Friday, February 19, 2010

Birthday Celebration in Asheville NC Region a Huge Success

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

What an amazing time of blessed celebration and Christian fellowship we enjoyed last Thursday night, February 18, 2010! SO many wonderful people showed up from throughout this region, to spend time with me in prayer, fellowship, music and rejoicing in God's wonderful goodness.

I deeply love the Christians in this NC region of our nation. My heart is very concerned over all I know is planned against the Christian elements of the population around Asheville, NC, area. My research has confirmed extensive preparations for the coming martial law scenario throughout NC. And the NWO satanists here are very numerous, very rich, connected with the military elements of the NWO here (as former members admitted to me) and very strong and well versed in their future NWO agenda.

Staff Sergeant Donnie Boysel confirmed to me my research on the modern military guillotines the US Army is preparing their specialized elite platoons to operate, and admitted that the guillotines are also in Fort Bragg, NC. The boxcars and shackles are all in place, prepositioned outside of Asheville, NC, to haul Christians and other perceived NWO resisters to the camps under martial law. I have even recently been receiving reports of sightings of Russian troops and military equipment in NC, adding to what I had uncovered years ago.

I will never forget the words of my father's former satanic high priest, Jericho, as I interviewed him at one time in Florida. He had also formerly operated with the satanist crowd in Asheville, NC. I challenged him, "Admit it , Jericho...aren't there detention camps and prisoner boxcars and shackles already in place in Asheville for martial law and to take away the Christians to the camps?" He replied that there indeed were. "And the boxcars there have ONE MORE THING inside those boxcars besides shackles and guillotines...."

I sarcastically replied, "Yeah..and what might those be? Satanic altars even???" Those satanists had previously put me through literal hell. He looked surprised and then smiled and said, "Yes..HOW DID YOU KNOW?"

I responded, " Because I know the hearts of the satanists of THOSE mountains...there is nothing too evil or insane for them to think of doing to Christians!" I also knew what former satanists had admitted to me: that every Christian they killed (sacrificed)under martial law would simply count as one more sacrifice to satan, to get power from him to finally bring down their NEW WORLD ORDER. This is a common teaching throughout Satanism/Illuminism.The satanists of these parts and often remote mountain regions are a very extreme and deadly group, as I had discovered through years of assisting families under their attacks.

Not even the Christians who go to my church know about the hours I spend in intercessory prayer for their safety and protection in the times to come. Many cannot bear to hear the truth that I have uncovered. It is too painful for many to contemplate. And so I am often forced to pray alone, because they do not want to understand. And I testify without apology that Christian ignorance and naivete will only work against them in the future, as all I have reported on begins to take place.

How tragic it is, that while the satanists and the Illuminati understand perfectly the persecutions they have planned, most of my fellow Christians who are the very targets of their coming persecution, refuse to understand. And while some Christians even mock this kind of investigative reporting and choose to retreat into denial, the Illuminati and satanists behind the NWO are secretly laughing at their ignorance.

As I gazed around at the wonderful Christians who came to my birthday celebration Thursday night, none of them were aware of the hidden sadness within my heart on their behalf. Through years of intense research and journalism, I know what is coming to our nation, and to this region as well. I realize what my fellow Christians face as the coming hour of persecution looms ever closer. Because of night after night of relentless intercessory prayer for my nation and my endangered fellow Christians, I have even forgotten what it means to enjoy "a good night's rest."

But what can I say about the times we face in America? For this IS Bible prophecy about to be fulfilled on America's soil. We were born into this distinct generation that is destined to witness the fulfillment of 2000 years of Bible prophecy waiting for it's hour of complete manifestation. We as end-time Christians can choose to RISE TO THE OCCASION and seek to glorify God in the midst of coming tribulation and persecution and martyrdom.

OR we can choose to slink away from coming persecution in shame, denying Him Who bought us with His precious blood, and bring dishonor to His name and perish eternally as a result.

It should be evident by my years of this kind of reporting and my Christian testimony for Jesus Christ and against the New World Order, as to exactly where I stand in my Christian commitment. I realize that I am as good as dead already, in the sight of the enemy. I know that it is only the grace of God that I am alive to this very day. And knowing this, I purpose daily to make EVERY DAY COUNT for the glory and the purposes of the Living God whom I serve.

Friends and readers, are YOU striving to make every day count in YOUR life for God's purposes through YOU??? How God needs each ONE of us to make a difference in our world today! Your love and compassion, your prayers, and your Christian witness is desperately needed in a world gone mad with sin and darkness.

I am but one small person. I can only do so much to bring His light into our world. But each one of us striving to walk with Jesus Christ and to imitate His love and compassion in our dark world, can eventually change the destiny of our nation and finally the entire world around us.

I can never forget the words of a former satanist leader regarding her thoughts on the New World Order. She admitted during an interview one day,"It was once my BURNING PASSION to bring down satan's NEW WORLD ORDER..."

As she spoke these words, I began to silently wonder how many Christians could honestly say that it was their "burning passion" to labor to bring forth God's manifest kingdom on earth??? "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, ON EARTH as it is in heaven..." Could it possibly be...that satanists and the ungodly are willing to work harder and give more to bring forth their kingdom of darkness, than most Christians are to bring forth God's kingdom and will on this earth...??? How tragic, if this is the case!!!

If people under satan's deceptions can be persuaded to labor ceaselessly to attempt to change the world for satan's dark purposes of communism and the NWO, how much MORE should we as Christians be willing to sacrifice and labor relentlessly as well for GOD'S eternal kingdom and glory! "Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul my life, my ALL." (Words from "When I Survey The Wondrous Cross.")

Let us therefore, each one, purpose to make the critical difference for the glory of God in this hour. Especially during this remarkable time of evident fulfillment of Bible prophecy that has long waited 2000 years for it's complete manifestation on the earth at last. May we choose to rise to the challenge, as persecution and temptation to deny Jesus Christ and to turn back begins to confront us in the times to come to our nation. God will not fail you nor forsake you as the time approaches. Therefore, do not forsake Him.

"My grace is sufficient for thee...."

-Pamela Schuffert

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