Tuesday, April 21, 2020

"SATANISM IN USA TODAY"-"Behold Your Future Executioners" Part 2

-May Almighty God smash this 
abomination into a 
million pieces someday-

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism on behalf of endangered Americans-

The satanists of Asheville, NC,in the mountains of North Carolina are never shy about announcing their presence. In fact, they have often let it be known that they are quite proud of their exploits! 
Asheville, NC

But then, why not? The jewel of Asheville, NC, is the famed "Biltmore Estate, " former home of the the great Illuminati Satanist millionaire, George Vanderbilt! In his Illuminati mansion, one large room contains a coven's table, with 13 seats on either side. On the door is a plaque with the words, "Assemblage of the Gods."

Indeed, the Satanists of Asheville and elsewhere all consider themselves to be little "gods" unto themselves. 

And it is reported that high level satanic covens often meet in this room by night to discuss HOW THEY WILL BRING FORTH THE COMING LUCIFERIC NEW WORLD ORDER. Satanist imagery is built directly into the architecture itself.

In fact, one of their great recruiting tactics includes the enticement of (and remember, this is all a lie):

"You too can be part of the rich, the elite, the powerful! Money can  be yours! Power can be yours! Why, we will hand you a blank check and you can fill it out for any amount you want!" 

This disgusting recruitment tactic was tried on my personal friend, who was a body guard for the large Asheville Mall off of Tunnel Road. The owner is a known high level Satanist in the Asheville area. 

Calling my friend into his office one day, he pulled the recruitment tactic on him...not realizing my friend was a Christian and a former satanic crime investigating police officer in Virginia!

My Christian friend caught on immediately and said, 

"Wait a minute...you're not one of those 'devil people,' are you???" To which the owner of the mall smiled and replied, "Well, now, we don't like to think of ourselves in that way, BUT..." 

My friend, realizing their tactics, became infuriated, excused himself and refused to work there any longer. 

But indeed, it would appear outwardly that these satanists ARE the rich, the elite and powerful, not only in Asheville but throughout the nation. 

But where their souls will spend eternity for such darkness is another subject. No amount of earthly riches can compensate for the eternal damnation they will receive...

Such wicked Satanists in the city of Asheville, NC, decided to announce their presence to the Christiansand make known their future intentions under MARTIAL LAW one day. 

Hated by the Satanists are the Christian pro-lifers, throughout America! For you see, ABORTION is really LEGALIZED HUMAN SACRIFICE to them.

I was a part of the Christian pro-life group in Asheville, NC for many years. The leader, Mick Hunt of LIFE ADVOCATES, admitted to me one day that his pro-life picketers had experienced a shocking run-in with Asheville's satanists.

"We were picketing in front of an abortion clinic in Asheville, when about two hundred young people dressed in Satanic black robes and pagan jewelry came up to us with signs, counter-picketing. They looked evil." 

"They were chanting over and over, out loud, 
'BEHOLD YOUR FUTURE EXECUTIONERS!' Their signs also contained these words. And for two hours they surrounded us and chanted this in strange intonations..."

When I asked Mick if he and the Christians understood what the Satanists were communicating to them, he admitted he did not. 

(Nor would most Americans understand this either without researching Satanism AND MARTIAL LAW and the NWO. I was to discover that the satanists of America have secretly been recruited to work alongside complicit law enforcement to help arrest and take away Chistians for termination under martial law and the planned NWO TAKEOVER OF AMERICA.) 

I patiently sat down and explained to Mick what my research had uncovered regarding both Satanism and COMING MARTIAL LAW, the NWO,  and the role America's satanists would play in coming Christian persecution. (This website covers this subject.)

"Mick, the Satanists of this region were actually being generous to you Christians! They were openly announcing to you their future intentions for when MARTIAL LAW finally comes down across this nation." 

(And in fact MARTIAL LAW was just declared on March 13th, 2020. A chilling thought to contemplate in light of all this...)

"For in fact, as they have explained to me personally, they will play a large role in the rounding up of Christians and all other 'NWO resisters' (as defined by our corrupt government) and their subsequent termination under martial law. Under MARTIAL LAW, it will literally be 'open hunting season' for the Christian and Patriot resisters of their Luciferic New World Order..."

