Friday, September 28, 2012


The terrifying truth as revealed to me personally by a USAF insider
By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
No one can ever know the deep internal burden I bear regarding this kind of heavy information I have painstakingly uncovered throughout the years. This morning I woke up around 4 A.M. and could not get back to sleep. I climbed out of bed, made some hot oatmeal, and spent the early morning praying for our nation and against the coming holocaust of the innocents at the hands of NWO madmen and murderers. 
I thought about all my years of research had uncovered. And then I began to ponder over recent information coming in from all across America.
Reports of rogue Russian troops and Spetsnaz appearing in so many locations...evidence of troop movements...heavy military equipment convoys reported moving across America...huge armored HOMELAND SECURITY vehicles being transported and prepositioned across the nation...Washington DC governing elite now vacating DC ...and so much more.

My readers know that I have long reported that FOREIGN TROOPS will be used to do the dirty work against the American people that our own troops will be reluctant to perform against fellow Americans under martial law.
One reader sent me an email asking me if something were about to come down. I let her know that it certainly appears so!
By now so many Americans have become informed of the general NWO agenda for "Amerika", to deliberately trigger martial law during the election year to stop the elections, WHEN their NWO puppet President is firmly in place, so that they may thereby lock him into power as DICTATOR FOR LIFE under martial law and THE NWO TAKEOVER OF AMERICA!
Many conspiracy theory researchers and commentators certainly admit that this SEEMS to be exactly what is being prepared to come down soon!
I was given further insight into this, through an actual USAF insider, following a broadcast in Rapid City, SD, when I hosted my own DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY broadcast in 1999.
After having broadcast live over a  public phone in a public facility, I was approached by a man who had overheard my broadcast.
"I just heard your broadcast, and because of what you were talking about, I am going to give you information I was told by my father to NEVER REPEAT. My father is an USAF NATO general working over in Europe for the NWO agenda. He told  me that Ellsworth AFB lied to the public, when they told them that the MISSILES HAD BEEN REMOVED FROM THE UNDERGROUND SILOS here in Ellsworth."
Ellsworth AFB is right outside Rapid City, SD. I had even attended USAF church there several times.
"He admitted that those missiles had been secretly diverted by NATO sources from EXTERNAL TARGETS outside America, now  to INTERNAL TARGETS for a NWO/martial law agenda..."
I informed this contact, who would only give me his admitted code name of BRAVO 6, that I already knew about this outrageous hidden agenda to divert many of our own missiles now to internal targets within the CONUS (continental United States.)
AL CUPPETT ( my long term Pentagon info source and friend, had already confirmed this to me personally, as revealed to him by a military general, who was visibly angered over this shocking discovery as he discussed it one day with Al.

Al informed me that one day a general came to him, angry and sputtering, complaining to him about what he had discovered about our own missiles in some cases being redirected towards internal targets, all tied in with false flag/disaster with the intent of a martial law scenario being triggered.
"I believe you, " I said. "Now tell me...where have these missiles from Ellsworth been aimed at?"
He named four locations.
"Washington, DC; Omaha, NE (home to Offutt AFB); Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, CO; and Rapid City, SD."
The fact that Washington DC was named as one of the targets, perfectly confirmed what I had heard repeatedly from NWO insiders: that Washington DC was destined to go up in smoke and flames to bring an end to the OLD order of what was once our nation's Capitol, and that the NEW Capitol of America under martial law and the NEW WORLD ORDER was destined to be DENVER, COLORADO.
I had also received word that the CIA had been quietly relocating their offices from McLean, VA in the DC area, to DENVER. Other government functions were doing so quietly as well. Still other government offices were relocating 50 miles or more outside Washington DC.
And NOW, we have reports of Congress vacating prematurely during this election year, and reports of strange activities centered around the underground base MOUNT WEATHER,VIRGINIA, a place of safety for VIP's and government elite in the case of national emergency or martial law, and so much more happening across the nation.
The question on the lips and minds of millions of discerning and researching Americans is, IS A MAJOR CATASTROPHE AND RADICAL CHANGE ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN OUR NATION???
For me, because of 18 years of researching this subject in depth, I believe that the answer is clear and unmistakable. This is why I simply could not sleep this morning and took the time to PRAY-PRAY-PRAY and stand on God's word for hope and miracles on behalf of our nation and for God's elect in this desperate hour.

