Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Readers Ask: "What Is YOUR Perspective on 'THE JEWS'?"

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

In response to some of my articles addressing the apparent connection between various elements of the Jewish communities and the "NEW WORLD ORDER" agenda for America (and the world) people have been requesting that I share my own personal insight and experiences with the Jewish world.

Let me precede all I am about to share, with these words. Above all, I am a devoted follower of that Jew historically known as Jesus, or Yahshua the Mashiach (messiah.) His love, His compassion and His divinity is the only reason I am alive today. When I was dying at the age of 18, He reached down and picked me up, place me in His arms of compassion and healed me completely, as later confirmed by my second Jewish doctor following various tests and exams.

Being His disciple and following His examples, I am compelled to be as He was/is. Therefore love and compassion for others, including for those who choose to be labeled "my enemies," is a major focus of my life. I find no room for hatred, vindictiveness, retaliation or retribution against those who are considered "my enemies." Rather, I am commanded to walk in love. Actually, love is easy when you believe in and know the Author of Love, God Himself.

There is no room in the genuine Christian Biblical world view for STEREOTYPING of any people group, religious or ethnic or national. People remain individuals with individual choices as to behavior, etc. That includes the Jewish people as well. I resent being negatively stereotyped as "a Christian," and Jews do not appreciate being negatively stereotyped either.

I am thankful for the years I have had contact with many wonderful people in the Jewish communities
, including in Israel. I am deeply indebted to two fine Jewish doctors who helped to keep me alive, until the third could come into my life and heal me completely.I so appreciate the excellent work of investigative journalists of Jewish background, who are as concerned as I am about world affairs, such as Loretta Schwartz Nobel, Naomi Klein, Naomi Wolf, Phillip Shabecoff, and many others. I maintain friends from the Jewish communities, who may not necessarily agree with me as to just who the Messiah is, but we are mutually respectful friends nonetheless.

I would not be alive today, had it not been for the expert care
of two fine Jewish doctors, Dr. Isaac N. Kugelmass, formerly located on Park Avenue in NYC (now deceased) and Dr. Samuel Getlin of Trenton, NJ (also now deceased.) It was a third Jewish doctor, Jesus the Messiah, who finally healed me completely.

I state without apology that I have a broad heart of love towards the Jews as a whole that will never change, regardless of what years of investigative journalism have uncovered on many issues, including the many hidden truths behind "9/11,the "New World Order" and the history of communism and it's goals, including the many Jewish players involved in it.

God's love is constant and consistent.
The love placed by God in my heart is not a reactionary love, based on if others love me or do not. While I grieve deeply over many truths I have uncovered through years of research, I can never allow the love within to be turned to hate. Hate is counter-productive to everything God is and seeks to do in the lives of mankind. It is the love of God that touches and convicts and changes the hearts of sinful mankind. And if we call ourselves "Christians" or followers of Jesus/Yahshua, we must operate in the realms of the love and compassion towards all that He has placed in each one of our hearts.

While I am certain that many of my articles have provoked concern and anger among some in the Jewish communities, for both my investigative reporting and for my Christian outreach among their Jewish communities, the love God has placed in my heart for them remains undaunted.

The deep sadness that I feel is therefore understandable, as I uncover various facts through my research, clearly linking certain distinct elements (and certainly not ALL) in the Jewish communities with this NEW WORLD ORDER communist/globalist-influenced agenda for my nation, which tragically spells MASS GENOCIDE for me and my fellow Christians (nationwide, and ultimately worldwide).

Of course, there are also many NON-JEWS
who play major roles in this coming NEW WORLD ORDER agenda as well. I have previously addressed this as well in my years of reporting.

