Saturday, February 13, 2010


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have now performed 14 years of investigative journalism to uncover the NEW WORLD ORDER (world globalist communism), it's agenda, the people behind it, and the impact they intend for it to have upon freedom and Christianity in the West.

Having experienced the tragedy of my very own father being pressured and recruited into the tragic military vision of the NWO agenda for America, I have thus gained much insight that those on the outside are not privileged to know (nor intended by the NWO to know.)

Due to circumstance totally beyond my control, I have personally been forced to understand matters that I never really wanted to. My once warm and familiar "safety-comfort-denial zones" have long vanished with the knowledge of the truth I now possess.

Perhaps it is because of what I am now privileged (and disturbed) to understand, that I can no longer sleep comfortably at night. Instead, hours that most people spend sleeping, I spend in prayer of an intensity that I never knew before. I am held accountable before Almighty God for everything I now know and understand. I am compelled to pray countless hours, with tears often running down my face, as I pray on behalf of millions of my endangered fellow Christians and fellow American freedom lovers nationwide.

I have learned to live with the constant heartache inside of me, the torment of knowing what is being planned against my fellow Christians and freedom lovers in my nation. And I have learned to turn that heartache and torment into powerful intercessory prayer in response.

I know quite well by now what is coming to our nation. And for this reason, in spite of every death threat on my life, every act of government intimidation to silence me, I cannot remain silent in this hour...not even to save my life. My one small life is nothing compared to the value of millions of my equally endangered fellow Christians and Americans. God help me if I could prefer my own tiny life over the safety and well being of millions of my fellow Americans, their children and elderly, and THEIR future.

It is MY nation, MY people, MY fellow Christians, OUR cherished liberties and religious freedoms and heritage, and OUR endangered future!

ABOVE ALL, I AM A CHRISTIAN and follower of the Savior of the world, Jesus my Christ. And I will respond to this deadly threat to my people and my nation within the realms of Biblical response and the expectations of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

BECAUSE I AM A CHRISTIAN...I refuse to allow all that I now I know to turn my heart from Christian love and compassion to hatred and revenge. I am called to remain in the image of My Savior in heart and in actions. There are no acts of violence or retaliation in my heart in response to what I know. Such actions accomplish nothing from God's eternal perspective.

BECAUSE I AM A CHRISTIAN and labor to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ, I refuse to allow craven and cowardly fear, that often follows persecution, to replace the mandate of FAITH THAT OVERCOMES THE WORLD in my heart and life. I am called to embrace the cross and follow my Savior, and to be faithful unto death. Fear has no place in the heart of a true disciple of Jesus Christ. One cannot be ruled by both FAITH and FEAR at the same time.

Through years of dedicated research and reporting, I know precisely the coming persecution that is deliberately planned against me and against my fellow disciples of Jesus Christ. I know that many Christians will be martyred, both in America and worldwide, in the deadly wake of NWO communism and it's insane quest for world domination.

The prisoner boxcars and shackles are silently prepositioned across our nation, prepared for the day and hour of mass arrest and genocide of all true Christians and others perceived by the government to be "NWO resisters." The modern "gulag system" of hundreds of detention/termination camps (FEMA/Homeland Security) grimly await their future prey and victims throughout our continent, staffed by those tragically hardened to kill without mercy when that hour comes.

The frank assessment of the NWO strategists is absolutely accurate when they state (as former participants have revealed to me) that their greatest perceived opponents to their NWO satanic goals, are the genuine Biblical Christians of America, and the world as well.

We Christians have been given an irrevocable commandment and mandate from the Almighty God to worship HIM ALONE, and no other god. The NEW WORLD ORDER was founded by and is being advanced by those who are either non-believers or who literally worship Satan/Lucifer in place of the true and living God of the Bible. And we as Christians further believe that God sent His only Son and Messiah, Jesus Christ, to this world, and we are commanded to receive and believe in Him as well, as our only hope of eternal salvation. We have been instructed by the very Words of Jesus Christ, to CONFESS HIM BEFORE MEN and to remain FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH.

And according to one former CIA source, this is why they determined that the detention/re-education/termination camps system would have to be established throughout our nation. They already know that true God-fearing, genuine followers of God through Jesus Christ will never renounce their faith, to accommodate their satanic requirements.

The various Jewish elements of communism/NWO takeover also understand that true Christians will never renounce their faith in Jesus Christ, to comply with their NOAHIDE LAWS (and become NOAHIDES) and thus avoid termination by their numerous MODERN GUILLOTINES, in place nationwide (and worldwide) to behead all who will not renounce Jesus Christ in the future communist takeover of America.

Tragically, many Jews privately believe that the New World Order is also THEIR anticipated future Jewish messianic reign over the world. Such Jews believe that Christians are both "idolaters" and "blasphemers against God" and qualify for extermination at their hands, to make way for their world Jewish reign. But the "messiah" they anticipate, will NOT be the ONE AND ONLY genuine Mashiach sent from God, but a counterfeit. And all those who will follow enthusiastically after him, will find themselves cast into eternal damnation. There is NO SALVATION in a false Mashiach/messiah!

