Monday, December 30, 2013

Start Your Day Positively with a POWER SMOOTHIE!

What a great way to start the day!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism 
from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I just love SMOOTHIES! Healthy and refreshing smoothies made with organic fruits and pure water or organic coconut juice, and healthy supplements including flaxseed and chia seeds and hempseeds, for example.

I have been researching for a long time now about the health benefits of thousands of food items that include nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables and more. Fresh organic fruit simply brims with healthy enzymes, bioflavinoids, natural vitamins and many other wonderful things to make your health shine.

We Americans, many with our junk food addictions, hate to admit it, but the truth is WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!
Has America become JUNKFOOD LAND???

What you put into your mouth is all your tender body has to maintain your health, period.

Garbage in, garbage out, as they say. And it's true!

But...healthy foods and vitamins and supplements and water IN, and a healthy body will inevitably emerge with it. A brand new YOU is possible!
When I took care of two children for my friend Lisa in Alaska, I was the cook, period. I prepared all the meals, including breakfast. Every day before they went to school, I powered her boys with wonderful organic smoothies. A company called FULL CIRCLE shipped organic produce up to Kotzebue every week, and we could order anything we wanted on their website.

Here is the website for FULL CIRCLE organic food delivery services.

And so I ordered organic fruits and vegetables weekly, to help keep Lisa and her two sons operating at the best under harsh conditions.
The kids walked to school in weather like THIS 
every single day at 60-70 below zero at times!

I would start their day with a wonderful smoothie blend of various fruits and vitamin supplements as well. This helped her two sons to actually WALK TO SCHOOL, over a mile in extreme temperature weather, every single day. 60 to 70 BELOW ZERO is what they faced the moment they walked out of their warm apartment. Brrrrr! No thank you!

I even started to develop a serious condition similar to emphisema when I tried to walk outside in that terrible cold. It is called arctic lung. I had to stop immediately when I found myself gasping for breath at night and almost unable to breathe due to injuring my fragile avioli in my lungs from supercold air inhaled. HOW she and her children did this, I will never know...but then maybe those daily smoothies I made really DID have more benefits than I knew!

Lisa also had to walk to work. And so, I made a nice warm breakfast for the family every single morning, served with a power smoothie. What a difference it made for them in this harsh and challenging climate.
John loves his smoothies!

I try to start my brother John's day with a power smoothie as well. No institutionalized food can fully provide a patient with all the vitamins and foods they need for optimal health. And so I try to start John's day with a powerful vitamin supplement and with A POWER SMOOTHIE to boost his energy and speed his body's recovery.

I have noticed that on the days I cannot be there to do this, when I then return he is weak and exhausted and lethargic. But, when I immediately resume his liquid vitamins and power smoothies, he instantly responds and he comes to life.

If you are not feeling well on a regular basis, or lack strength and energy, a power smoothie can help you in this regard. There are so many benefits of eating and drinking healthily.

There are also many wonderful and informative websites on the Internet that can help you learn more about the health benefits of organic fruits and smoothies, plus recipes in how to make them.

Many different kinds of blenders are available on the market today to make your healthy smoothies. A regular kitchen blender works just fine. And of course, you can purchase more expensive blenders such as the VITAMIX and the BULLET. They all work fine for making good smoothies. I personally prefer the basic affordable blender you can buy inexpensively at WALMART, SAM'S CLUB, COSTCO or other stores.

Click HERE for some great recipes for ideas for healthy smoothies.
Click HERE for awesome GREEN smoothies recipes.

And always remember: if it's NOT ORGANIC and NON-GMO, it is not fully HEALTHY. If any recipe calls for milk products, I suggest eliminating all milk and yoghurt due to Fukushima radiation concentrated now in all milk products in North America, even ORGANIC, and substitute an organic milk substitute product instead.

My upcoming articles are going to focus more and more on what will help you all to become more of an overcomer, not only spiritually but also physically as well. Because we ALL need our health.

Battling the New World Order and darkness in the world today is not only spiritual, but our future struggling to survive and outwit the opposition will also be PHYSICAL as well.

Beloved reader, please do yourself a big favor: get educated in health and nutrition and put it to work in your life. You will begin to feel the benefits as you abandon old ways of unhealthy eating, and begin to bless every cell in your precious body with foods and drinks of LIFE MORE ABUNDANT. 

And never forget: healthy fruits and vegetables and other food are God's gifts to mankind from His precious earth. He created the goodness in them to bless our health. Recieve them with thanksgiving. Use them bountifully and gratefully and wisely.

And remember to thank God the Father through Jesus Christ for every precious bite and sip He has provided for us. Praise God from Whom all blessings and mercies flow!


-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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