The truths I have uncovered linking various elements of the Jewish community with the NOAHIDE LAWS signed into legislation, troubles me. Researching and confirming the presence of thousands ( if not now millions) of modern military guillotines, on which our military ( and foreign troops) are being trained to operate effectively, grieves my heart deeply. No, the modern guillotines are NOT merely "urban legend." How I wish they were! I have researched them for many years now, and have had confirmation from both former CIA sources, Pentagon and US Army sources as well, each on confirming and describing them in accurate detail and how US military are being trained to operate these strangely out-of-place devices of death. They never made sense, until the truth about the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS finally came out into the public domain.

Hearing inside reports from my Jewish friends and contacts about some Jews even rejoicing in New York City and beyond over the thoughts of "Christians being taken to the detention camps" under coming martial law, saddens me beyond words. Primarily because, I DO love these Jews, and the God of the Jews as well.

As I look with sorrow upon my fellow Christians across America, I note that many of them tell me they are "praying for the peace of Jerusalem" and they "support Israel." Many attend Passover meals with Jewish families or Messianic synagogues. Many also regularly take tours to Israel, to pray for Israel and attend Feast of Tabernacles gatherings as well. Many tell me they "love and pray for the Jews." And behind their unsuspecting backs, the Jewish elements who support this "New World Order" agenda for America, have been actively planning with other supporters HOW TO REMOVE AND TERMINATE THE CHRISTIANS (and all other NWO opponents) who stand in their way of establishing "ONE NATION UNDER THE NEW WORLD ORDER."Many Jews I have discussed this with consider it THEIR New World Order.

Historically, communism was a direct product of Jewish think-tanks beginning in New York City with the Rothschilds, the Schiffs and many other contributors as well. The PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF CHRISTIANS AND CHRISTIANITY was, and remains, one of their major goals of communism and the Jewish version of the NEW WORLD ORDER. For those how would question this, note how well it has succeeded in oppressing and murdering tens of millions of Christians throughout the world, in nation after nation where Communism has spread like a deadly cancer across the face of the earth.

I have personally discovered through many interviews, that many Jews personally believe the NWO to be THEIR New World Order of their anticipated JEWISH WORLD REIGN under their "new messiah," as they have admitted to me. Such Jews therefore seek to justify in their hearts the planned mass genocide against Christians by reasoning that "Christians are idolaters and blasphemers anyhow" and hence the need to eliminate them to make way for their Jewish world reign.

One of the latest new order agendas to come from within the Jewish community has been labeled "Disaster Capitalism." In an excellently researched book by Naomi Klein, "THE SHOCK DOCTRINE," the reality of the big international money controllers deliberately creating planned disasters, intended to bring a nation down and into their NWO agenda and financial profiteering off of it directly, is exposed in nation after nation. The original ringleader was Milton Friedman. Those people educated in his doctrines and then assisting in their being carried out in various nations were often called "THE CHICAGO BOYS."

This is essentially the type of planning behind what I have been reporting on for years, regarding the deliberate orchestrating of the coming MARTIAL LAW crisis to America, and the implementing of the NWO agenda in it's terrible aftermath. Klein's book documents how they would create the disasters to bring the nation into crisis, and then ensure that all opponents of the new government form would be taken away ("disappeared") to prisons or camps for torture, interrogation or termination and opponents of the emerging "new order." This has happened in Argentina and many other countries previously, and it is sadly destined to happened in our nation as well.

The Jewish Illuminati/Sabbatean satanist faction among them ALSO wants to eliminate Christians from the world scene, because such Christians indeed stand against what we understand to be SATAN/LUCIFER'S world reign of Revelation 13 in the Christian Bible, which indeed will involve a FALSE MESSIAH that will deceive both Jew and Gentile alike into perdition. Such satanist Jews (and their Gentile counterparts) realize that the NWO is actually SATAN/LUCIFER'S MANIFEST KINGDOM ON EARTH

The present vision held by many, of a Jewish Zionist world order, is not built on the foundation of solid Holy Scriptures found in the word of God, however.
Nowhere throughout Holy Scripture or Torah does the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob commend those apostate Jews who worship a false god (Lucifer or Satan,) as the financially/politically powerful Sabbatean Jews do. Yet the NWO promoters are heavily made up of MANY Jews involved in outright satanism, whether it is called the ILLUMINATI (Rothschild and company)or SABBATEAN satanism.