Christians in America, are you fasting and praying and preparing??? Those who faithfully seek God in this hour, and who choose to abide in His Son Jesus Christ, will certainly find the peace and confidence and reassurance necessary to successfully face America's coming times of unfolding crisis.

~Psalm 46:1~
-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Postscript-Please note that this was revealed to me in 1999. The man who revealed this to me was with the Air National Guard there, and his father was a NATO general with the USAF. His information was true at that time. 

However, the plans of the NWO are fluid and mobile.They can change as time goes on. Missiles may have eventually been moved out of Ellsworth AFB in the years since he gave me this information, or they may not have been. 

But there are many other active OR closed military bases with missile silos that can be used as well, and the military is NOT going to reveal to America their dark plans and false flag scenarios. 

The fact remains that Washington DC has been targeted by the NWO to be taken out, DENVER has already been designated the new Capitol of America under the NWO/martial law for it's military facilities and central location, and the fact remains as revealed by military insiders that OUR OWN MISSILES in some bases have been diverted to internal targets by NATO instruction and NWO planners, for false flag attacks designed to indeed bring America under martial law through "disasters" later to be blamed on "AL-CIA-duh" or "Muslim terrorists" etc. It's any one's guess at this point.-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. There is no doubt that the devil and his cronies are up to no good this we who believe know that is true, but whether or not this info. is credible or not, what does it matter? If your heart has been renewed and we are declared by Him to be His righteousness, His plans for us are good, good, good and for those who are not His, then all we need to to do is preach Jesus til He returns.

  2. These "are" the very last days folks, the time has come, this is no ferry tale, and if you did not believe it before you better believe it now cause whether the White House is gonna be bombed by our own forces and re- located to Denver Co. or not it does not matter.Do you have a right relationship with Christ or not, are you sold out to Him? Cause that is "all" that matters now or later. Mankind has snubbed their nose at our creator for too long now and His patience is at an end, The U.S. will soon face His judgements and wrath as never before. If your nor ready you better do it now cause you ain't got much longer. If you are ready you better get "the word out" to others quick as you can cause they ain't got much longer either.

  3. Dear Pamela Rae Schuffert, God bless you for this information I am a Jerusalem born jew, for whom Jesus is Lord ( a minister and a prophet-- a seer-into the body, past and future and a healer- and have ministered all over the country for 20 years- and have been a part of some amazing miracles-- which we need now). Over 30 years ago the Lord has shown me about the holocaust in America-- and you should see how I have been persecuted for talking about my belief in Jesus on TBN. Please see my website: Also I now have an internet radio show--JUDGE EVE, on alternate Saturdays, at 2:00 p.m. est- on: 1. My guest this week is TEENA MYERS-- an Assemblies of God minister, a certified counselor and author ( to many publications) with her book:THE CITY THAT PEOPLE FORGOT, New Orleans, where she has lived through Katrina and Isaac. Calls ins are welcome- at: 1-888-627-6008- so please call in-- ALSO, I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO BE A GUEST ON A FUTURE SHOW- "as MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE" and need to know about all of this .

    God bless you richly- please contact me : judge eve ellingwood ( aka cohen sternlight) ret.-- email:

  4. The Church in America needs to seriously awaken from her drowzy slumber. What has happened to Israel in Biblical Times will happen to America. Jonathan Cahn's "ISAIAH 9:10" is ON TARGET. But, as Pamela has revealed to us earlier, through her friend All Cuppett, that, God the Father "YAHUVEH" has told their mutual friend, after he had been fasting and praying for America regularly for a long time, that, for America "It is finished." There is no going back to 'Baseball and Apple Pie America." Her days of GOD-Blessed-Prosperity are OVER. It is now a matter of individual soul-Salvation and the striving of GOD's people to walk in Love, Obedience and Holiness before HIM. The King of kings "YAHUSHUA" (Hebrew Name of "JESUS CHRIST") is soon to rapture His Bride and to return to Earth after the short-reign of the "false Jesus" the Anti-Christ. During the Great Tribulation it will literally be Hell on Earth, as the presence of Satan and his demons will literally engulf this Planet, by GOD's Decree of Judgment. Today is the day of Salvation. Choose ye, this day, Whom ye shall serve.

  5. Even the Tlinglit indians in Alaska have spoken of visions. We need to stay focused on Christ. Our strength will turn those called.