Monday, September 24, 2012

Russian Communist INVASION of North America for MARTIAL LAW


BREAKING: Communist  Invasion of America: 
Russian military cargo plane lands in Veracruz Mexico

CRN® SEP 24, 2012- It is very well the largest airplane in the world as the Soviet Air Charter company so claims, and it has landed in Mexico of all places. Last Saturday, September 22rd, under the cover of night, an Antonov Russian strategic transport airplane, landed at the international Navy Air Base airport of Veracruz. This news was confirmed by Mexican General Heriberto Jara Corona, who heads the Aeronautics division of the Federal Secretary of Communications and Transport.
According to 'off the record' information gathered by the local media, the airship supposedly transported two Russian helicopters for the National Oceanic Force from Russia to Mexico. The questions remains, where are the helicopters, why are there no pictures of them? Are there any helicopters at all? Is something else being transported? Is Russia working with the Mexican armed forces in preparation for a full-scale invasion of the United States by bringing in military cargo into Mexican ports.

The notion of these helicopters being brought into Mexico for the Drug war does not convince anyone when it is the US-Mexico Merida Initiative that guarantees this type of equipment to fight the criminal insurgency that has left a whopping 120,000 Mexicans dead.

Nevertheless, the Mexican Airspace Navigation Service confirmed that the airship arrived directly at the naval air station de Las Bajadas belonging to the Secretariat of Navy - the Mexican Navy and soon carted to the platform of the civilian airfield, after 17 hours of flight without any stops.

The Anotov is used to transport loads of great dimensions. The airplane can incline to facilitate the entrance of payload and can take up to 150 tons of cargo, also up to 88 passengers in an upper deck behind the cabin. Nevertheless, due to the limited pressurization of the fuselage, it rarely transports parachutists.

It is well-known that these aircraft were designed initially for occasional military use which does not discard the fact that this may be a military operation made to look like a civilian transport plane. With the recent information that China is also using civilian cruisers like the Green pearl to transport troops and equipment, one needs to not underestimate the enemy forces and what their forms of operation are. Especially, when confirmation has come that China has at least 12 military bases in Mexico as reported by an Australian family member that has a relative that works at the Echelon, NSA, Pine Gap facility in Australia.


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