Monday, September 3, 2012


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have recently spoken personally to an active US Navy source, on leave after being stationed overseas, who shared some revelations that left him deeply disturbed. Because his wife and children are stationed overseas with him, he requested to remain anonymous for their protection...even though he admitted he sensed they would all eventually die for their faith in Jesus under the NWO.

He admitted that there were indeed military guillotines in military warehouses where he was stationed in the Pacific. He informed me that these in particular were 16 feet high and ALL black, even the blades. (I discovered  through years of research that  not all military guillotines are the same structure for height, depending on what country they are imported from. Chinese guillotines with spring action handles are reportedly smaller than the Japanese ones and others made in America.) 

He described to me how modern waterboarding torture is performed at his Naval facility there.

"The victim is chained by the feet, hanging upside down, with the chain attached to a machine above him that repeatedly lowers and raises the victim into frigid water, hour after hour. I have prayed for God to forgive me..." he admitted, referring to his involvement in this water torture of victims as well.

He then warned me about THE UN DEATH SHIPS that they are purchasing and refurbishing to enforce world takeover under the NEW WORLD ORDER.
Mothballed Naval Ships, Puget Sound, WA

"The United Nations is buying up old mothballed Navy and other older ships and refurbishing them to be FLOATING TERMINATION MACHINES..." These ships can sail to remote ports and islands and used to terminate NWO resistance worldwide, he said.

"I have seen the inside of one of these ships. So that they don't waste expensive bullets on victims, they have set up a system that quickly terminates about 40 people at a time. They will force people to form a line of 40 people at a time, in a location where metal bars will pass over each person's shoulders to keep them lined up,one behind the other in a straight row, as they stand in front the killing machine. "

"A long sharp bolt will shoot out under tremendous hydraulic pressure and immediately penetrate the skulls of all forty victims, destroying their brains as well. A machine from behind them will then push the bodies forward into a pit below, within the  lower recesses of the ship, where they will be quickly incinerated. Then they will have the next 40 people line up to be eliminated...."
He told me that these ships will fly the UN flag.
(Comment-A former US Marine drill sergeant I interviewed in Bozeman, MT, regarding martial law and the infamous FEMA prisoner boxcars with shackles, admitted a similar situation in their terminating of prisoners: he said that instead of wasting bullets on prisoners to be terminated, they would use stun guns that fire out a long bolt that shatters the skull and destroys the brains of the victims. These UN termination ships will use the same tactic, only on a much larger scale.-PRS)

He then remarked, "I know Christians will die for their faith under the NWO..." but then stated that he personally believed that it would be better for Christians to die for their testimony and go to be with Jesus, then to try to survive in the living nightmare of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER.

All Christians know that it is better to die and go to heaven. Of course it is better to die and be with Jesus. However, does that mean we sit back and do nothing to stop these haters of God and murderers of the innocent?

God forbid!
 We as Christians are called to stand against the spiritual darkness of this age and to earnestly contend for the faith. We are never called to sit back and simply allow wicked people, intent on destroying Christianity from the world, to have their wicked way unchallenged!
 Jesus the mighty Son of God earnestly contended for the Kingdom of God without compromise, even in the face of the brutal and satanic Roman Empire and opposition amongst Jewish unbelievers, even to the point of death.
 The disciples of Jesus and spiritual leaders of the Early Church faced great opposition from the wicked and political empires intent on destroying the Christian faith and the followers of Jesus Christ.

They faced arrest, torture imprisonment and martyrdom for their confession of Jesus Christ. And yet...the Church flourished and multiplied, and has continued to this very day throughout the world, hundreds of  years later in spite of persecution and suffering!
The key to their victories throughout the ages?


"And they overcame him by the
by  the
and because
Revelation 12:11

I have faithfully warned the Body of Christ of North America of what is to come to our nation, for 18 years now. My many years of research has uncovered what is clearly the planned persecution of the Church in North America. How deeply I love my fellow Christians! This is why I have laid down my life throughout these years, in order to research and to forewarn them. I do not want ANY TO FALL AWAY under the persecution to come!

Truthfully, I have had to actually spend much time praying to forgive the many Christians who have mocked my message throughout these past years, the Christians who didn't want to hear it, the pastors who told me not to talk about this in their churches, who even called me a"false prophet" for sharing this kind of information. And YET, it is quite plain for all to witness NOW in America that my reporting has been absolutely accurate and prophetic in nature. 



And so much MORE in preparation for the COMING POLICE STATE.

