mercy, love and reach of Wakan Tanka, the Lakota word for the Almighty GOD of the Bible. His glorious Son took the punishment for ALL OUR SINS, when He died on that cross, so that ALL WHO BELIEVE MAY BE FORGIVEN.

But thankfully, the victory HAD been won regarding my friend Cindi back in Asheville, NC, where Tony had been stalking her! Only by the grace of God had she survived, and I as well. 

But friends, how many others do NOT??? More than you will ever know. I have shared these true accounts from my many reports "SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY", so that you might understand the nature of the hidden spiritual battles that are raging nationwide on a continual basis....yet your local news will NEVER mention to the public. 

FOR ALL GENUINE BELIEVERS IN GOD HOWEVER, the good news is that JESUS, HIS MAGNIFICENT SON, DIED to take the punishment for OUR sins, AND ROSE AGAIN TO DEFEAT SATAN and to destroy his deadly power over mankind. 

And for those who trust in Jesus, and will put BIBLICAL SPIRITUAL WARFARE PRINCIPLES INTO ACTION, every Christian can experience great VICTORY over this deadly enemy Satan, until he is ultimately destroyed forever from God's Creation and mankind.


over Satan's dark power in our world today...and REFUSE to BECOME A VICTIM. 

Just study the Word of God to learn to use the weapons of mighty spiritual warfare as described by Jesus Christ and the Apostles throughout the New Testament.

VICTORY IS YOURS over all the power of Satan and his dark kingdom. God's eternal WORD promises us this.
"Behold, I give you POWER to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and nothing shall by any means harm you."
-Jesus Christ-

You are loved. Be blessed in Jesus, and stay safe.
Choose to be AN OVERCOMER.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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