Sunday, September 30, 2012

Once Again, Thank You, Michael Maholy, Former CIA/ONI...

God bless you, dear Michael! Well, looks like everything you told me was going to come down in America is doing exactly that...17 years now after you gave me the initial warning. You told me 17 years ago about the general plan for martial law to be declared, using artificially created disasters (false flags)to stop elections, to lock their chosen dictator into place over America and to begin the reign of terror under the NEW WORLD ORDER.

To many of us alternative news analysts who investigate and report on this subject of alternative news, it seriously looks like it is all about to come down...and exactly like you warned me.

17 years ago, after sharing so much with me, you had to go underground or they would have killed you for becoming a whistleblower. You then asked just one thing of me: "Tell them...tell America everything I have ever told you about the NWO plan for America. I am now going underground to fight the very same NWO I used to work for..." That was in 1995. We never had another phone conversation together again. But I promised you I would share everything with the American people.

And I did.

For seventeen years now! I am now much older and wiser, and becoming tired at times now. This has been a very tough and challenging 17 years due to this kind of investigating and reporting. So much has happened! But you are witness that I have faithfully warned America for 17 years now about all this.

I am thankful that a mutual friend gave me word a year or two ago that you were still safe, and alive and well underground...and that you were fully aware of my reports and my using your name and info to this very day. I had prayed for years that God would give me confirmation if you were still alive...and He did! Thank you Jesus! I pray for you to this very day.

Michael, I want to remind you of all I ever shared with YOU as well. About how Jesus loves you and gave Himself for you, how there is no sin too great for Him to forgive and set people free from, and how important it is to remain right with God and walk in the truth of His word every single day. And that if you would walk with Him, He would bring you through to victory.

All hell is about to break loose in North America soon, and in many places throughout the world...possibly even where you are at in this hour. When tough times come, take His hand by faith and prayer, spend time in His word the Bible, and let Him bring you through the fire. And be faithful unto death, even if it costs your very life.

God only knows what I may face for my reporting and warning the American people. But it really doesn't matter now. I did what I know God called me to do, and millions of Americans have become informed through reporting such as mine, and they are now preparing to stand up to this coming darkness and so something about it. Good.

God also used you to expand my scope of Christian comprehension of how far the love and mercy and forgiveness of God really goes. I had no idea how deep the darkness in the CIA really went, until I met you...and then several others from the inside of "...the boys with the agency and the AGENDA".

 But each one I encountered had a story to tell about how God came into their lives, apprehended them with His mercy and grace, and ultimately saved them from their sins and changed their lives wonderfully. Even several assassins...

For this reason I am praying daily for God's Holy Spirit to invade the CIA ( and the REST of the intelligence community) with His Divine love, conviction, grace, mercy and call to repentance. As you admitted to me, the peace that you felt after asking Jesus Christ into your life and to forgive your sins and the past, was incredible. God IS real! And Jesus is there for both "handlers" and "handled" alike to save, forgive, heal and restore.

Thanks again, Michael, for telling America the truth. Millions of Americans have finally awakened because of THE TRUTH.

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."~Jesus Christ.

Your thankful friend, Pamela

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