Now, 501-c-3 compromised Pastors, exactly who has REALLY been the false prophet? WHO is the false shepherd who has failed to warn God's people and prepare them for these things to come???

There will never be any man's blood on MY hands due to any failure to lay down my life to warn the people of God in this critical hour. I will never be 501-c-3 tax-exempt muzzled, and I will never compromise the truth to God's people in this hour. Accursed be those KNOW the truth, yet who are too afraid to warn God's people!

My fellow Christians, are YOU preparing your hearts and your families to stand in the inevitable coming hour of temptation to deny Christ, and persecution and martyrdom for your faith in North America???
"Let goods and kindred go,
This mortal life also, 
the body they may kill,
God's truth abideth still,
His kingdom is FOREVER!"


Let us remember to pray for our nation, and intercede for the endangered Body of Christ throughout the North American continent of Canada, America and Mexico, the emerging REGION NUMBER ONE of the ten world regions of the NEW WORLD ORDER of Revelation 13.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. please have all Christians read there Bible, Proverbs chapter 24, verse 10 to 12, this is what happened in Germany,

  2. i appreciate you putting your website out there like this, time isnt on our side. we need to stop worrying about "offending" people and tell them straight out. hell is real after death and if you deny the lord for fleshly desires then he shall deny you also. a lot of people dont like to talk about whats going to happen to us when martial law takes place. well god put a burden on me and my husbands heart to study the word, reach for the lost and research about the end times, the government, fema camps, whats going to happen, the war etc.. i urge you to look at our website as this is what god led us to do. i pray god continues to use you to spread the news about what us christians are going to have to face weather we like it or not. god bless you!

  3. Hello, i am new to your website and have been reading the info on what is going to happen in the USA and i am sure other parts of the world. I have been studying Revelation and in this prophetic book is spelled out what is going to take place. I have been reading about this earth's history and the role that the "church" has played in steering the events that we see today. I believe that as mentioned in Revelation chp.7 vs.6 and onwards that the earth will be under attack by Man, by Man in cooperation with Satan, and finally by God in the outpouring of the plagues. Yes the NWO will seek to establish a one world government, a one world police and a one world church. Failure to accept their agenda will result in detention and death.
    The elite in cooperation with satanic forces and church influence has been masterminding these end time events for ages.
    But i am not sure persons are truly aware of what the whole purpose of the agenda truly is.
    It is about worship, dominion and power. It is about which side Human beings will place their allegiance.
    Satan seeks to exterminate Christianity,and humankind. I wonder if the elite believe that after carrying out his plans whether he will not kill them also.
    Satan wants worship and has used apostate churches to deceive and fool mankind into a false sense of security. he seeks to counterfeit everything that God has instituted for our good.
    Why do you think Sunday laws are going to be used to enforce or coerce worship?
    review the 10 commandments.
    read revelation. this whole controversy is between God and satan and we are in the middle. fear God and keep His sabbath holy.
    dont fsll for the counterfeit sunday.

  4. Has anyone ever seen the movie "Red Dawn" with Patrick Swayze? In it Russian forces invade the USA and attack a school killing students and teachers alike. It is interesting to note that in November 2012, this movie is being released having had a remake but this time it is not Russian forces doing the invasion but North Korean forces.

    This is not coincidence as the elite often showcase their plans through Hollywood.

    What is also noteworthy is that in both movies the invading forces are Communist.

    In my last comment i mentioned that the world is under attack in the outpouring of the plagues by God. Actually it is under attack by Satan working with mankind, but when God steps in It is Judgement.

  5. Well, I feel I am TRULY "blessed" or cursed some may think. You see ALL my family has died before me and I am all that's left. I am the "baby" and my siblings and parents are all gone and I PRAY they all made it into the arms of Jesus. (I wonder about my father) I am married to a man who thinks I am a wack-a-doodle and I have told him many times of what's coming and I have a dear friend who knows all of this. I do talk about this as MUCH as possible and even recently posted something on Yahoo commments that said "MANY ARE ASLEEP and just don't care as long as their little boat is not rocked it does not matter". Needless to say I received MANY more thumbs down then up. People do NOT want to hear the message or the message of salvation and about God's coming wrath. It's not REAL for them. PRAY FOR OUR NATION and OUR WORLD and for the unsaved and the ones sleeping. This is going to get VERY UGLY. I am hanging to my "blessed hope" and know the promises of the bible for believers are true and God ALWAYS keeps his word and does not change. If you are not believing this then I PRAY you WAKE UP and GET RIGHT WITH JESUS.....the ark door is STILL open and you CAN be saved by the Blood of the Lamb. GOD BLESS