Simply review the honest and revealing words of NWO Jew HAROLD ROSENTHAL
, admitting to this, in my previous report. Frequently, Jews I have worked among throughout the past 3 decades have admitted this to me as well, lamenting about the tragedy of Jews involved in satanism/Illuminism/Sabbateanism.

In fact, the Jewish TORAH and TANAKH utterly condemn Jews being involved in the blasphemous idolatry of the worship of other gods and sacrificing even infants and human victims to such false gods. Yet some of the major Jews funding and working toward this allegedly "Zionist" and NWO agenda are reportedly involved in all of these abominations.

There is NOTHING "Zionist" nor "Jewish" about satanism/Illuminism and human sacrifice! The historical and Biblical God of Israel utterly condemns such practices. His wrath was poured out upon Israel/Judah repeatedly for their turning to other gods and offering human sacrifices to them as well. The proud heritage of historical Jews is built upon the eternal truth contained in "THE SHMA" sung before every Shabbat service. "Hear, O Israel, the Lord thy God ,the Lord is ONE God...."("Shma, Yisrael, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad...")

Holy Scriptures are replete with examples
of the holy prophets of God rebuking the Jews at various times when those among them turned from the worship of the ONE TRUE GOD, instead to abominable idols and other gods. Historical accounts in the Bible confirm at times that they even offered their children to Moloch and Baal as human sacrifices. And Holy Scriptures tell of the dread judgments of the Living God upon those Jews who turned to such apostasy. Neither Israel nor Judah were spared the wrath of God when such abominations were committed by those called to be His "chosen people."

Therefore, How can ANYONE who believes themselves to legitimately be "JEWS" believe that the God of Abraham can EVER condone or bless the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER or what is planned to take place regarding the coming mass genocide of fellow believers in the God of Abraham, the Christians in America today? How can ANY Jew believe that God condones and will put His hand of approval on the present Zionist Illuminati plans that are majorly funded and supported by Jews involved in Sabbatean satanism and the Illuminati as well?

I can tell you from the clear witness of Holy Scriptures, that the God of the Bible and of Israel cannot. The wrath of God will instead be manifest upon such apostate and unBiblical plans and behavior exhibited by both apostate Jew and Gentile alike, caught up in this deception.

While I absolutely believe in Bible prophecy regarding the re-establishing of Israel as a nation (bibilcal Zionism based on God's Word), the land restored, and much Bible prophecy regarding this, I also know from immutable Bible testimony that the God of Israel does not honor anything that is regarded by Him as idolatrous and blasphemous by His eternal word.

The Jews who have have abandoned the God Of Israel, to worship Satan/Lucifer, to commit sacrilege and abominations during ritual sacrifices performed to obtain power from him, will never be used by a Holy God to fulfill His purposes for Israel in these prophetic times. Rather, they can expect the manifest and just wrath of a Holy God to come upon them and such heinous activities that never glorify God, but rather commit "CHILLUL HASHEM" instead.

Although I will not name names in this report, I am certainly aware of many of those Jews who have tragically abandoned the glorious faith of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to worship an abomination instead. Though many of them are billionaires and millionaires, their money will not be able to rescue them from the wrath and eternal damnation from a just and holy Living God in the end. These are truly the Jews who have broken the heart of God.

And for this reason, I spend countless hours in prayer and tears over those among the Jewish people caught up in such a dark deception such as the NEW WORLD ORDER and a false version of "Zionism", funded and fueled largely by apostate Jews called Sabbateans/Illuminati, who worship Satan or Lucifer in place of the ONE TRUE GOD of Israel.

