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Praying Against Coming Violence and Bloodshed in America


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

There is not a day that goes by, that I am not spending time in prayer against the potential for terrible violence and bloodshed to unfold across this nation, when MARTIAL LAW is  fully imposed.

While I am a Patriotic and  freedom-loving American, I also remain first and foremost a dedicated Christian, committed to upholding the teachings of my Savior, Jesus Christ. No true Christian wants to witness and experience the horrors of war in their nation. No true Christian desires violence of any kind. And no true Christian wants to be a part of this, either. However...

Through my years of investigating the plans for the imposition of a communist-styled tyranny upon our nation someday by force, under a martial law scenario, I have come to understand fully the military roll in this forced imposition of the coming NWO tyranny. 
The NWO advocates, realizing that the vast majority of the American people do NOT want to surrender their Constitutional government or religious freedoms, to be ruled by a dictatorship police state, have concluded that this NWO agenda will have to be imposed upon the majority of the American people by brute military force.  

Many of my previous reports throughout the years have focused on my interviews with military sources to uncover the future use of military force to impose the NWO agenda upon Americans under martial law. 

The following link contains my previous article based on an interview of a US Marine drill sergeant who admitted they were hardening their men for the hour of martial law, to even fire upon women and children.

Retired  military officer Ralph Peters, in his previous paper entitled WARRIOR CLASS written  for the ARMY WAR COLLEGE, outlines the fact that America is filled with millions of people who will never surrender their religious and political convictions to come under a globalist world government (NWO.)
The deputy chief of staff for intelligence at the Pentagon in 1994 was Major Ralph Peters. He wrote a position paper called Warrior Class. It stated:

"The desire for patriotism [the sovereignty of our nation, our flag, our freedoms, and nationalism] is considered an ENEMY doctrine. The U.S. armed forces must be prepared  to fight against all those who OPPOSE the New World Order and who are holding out for nationalism. This new warrior class IS MOST DANGEROUS because they consist of those who fight out of STRONG RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.There is a worldwide class of patriots who number in the millions, and if the current trend continues, they may be more of these who love FREEDOM and are now the target of the New World Order. You cannot bargain and compromise with these warriors. We, as the military, need to commit more training time to COUNTER these warrior threats. We must have an ACTIVE CAMPAIGN to win over the populace. This must be coupled with irresistible violence(22).

My traveling across the entire United States for many years to interview Americans on this subject has confirmed the fears of Peters: the vast majority of Americans I have interviewed across this nation have told me that they will NEVER SURRENDER their God-given freedoms and rights, to come under a godless and tyrannical globalist (communist) world government.

During frank interviews, I heard many people state words such as, "I know all about the plan for martial law and the New World Order, and it will be outta my cold dead hands they pry my guns, because we are not surrendering to the NWO..."(Actual quote) Others expressed to me words such as, "I will NEVER BE TAKEN ALIVE to the FEMA CAMPS!" (And frankly, why should they?)

This subject of American freedoms being threatened by the NWO agenda always seemed to trigger deep emotional responses and heartfelt, unwavering convictions and comments from the people I interviewed on this subject. And why shouldn't Americans be passionate about this subject?
Mayflower 1620

Americans are very passionate about their liberties, and especially religious freedoms as well. Many of us have studied our true American heritage, and understand fully it's authentic Christian roots. I certainly do: I am a direct descendant of the Mayflower Pilgrims through John and Priscilla Alden. My ancestors fought in the American Revolution. They included a circuit-riding preacher in Connecticut. I know my Christian American heritage!

I deeply resent the godless secular humanist history revisionists, determined to re-write America history in the textbooks of the school system in America today. They have re-written American history with the intent of blotting out America's true Christian heritage of her founding fathers and signers of the Constitution. 

But the truth remains: America was founded as a nation under God by her Christian founders and early settlers such as the Pilgrims and the Puritans, coming here to escape religious oppression and persecution in England and Europe. The vast majority of the signers of the Constitution were Christians, some even preachers.

According to recent polls taken, up to 80 percent of the American people consider themselves to be "Christians." The population of the United States is now around 312 million people. This means that several hundred million citizens in our nation claim to be Christians. And Christianity is the utter antithesis of a satanic, godless, secular humanist (communist) globalist form of government. What this amounts to potentially, is a majority of American citizens AGAINST the NWO agenda for America.

Add to this the number of Americans that do not profess to be Christians, who are nevertheless for freedom and against world globalist tyranny.
Now, let us review  the words of Peters of Pentagon Intelligence:"You cannot bargain and compromise with these warriors. We, as the military, need to commit more training time to COUNTER these warrior threats. We must have an ACTIVE CAMPAIGN to win over the populace. This must be coupled with irresistible violence..."

There you have it, straight from Pentagon intelligence. Also consider his words that state "..the US armed forces must be prepared to fight all those who oppose the NWO and are holding out for nationalism..."

Through articles such as this from actual Pentagon sources, it becomes quite clear that the US military, alongside their  foreign UN/NATO/PfP forces which include German Bundeswehr, Russian Spetsnaz, etc., plan to use military violence to force and  impose the NWO agenda on the people of this nation.

More and more reports are now circulating across America about the presence of foreign military troops appearing nationwide, as well as frequent sightings of huge military shipments of heavy military equipment across America. It appears as though all of these are being prepositioned across America for some future use and events...

Furthermore,  the ominous presence of military-operated FEMA camps to deal with civilian resistance under martial law, coupled with the elusive yet very real prisoner boxcars with shackles pre-positioned across this nation for the hour of martial law round-up of NWO resistance, speak louder than words about military intentions towards civilian resistance under martial law.
It behooves therefore those of us who are Patriotic Americans and God-fearing Christians throughout this nation, to take the time to understand what is planned for our nation and against her citizens, and to pray accordingly. 

We MUST take the time to fast and pray for God's divine hands of intervention to restrain all needless, senseless bloodshed throughout this nation in America's perilous future. Think of the children...think of the elderly...think of the handicapped and the many innocent victims who stand to suffer under the horrors of martial law tyranny and conflicts, and pray accordingly. I do...daily.

Furthermore, I will state without apology that these satanic forces from hell are coming to destroy Christianity from this nation. 

Persecution and martyrdom has been planned against the Christians of North America, and those forces imposing a communist-patterned NWO agenda on our nation are also coming with persecution designed to tempt the Christians to deny their faith and to fall away. 

This is exactly what happens in every nation wherein communist/globalist takeovers occur. It is nothing new in the world...BUT it is new to North American Christians! Are we preparing, that we may stand firm in Christ Jesus when it comes?

Military forces are confident that the greatest victories are won through the use of numbers, brute force and violence. 

But Christians are confident that the world's greatest victories are won by faith upon our knees before Almighty God in prayer, as we stand resolutely on the Word of God and His eternal promises contained therein.

America's founding and freedoms from her beginning were not won without PRAYER and the help of ALMIGHTY GOD through Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind and our Divine help in time of trouble!
"Pray without ceasing." I Thessalonians 5:17

"The fervent and effectual prayers of a righteous person avail much." James 5:16-b

"Ask and it shall be given..." Luke 11:9

"...but with God, all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

"...And this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith." I John 5:4b

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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