Mick was troubled and silent as these words slowly were impressed in his mind.

In fact, my research has uncovered the reality of deadly FEMA PRISONER BOXCARS AND SHACKLES  already in place in Asheville for the coming HOUR OF MARTIAL LAW, as confirmed by several former Satanists involved in the preparation for martial law in that region. 

I even questioned my father's former satanic high priest, "Jericho,", and he admitted that such FEMA prisoner boxcars were indeed in the area I had searched, next to Biltmore Village and the old train station there, behind large fenced-off areas with numerous railroad tracks.

Jericho even boasted to me, "Yes, you are absolutely correct: we have our prisoner boxcars waiting for when they arrest Christians under martial law, to take them to the FEMA CAMPS. And yes, ours do have the guillotines too. But OUR prisoner boxcars with shackles have ONE MORE THING BESIDES..." I can remember rolling my eyes when he said that, and replying sarcastically,

"Yeah, and what would that be, Jericho....Satanic altars even???" 

He looked shocked as his mouth dropped open, and he finally replied, "Yes...but how did you know?" 

I replied, "Simple...I know the hearts of the satanists of Asheville by now, and they hate the Christians, and they will sacrifice every Christian arrested under martial law, and count them as one more sacrifice to Satan to receive power from him to bring down their NEW WORLD ORDER..." This in fact is part of "BASIC SATANISM 101." And every satanist worth their title actually believes this.

WHY do you think I continually warn Christians to not be taken alive to the FEMA BOXCARS and FEMA camps udnder MARTIAL LAW???

To illustrate the sheer brazenness of these Asheville, NC satanists, I will share with you how one HALLOWEEN, THEY HAD SEVERAL OF THESE FEMA PRISONER BOXCARS PULLED OUT OF STORAGE AND PUT ON PUBLIC DISPLAY! 

According to a Christian friend, an eyewitness in that area, they decorated these prisoner boxcars' interiors with Halloween decorations, and then even charged admission, calling them "Hellhouse!" These boxcars contained an actual functional guillotine and a satanic altar as well, plus prisoner shackles.

They were even advertised in the local paper, the Asheville Citizen Times! YET...under MARTIAL LAW, they will be used in earnest to haul arrested Christians, Patriots and others to their brutal deaths in the FEMA deathcamps of North Carolina that will be activated! I was incredulous when I heard THAT report!

Two former satanists from Asheville, one with an evangelistic ministry nationwide now, both admitted to me that my research in Asheville was accurate, and that the satanists of that region couldn't WAIT for martial law to be declared. 

Admitted Richard Morgan (now deceased)of "Loving Hearts Ministry", 

"All the things you have reported on regarding satanists, Asheville NC, and MARTIAL LAW/NWO AGENDA are true...AND MARTIAL LAW IS IT...that's when it will all come down!" 

He admitted this to me while hosting a Christian Biker crusade in Florida at Bradenton Christian Retreat.
Richard was a former satanist assassin biker for many years.

Sadly, even when the Christians have the wicked intentions of the Satanists of America proclaimed before their very eyes, "BEHOLD YOUR FUTURE EXECUTIONERS," MANY STILL DON'T GET IT!!!

In fact, it was reported to me that even some churches took their kids to see "Hellhouse" and go INTO these FEMA prisoner boxcars with shackles disguised as a form of Halloween amusement!

This is the equivalent of Nazi-era Jews being charged admission to go into Hitler's Nazi prisoner boxcars used to take Jews to the concentration camps..don't you GET IT yet, American Church???

Sadly, many won't get it...until they are brutally arrested under MARTIAL LAW, and led away to the FEMA prisoner boxcars with shackles (and also containing the modern military guillotines I have been reporting on) of the NWO, to ultimately die for their faith in the FEMA deathcamps of America.

Beloved Christian friends, PLEASE don't say you were not warned! Even Asheville's Satanists have clearly told you THE TRUTH! And now, I too have told you.

the satanists of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER. 
And someday they plan to COME FOR YOU. 

GET INFORMED, GET LEGALLY ARMED, SPEND MUCH TIME IN PRAYER FOR YOUR PROTECTION...AND DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN. You are under neither moral nor spiritual compulsion to meekly cooperate with 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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