Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What God Has Enabled This Ministry To Do

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I am sharing the following with my readers, because most of you have never met me before in person. You can only know me from what I post on this blog. You are not with me on a daily basis to see the kind of ministry and outreach I am continually involved in. 

Truthfully, journalism is but a small part of what God has called me to do to change our world for His glory, and to reach into broken lives who need love and assistance. I have been involved in many other forms of ministry throughout my  42 years as a born-again Christian.

I fully know the Bible verses about our giving to be performed in secret, so that God may reward us openly. But I also know the verse about letting our light, or good deeds, shine in public so that men may glorify God Who is in heaven. The only way you will know what kind of a person I am, is by my sharing true events from my life with my readers. And all glory goes to God Who made all this possible.

Just last week, I was enabled by your support to purchase badly needed winter clothing and boots for two small children, whose mother was forced to flee from a husband who became terribly abusive. She is struggling to survive as a single mother now, and only has a part-time job. In fact, I used to be her nanny when she was young, and I know her family well.

My heart was broken when I linked back up with her recently, and discovered her plight. And so I have been enabled by your support to give her and her children some essentials for the winter, and to help them in other ways as well. Thank you for your support! Her children are so appreciative.

I had the joy this Thanksgiving of being able to give away two turkeys to feed Christian families also having a difficult time making it financially.

I was also able to tithe financial support to the leader of Asheville's local Christian pro-life outreach, Mick Hunt, a wonderful brother in Christ who has worked hard to save the unborn in this region.

God brought two young homeless men into my life one morning recently while I was blogging at a local coffee shop. I bought breakfast for them and then shared the wonderful life that Jesus wanted to give to each one of them that very day. We then prayed together. It was beautiful to watch the Holy Spirit touch their hearts.

Recently, I wrote how my brother was so deeply depressed this Thanksgiving. It broke my heart. You see, John is a professional guitarist. And when he gave his life to Jesus, he purposed to play for His glory alone. But in a former nursing home, his electric guitar was stolen. His guitar picks and slides also were missing. He was crushed. He let me know that this was part of his sadness. He could not play Christian music the way he wanted to without the proper equipment.

And so, I went to a local guitar shop and looked for an electric guitar on sale. Finally, I found one marked very low, and purchased it for John, plus some slides and picks as well. When I returned to the nursing home and presented these to John, his joy and excitement was incredible. Gone was the heaviness and depression as he fingered his new guitar and picks and slides.

"Thank you Jesus," John exclaimed and he raised his hands into the air in praise to God Who had made this all possible. He then said, "C'mere, Sis...let me give you a big hug!" And he did. Through your support, John's depression has lifted,and he has now been equipped to have his own Christian music outreach in his new nursing home, and someday beyond to the world around him. I will be working with him now to help him sit up in bed and resume playing his guitar for the glory of God.
This is but a sampling of what happens continually throughout my life, as I pray daily for God to lead all the right people into my life to witness and minister His love to. As we all follow and seek to serve Jesus daily, amazing things can and will happen. It works.

 I enjoy loving people with His love! And I love to share Jesus and His glorious truth with others also. Serving Jesus and ministering to others should be our passion, and very reason for existence. We must always remember: we have been created for HIS pleasure and purposes above all.

"Thou art worthy, 
oh Lord, 
to receive glory and honor and power, 
for Thou hast created all things, 
they are and were created..." 
~Revelation 4:11~

We were created by God with divine PURPOSE. Jesus has redeemed us from sin for HIS purposes. God's will must be done in this world by His people. This alone is what can change our world. "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, ON EARTH as it is in Heaven." For when His will is being done on earth, everything is then restored to His original purposes for Creation from the beginning.

It is critically important for us as Christians to seek the will of God daily for our lives. Therefore, every day I purpose to seek the WILL OF GOD. I pray for Him to show me what to do, to lead me to whom He wants me to meet and minister to. And it is amazing to see how His hands move in response to such prayer. It is exciting to see what God will do!
In closing, thank you all again for your kind support for this journalism and Christian outreach. It is not about me: it is all about GOD and His purposes through me, and through each and everyone of us in this world. It is all about reaching others for His glory. It is about edifying the Body of Christ at this challenging time in our present world.

May God bless and encourage you both now and always, through Jesus Christ His wonderful Son. And may He give YOU exciting and fulfilling works to do and prayers to pray, to touch the lives of others in a special way. 

Together, we CAN change the world around us, and help to bring eternal souls into His glorious kingdom...all for His glory alone. 



~Pamela Rae Schuffert and Brother John~

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