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Every year across America, up to one million innocent victims are abducted or bred for human sacrifice by Satanist cults. They die in agony, their screams unheard by mainstream America. Their remains will typically never be discovered: they were tortured, cannibalized, and their remains cremated and disposed of. 

However, many victims of Satanist attackers exist in living death: their lives are terrorized by Satanist STALKERS. 
Asheville, NC

The following report is a true account from the mountains of western North Carolina. It is meant to enlighten fellow Americans to this real danger. It is also meant to awaken your compassion for the victims whose lives are a living nightmare to this day. Such victims could even be your next door neighbor...

In 1992, as I was investigating Satanism in the mountains of North Carolina, I was tipped off by a Satanic crime investigator about a young woman whose life was living hell: she was marked for abduction and sacrifice by local Satanists, and they were systematically destroying her life. 

Her social life was cut off: most of her previous friends had been slowly frightened away. Even most pastors had been too frightened to stand with her, tragically. 

The investigator suggested I could provide spiritual comfort and support for her if I moved into her trailer with her.

After praying much about this, I offered to move in with her family for a while to provide intercessory prayer and encouragement. The Satanists stalking her had been monitoring her landline phone completely, and knew about my conversations with her to move in. 
-A police SWAT team-

Determined to impress me, they put on quite a satanic "power show" that first fateful week, so wild that even a police SWAT team had to be called out to guard her place! 

Her family was sadly prevented from moving from their mobile home, because her father lay dying in one room, and required 24 hour care. They were simply too poor to relocate. Hence, they felt trapped. I asked them how this terrible situation of being stalked by satanists all began...and her mother informed me.

Cindi's mother had received a phone call many months ago, with the words, 

"We're gonna get yer daughter for HUMAN SACRIFICE... (click.)" 

These frightening words were spoken harshly over the phone. Knowing that their targeted victims fall more easily into Satanist traps IF terrorized prior to abduction (fear creates confusion and tends to paralyze) the satanists started off their conquest to abduct Cindi with these terrifying words.

Fear entered their household...and never left in the months to follow. Roadside abduction traps, poisoning, stalking at her home, high speed chases on the highways, cutting off electricity and phone service unexpectedly as they repeatedly attempted to break into  her home at night...all these horrible things began to change their lives forever. 

But why CINDI? WHY was she the target of the Satanists in Asheville, NC?

As I prayed with her and asked investigative questions, the truth slowly came forth. Apparently, her former employer at a health gym was a Satanist. Cindi noted how one day her employer began asking her somewhat personal questions, such as: "Oh...are you a CHRISTIAN? How do you feel about remaining A VIRGIN before you are married?"

Such questions made no real sense until later...MUCH later, when she discovered she had been targeted for sacrifice BECAUSE she was a CHRISTIAN and a VIRGIN (now that's a hard thing to find in today's America!)

She noted how after she had replied affirmative to these questions, strange men began coming into the office that she was introduced to by her employer. 

She admitted, "I felt like I was being sized up like so much meat in the market...the men even made rude suggestive remarks about my body..."

Later, it became evident to Cindi that her employer was involved in Satanism. She was handed a card by her employer that contained satanic verses, ending with the word  "NATAS" (backwards for SATAN) on it and asked to read it. (She never understood what she was reading until after I explained those words to her.) 

And it was AFTER the questioning and visitation by these strange men in her office, that the fateful phone call came that changed their lives forever: "We're gonna get yer daughter for SACRIFICE!"

I spent much time encouraging Cindi and her mother, and providing her with a background in spiritual warfare teaching. This included standing on the Word of God, teaching her how to overcome fear, and spending much time in "worship and praise", etc. 

We were working against many following attacks. Her landline phone line was infiltrated and was continually monitored, and they took great delight in interrupting all our phone calls or interjecting their snide comments in the midst of our conversations with others. 

For example, I had contacted a prayer group in Charlotte, NC, to request prayer for her, when one Satanist listener began interjecting his wicked comments. 

Following my words, he interrupted with the word, "KILL!" Deliberately ignoring him, I continued informing the prayer group.

Getting a little louder to make his point,  he said, "KILL!" once again. Both the Christians in Charlotte and I heard this rude interruption. 

Finally, I interjected sarcastically, 

"Oh, come ON! For a SATANIST, that is a pretty wimpy 'KILL'! Please, impress us ALL by repeating this a little louder!" Insulted at that, he then shouted "KILL!" 

Fed up with this harassment, I then rebuked this satanist in the name of Jesus...and the harassment over the phone that day stopped.

I merely pointed this out to the Christians listening back in Charlotte, NC, who were at first having a hard time believing my friend was under such Satanist attack. 

However, their disbelief disappeared after that experience: they knew then all this was real!

The Satanists worked double-time after I moved into Cindi's trailer. Sensing that Cindi was now receiving the much-needed Christian support and teachings in order to evade them, they then became more violent and determined to get her, and doubled  their efforts. 

We endured many episodes of living "life on the wild side." I found myself spending countless hours on my knees in prayer for our protection, having both a Bible for spiritual support, and carrying a loaded handgun in a belt bag 24 hours a day for emergencies in case they attacked.

