Friday, December 27, 2013

Please Go ORGANIC for Your Heath!

I am totally organic and 95% vegetarian. I study health and nutrition daily for hours. The only meats or eggs I eat rarely/occasionally are free range pasture raised with no growth hormones or antibiotics and no GMO feed or soy. 

I have found the benefits of this kind of diet to be immense! And I eat for only pennies a day, getting rid of meats/milk/dairy products and commercially produced foods loaded with artificial ingredients and GMO's.

I am also avoiding more and more even organic west coast produce, due to Fukushima radiation destroying food and fish safety. I try now to find more imported safe organic foods at this time, since most organic produce in America comes from the west coast.
Living waters

I drink only the purest water since water makes up most of our body and can cause many illnesses including cancer and fibromyalgia. Much cheaper when you eliminate soft drinks and junk drinks and commercially processed drinks daily and only drink purest water or juicing.

I also work out at a gym as well. I had to join a local Christian gym in order to take a shower regularly. The cost monthly is less than paying a truck stop for a shower regularly in fact. Weight lifting and strength training through weights and work out machines are a part of my daily routine (or several times a week.) I want to get a bicycle and join in other outdoor activity sources of exercise and health as well.

I take only the purest vitamins and supplements for my health as well. Organic olive oil, first cold pressed, flax and hemp oil and other healthy oils are also a part of my health diet.

I use only organic soaps, lotions and shampoos for my body since the chemicals can cause cancer and problems in other non-organic products.

I do most of my blogging in a health food store, in fact, while I am here with John. Like right now.

Walking is very important for your health daily. And even now as I write this I am exercising my stomach muscles by retracting them periodically.

Fasting is so very important as well. Fasting on water only is the most important to get rid of all toxins. Throughout the Christmas season I fasted on water only, for example.

The greatest gift you can give yourself for the Christmas season of course is JESUS! And the second greatest gift is LIFE and your HEALTH. Jesus came that we might have life anyhow...both spiritually and physically as well. 

After all, He created a world of LIFE from the beginning. He is the Author of life and the God of all flesh and life. In the Father THERE IS LIFE! In Jesus there is LIFE.

John 10:10-
"...But I have come that they might have life 
and have it 
more abundantly."

And in proper health and nutrition there is LIFE ABUNDANT!

I pay far less for the food that I eat, than people who shop non-organic. Commercially processed foods are expensive. Commercial meats, milk and dairy are expensive. And the medical bills you will someday get for for not eating healthily are going to be incredible and expensive!

Happy healthy family

So pray about going ORGANIC for your sake and the sake of your children as well. FEED YOUR CHILDREN ORGANIC!

Someday you will be glad you did. The future of the world of tomorrow (as long as it lasts) is ORGANIC FARMING AND RANCHING. And bringing an end to the unhealthy toxins in our world today.

The spiritual salvation  of the world is through Jesus Christ and the Christians with the Christian Gospel message. The physical saviors of the health of the world and of mankind are the organic farmers and ranchers and health nutritionists and teachers who help to bring physical life to the world. 

Blessed are the Christians who get educated in nutrition and organic foods and feed their family properly for LIFE (and exercise as well for LIFE.)

You are building up a great foundation for your future!

TO YOUR HEATH in Jesus Christ, Pamela Rae Schuffert

(I am praying about the miracle of obtaining my own farmland in central/south America someday and having a wonderful organic Christian lifestyle out of the Northern hemisphere where there is far too much Fukushima radiation now. John would greatly benefit as well.)


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