Yahshua Ha'Mashiach, or Jesus Christ, is the ONLY MESSIAH that God will ever send to Israel and the Jews! No matter how hard Jewish groups like LUBAVITCH CHABAD attempt to raise up "another messiah," these false messiahs are all doomed to utter failure.

WELCOME TO "GULAG AMERICA!" This is no different from every other communist nation. This is how they always deal with political and religious opponents. This is what happened to Christians under communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. This happened to Christians under communism in China and North Korea and Kampuchea. This is what happened to Christians in Cuba and every other nation that COMMUNISM has spread it's deadly cancer.

Because of deadly COMMUNISM (New World Order)and it's adherents, tens of MILLIONS of our fellow Christians have suffered persecution and martyrdom worldwide. And now the stage is fully set for a repeat takeover, through MARTIAL LAW, throughout the North American continent. Every Christian in this North American continent is a potential victim with what we are now facing, and we need to understand fully the NWO planned future of our nation.

I am called as a Christian to respond to this deadly threat with His divine love and compassion for the lost, forgiveness for those who seek to offend, the weapons of His eternal and mighty Word, the power of the Blood of Our Redeemer, and the power of embracing the Cross to follow Jesus Christ regardless of the consequences in this world from wicked men alienated from God. And so are you, fellow Christian. There is no compromise between God's eternal Kingdom, and satan's fleeting and doomed NWO kingdom based upon lies, murder and deception.

Such weapons of God's kingdom cannot be defeated by satan's dark kingdom, which is exactly what the NWO represents (Revelation 13). Such weapons have brought countless heroes of the faith through the fire of testing and martyrdom to stand eternally triumphant before Almighty God, by the grace of His wonderful Son Jesus Christ.

This article is written not only for the benefit of my fellow endangered Christians, but also for those of the persuasion of the New World Order agenda, who frequent my website continually. They know that all I am stating is accurate about who they are, their goals, their plans for mass genocide of the Christians/NWO resisters, both in North America (NAU) and worldwide. And they know who "they" are. And I do also.

To the adherents of the NWO agenda for my nation (and the world), I state without apology that they are correct in their assessment of the Christian position against their NWO and it's spiritual leader and it's goals. There can never be any compromise of Biblical Christian religious values and teachings, with the satanic purposes of the New World Order. There is no fellowship with God's kingdom, and their kingdom of darkness under Satan/Lucifer.

To that element of Jews who tragically believe in the NWO as their coming" messianic kingdom" and their world takeover, built on a bloody foundation of the mass genocide of countless Christians worldwide who will not renounce their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Messiah to cooperate with them and become NOAHIDES, I state without apology that their assessment regarding us is correct. Bring on your guillotines! For our New Testament has already warned us of the hour of a coming world government of ANTICHRIST, in which we would be BEHEADED FOR OUR FAITH IN JESUS THE MESSIAH. (Revelation 20:4)

And of course this is why there are now the many modern military guillotines in place nationwide/worldwide. Christians who know their Savior, Jesus the Christ, (Messiah) will never be persuaded to break His command to remain faithful unto death, to renounce Him and become NOAHIDES, and thus avoid capitol punishment by BEHEADING as written in the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS. This is why there are thousands upon thousands of modern guillotines now in place throughout the world, in anticipation of Christians who will never renounce their faith in Jesus their Savior...AND the ONLY MESSIAH that God will ever send to the Jews and to Israel.

Many hours are spent each day about all I know. And prayer for the people in the background who are making these deadly plans for my nation and against my fellow Christians. Jesus Christ died for their sins and their salvation as well. They can only do these terrible things to Christians because they neither know the true and Living God, nor His Son, Jesus the Christ.

The greatest tragedy is NOT that Christians should suffer and die for their faith. They have been doing so for 2,000 years now. The greater tragedy is when people die without salvation through Jesus Christ, and perish eternally. If WE as Christians die, we have eternal life. If THEY die without Jesus Christ, they perish eternally. Theirs is by far that greater tragedy!

None of what I know about the New World Order agenda for my nation can defeat the power of the faith of the Living God that resides in me. Neither their boxcars and shackles, nor re-education and termination camps, nor guillotines and Noahide Laws and more, can serve to destroy the faith planted in my heart by God Himself. The Bible tells us, IN ALL THESE THINGS we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him Who loved us!

In spite of all I know, I remain forevermore A CHRISTIAN. And I invite my Christian readers to purpose in their hearts to do the same. We as Christians have been given this precious grace period in America, to prepare our hearts before God, to receive grace and strength SO THAT WE MAY STAND FIRM IN THE COMING HOUR OF TEMPTATION AND TESTING. Use this time wisely.

-Pamela Schuffert

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