In the months that following, precious Cindi endured many attacks, including suffering a "curse pin" that was secretly planted in a car seat which she sat in unsuspectingly one morning on the way to church. 

Satanists often use "curse pins, " tiny pins planted in locations wherein the unsuspecting victim may encounter them.

They are frequently coated with deadly poisons and also assigned "demons of destruction" to the victim as well. After she sat in this car seat, the tiny pin slowly worked itself into her leg which was in contact with the seat. 

The pain was tremendous. She screamed as the burning pain spread through her leg and her body. Her friend pulled the car over to the side to the side of the road, and then rushed her off to the nearby fire station.

It took the paramedics 20 minutes to stabilize Cindi before they could rush her to the hospital. When her friend warned the hospital employees in the ER that it was Satanic crime-connected ( a bad mistake) NO ONE WOULD TOUCH HER IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM of Memorial Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC. 
-Memorial Mission ER entrance-

As one former high-level Satanist (who later came out to be interviewed by me) in Asheville had warned me, who had worked in that hospital, this hospital was filled with both Satanists and witches working as doctors, nurses and other employees throughout the building.

In fact, she admitted that the Satanists and the witches were in constant invisible battles with one another there, hurling "summoned demons" and curses at one another, etc. 

The ER personnel would not TOUCH my friend Cindy at first, therefore, when warned that it was Satanist-attack connected. Finally, though, she was admitted to the hospital, was stabilized, and was eventually able to come home. 

It took poor Cindi many weeks of recovery. 

But even those weeks were not peaceful.  The phone harassment continued. At times I would find her crying hysterically as they informed her graphically of what they would do to her body once they abducted her. 

On that particular day, I HEARD HER SCREAM as she dropped the phone and collapsed on the floor, sobbing. She told me between sobs that the coven leader had viciously threatened her by warning her about what they would do to her "once they got her."

Outraged, I grabbed the phone and blasted that wicked man. 

" Satanists are nothing but a bunch of wimps and cowards like your father Satan...think I'm impressed when it takes ten of you 'men' or MORE to sacrifice just one little helpless baby? COWARDS! Get a life...instead of taking a life. Get Jesus Christ in your lives instead...."

I paused for a moment, and then added:


I was carrying a hand gun 24/7 to protect her, and I am excellent when it comes to having to use one in an emergency situation....and only in a dire life-threatening emergency.

And I MEANT every word I spoke that day......

This infuriated the leader, with the code-name of "King One." (I know his real name, which I will reveal in a future report. I actually confronted him face to face many years later in Custer, SD. Although previously serving two years in prison, he later was released and he now remains at large, confirmed by many former Satanists to be one of America's most dangerous serial cult killers.)

He angrily responded by calling back later and giving the ultimatum to my friend: 

"Tell Pam she has forty-hours to leave your trailer...OR ELSE!" 

Unimpressed, I told him, "Sorry...I DON'T take orders from Satanists...ONLY from JESUS CHRIST!"  Honestly, it is amazing the kind of boldness and fearlessness that ONLY Jesus can give you, when you find yourself in difficult situations like this.

We later received an ominous phone call 48 hours later: "Time's UP!"(Click.) We looked at each other, thinking "UH-oh..."

Spending much time in prayer, desperately seeking God for what to do next, we braced ourselves for what was to come.

And a short while later, all hell broke loose that evening...literally. As darkness descended on her isolated trailer, surrounded partly by dark woods, our electricity abruptly was cut off. 

I ran over to the phone. It too was dead. "Quick...get the emergency cell phone," she exclaimed as we sensed dangerous stalker movement from the woods. I ran and grabbed the cell phone. But no sooner had I dialed the last digits of the police phone number, than the phone WENT DEAD! 

It was being deliberately CUT OFF by a strange and powerful outside force... and now even the cell phone was disabled. We then heard scraping noise...someone was climbing up the side of her trailer and onto her roof. 

It was now competely dark outside. Loud thumping, accompanied with chains being deliberately dragged over the roof for apparent chiller effect continued into the night.

I will never forget the grief I felt for my friend Cindi as I watched her, standing in one corner of her trailer in the dark shadows, crying and shaking uncontrollably as both hands grasped a loaded 38. 

"Satanist SCUM," I angrily thought to myself as I continued to re-enforce the doors from the inside of the trailer with heavy chains and padlocks I had bought  (they had stolen her car keys and trailer keys and had copies of both at that point.) 

We had been warned by an inside informant from the coven, Greg (who was actually in love with her) that they had planned to break down her door was a small explosive, shoot me to kill, and then proceed to abduct her and sacrifice her. He risked his very life to leak things out to us from time to time. 
-God's Word is always victorious-

That unforgettable night, I paced from one end of the trailer to the other, praying furiously. My precious Bible was held high in one hand, and I was beseeching the protection of THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS, as I stood on the mighty Word of God for Divine protection. 

And in the midst of this terrible and deadly crisis, her father lay dying in the next room...and of course the satanists did not care.

-To be continued 
(see following report...)

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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