How deeply I love God's Jewish people! I have spent years working among people in the Jewish communities. I have often worked in the capacity of professional child care provider in Jewish homes, or health care for ailing elderly in such homes as well. Many summers were also spent taking care of Jewish children in summer camps outside New York City. I count these years among the most fulfilling and precious of my life experiences. Holding a precious Jewish child in my arms, comforting an elderly infirmed Jewish woman, assisting Russian Jewish immigrants in Chicago and NYC to learn various aspects of life in America...such experiences mean so much to my life.

I remember my year in elementary school in California, Manhattan Beach at La Marina School. I will never forget the day that some students in my class were out on the playground. They were throwing stones at young Phillip Rothschild, crying "Jew! Jew!" Horrified and angered, I ran up to him and starting screaming "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" I stood with Phillip that day and helped fight back. My mother then went to the school principle to complain about this. They denied it ever took place!

In our home during my childhood was a large collection of wartime publications, including books printed immediately after the Holocaust. Grainy black and white photographs were published in one book called A SOLDIER'S ALBUM. In these photographs was the mute evidence that something terrible HAD occurred during WWII at the hands of the Nazis. As a child, i pondered over these shocking photographs: little Jewish children behind barbed wire, numbers tattooed on their arms. Skinny prisoners, some naked, standing behind barbed wire...and others already dead and piled like cord wood to be burned in Hitler's ovens.

As a young beginning reader, I was horrified and fascinated with such books, some written by immediate Holocaust survivors, such as "Hitler's Ovens." No one told me, but I instinctively KNEW that the people suffering like this should never have been treated this way, and I knew I did NOT like the people who did it to them! I loved those people sadly mistreated by the Nazis, as I looked at their sad faces behind barbed wire, and as I continued to read these books, I found out that many were JEWS. And I decided then and there that I liked these people.

I also decided that I would stand up to oppression against any people and would never let ANOTHER "holocaust of the innocents" take place unchallenged without resisting it to the end...whether the targets were Jews, Christians or any other oppressed people group targeted for elimination.

For you "Nazi" Jew-hater types who may frequent my site, look out. I have zero tolerance for Nazi/fascist ideology and the satanist/occult foundations fueling it that led to the terrible consequences of the Holocaust. Whether 600 or 6,000,000 Jewish victims, it is immaterial to me just how many Jews died in those camps or roundups by the Nazis: the Holocaust really happened. If only one Jewish child or adult had died under those circumstances and for the reasons given, it would have been one too many. In honor of the many Jews who died in Dachau, I made a pilgrimage to Dachau twice while visiting in Munich to research my book and articles. It was a moving experience beyond words to describe.

Although I have researched some of the reasoning used by Hitler and the Nazis for deciding the Jews were a threat to Germany (including communist Jews and their agendas in Germany,) and have investigated the evidence of actual hidden Zionist participation in helping Nazis orchestrate the Holocaust (so that establishing a "Jewish Homeland " in Palestine would be more acceptable to the world,) NOTHING justifies the horrors of a mass genocidal holocaust that targets people, young and old, indiscriminately. A "FINAL SOLUTION" will never be God's solution to the world's and any nation's perceived problems.

And a JEWISH NEW WORLD ORDER, built on the coming planned mass genocide of countless Christians, is never God's acceptable solution, either.

After two thousand years of fruitless and mutually destructive enmities, pogroms and holocausts and Communist purges, isn't it time that both Jews and Christians put aside all misconceptions and stereotypes regarding "the other side" and learn instead what it really means to "love thy neighbor as thyself"? We can accomplish far more in God's creation, working together for the same Almighty God, united in mutual respect and love, than operating out of fruitless traditional religious hatreds and bigotry leading to destruction could ever hope to accomplish.

There is so much more that could be said about all this...no blog could ever contain the fullness of it. But much can be found throughout the Bible, God's eternal word, on this subject. And whenever we put God's word into ACTION, the fruits are wonderful.


-Pamela Schuffert

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