Thursday, December 26, 2013

Time For A Much Needed Sabbatical...


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

John is now stabilized and as well as he can be in his circumstances. The people here at his nursing home are largely Christians and they care deeply about John. I have finally come to the realization that there is nothing more I can do for John than what they are doing already. All of his needs are supplied completely and he is very happy there.

I am weary of three months or more now of sleeping in my vehicle here, even being asked to leave the truck stop where I have been parking previously due to being there so long. Hard to sleep parked at the nursing home with so much traffic and doors slamming continually.

I cannot get a job here in this region. How safe is it for anyone who hires me with my background here? It remains dangerous for me to remain in this area yet. I can do nothing for John in a crisis if I am dead, and he knows this and is concerned for my safety continually. While he is thankful that God used me to rescue him from certain death, he also knows that I do not belong in this region full time.

I am praying about taking a sabbatical, much needed, from all of this stress and from being essentially out of my region. I am not called to be here  in Western NC long term and plan to leave, with a contingency plan to return to John should anything once again appear to be imminent. And to relocate him to a nursing home where I am as well. 

John also wants me to take a break too for a while...he is very happy in his new surroundings and his life was saved by my visit. There is nothing I can do for him at this point, because they have already taken care of everything for him already. My mission to rescue John has truly  been fulfilled for now.

It is time to finally take care of myself and basic needs.
"He gives His beloved rest........"
I also need to be free to continue in my traveling and reporting and journeys at this time. I want to get Russian Bibles to the Russians in Gatlinburg TN soon.

John is fine and will continue to do well at this time in his new location. Now I must take time to look out for my own needs, which I can't do this in this region. And personally, I have no true desire to remain in this region wherein I was almost killed more than once. Too painful and too many memories and still danger remaining.

So pray for me at this time. Pray for John too. He is very happy and fulfilled where he is now. I made sure his important needs were met already. 

Please consider donating Christmas season support as well. 

I recently took the important liberty to buy myself a few Christmas presents by purchasing a few survival items...a little extra food, a Coleman lantern, some survival hand tools, and everything is completely depleted. Survival supplies and prepping is a bottomless pit! And funds go all too quickly.

I just experienced this the hard way. I am now totally depleted. I suppose alot of you are too at this time of the year! And my survival/prepping needs are woefully inadequate at this time. Pitiful, in fact. A back pack, sleeping bags, candle lantern and Coleman lantern, only a few food supplies extra. At least I have a warm coat from the Arctic experience and some warm sweaters and some hiking boots and a good camping knife.

Thank you for your prayers as I make my plans to safely relocate at this time. No home has opened up for refuge here, and no work as well. I must relocate at this time.

As I said, there is nothing here for me, and John's needs are well taken care of at last and he is now out of the danger zone. I cannot remain in a region where I can be endangered and have no job, etc. And honestly, I have no desire to remain here long term and no peace to do so.

My heart remains in other locations far away where God called me and has used me mightily throughout past years. 

So continue to pray for John to do well and be blessed where he is. Once I get relocated, I hope to relocate John to a new nursing home out of NC as well, and he knows this. And pray for me for God to show me what to do and where to go at this time. I hope to return to Montana. 

I still need something more substantial to live in. I don't think any of my readers would want to spend a winter or a Christmas living in their vehicle, seriously. Pray for a miracle for the right financial miracle and recreational vehicle to come into my life soon. And for rest at last.

Thank you and God bless you richly both now and always!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
P. O. Box 724
Montreat, NC 28757



  1. Pam

    I have been following this blog for the past few months. If you are looking for work, you might want to consider the Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana oil patch. The Bakken area is full of life, but the problem is that there are continuous job openings and not enough people to staff those jobs.

  2. GOD bless you Pamela. I've been reading your posts for over one year. I appreciate the info. you provide, and your Christian encouragement. Wish I could help financially. I believe we have a mutual friend in Bradenton, Fla. I lived there many years. GOD bless you and keep you safe... and warm. Maybe someday I can send you a little financial support. J. Terrell

  3. Wise thinking! And just as the good Lord is taking care of John, so too will He guide and protect you each step of the way! Keeping you in my prayers now and always!