Thursday, February 4, 2010

TOXIC AMERICA-WHY Christians Sometimes Are Not Healed

Uncovering the HIDDEN REASONS of Why Many Christians Remain Sick in America Today-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

We have the Word of God that tells us that Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive our sins, and "BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED." I believe the written word of God. I was personally healed of epilepsy, brain damage and many other forms of illnesses 38 years ago during a healing crusade, after being saved and delivered by my Lord Jesus Christ out of 5 years of paganism/occultism, looking for God.

I have prayed for many to be healed since then, and have witnessed many miracles and Divine healing. But as Christians , we can see that not everyone who IS "Christian" is healed or whole in health. For years I have pondered over this and prayed as well. I now realize, many years later, that there are often underlying reasons why Christians who Scripturally pray for healing are not necessarily healed immediately.

And I have discovered there may be spiritual reasons and practical reasons for why many Christians are sick. In the spiritual, there may be unconfessed sin, unforgiveness, and other related reasons. And in the practical realms, there may be ignorance regarding quality of food/water choices and lifestyle choices as well. And we can never forget the unseen purposes of God in permitting suffering in our lives as well, for reasons we may never understand until we meet Him in Heaven at last.

As the book "POISONED NATION" by Loretta Scwartz Nobel points out, Americans are being severely poisoned every day by the toxic chemicals around us. One Bible Church found itself in a toxic hot zone in the Sacramento, California area. Christians who loved God and were walking in faith found themselves and their children afflicted with horrible illnesses and birth defects. They cried out to God, asking how He could let this happen. They did not understand, UNTIL research was performed and the truth began to emerge about deadly PERCHLORATE.

In fact, neither "God" nor their sins had anything to do with such a terrible outbreak. It was rather the sins of the US military and related industries who evidently care more for financial profit motives than for the health and the lives of the people they are adversely affecting.

YES, God can and DOES heal instantaneously and miraculous, and medically indefinably, at various times. The Bible is full of such accounts, and 2000 years of Church history confirms miracles throughout the centuries.

But through prayer and much research, I have discovered that there are often practical underlying reasons why many Christians remain sick and are not healed. And in the case of living TOXIC AMERICA, it is not necessarily their "fault." Because the big industries fund through advertising the television networks and news media, the news media will NOT tell you the truth the vast majority of the time about the toxins these industries bombard the American people with.

The American people are being assaulted, even before they are born, with deadly toxins every hour of every day. From industrial toxins to military toxins, to toxins found in our water systems, to toxins added to our food that we purchase at the grocery stores every day, even to the bottled we buy and think is "safe," to the toxins in our oceans and our waterways and the air we breath, we are a nation under siege continually.

To add insult to injury, we are under siege from our own military supposedly in place to PROTECT the American people in time of danger. However, the US military is guilty of the most widespread toxic polluting of America, more than all the big industries combined.

Not ONLY is the DoD dumping their hazardous waste in locations that are then polluting major waterways and sources across America, but they are also using the American people as human guinea pigs in testing their dangerous chemicals/biological, even as I have investigated and reported first hand from one account in Montana.

You cannot imagine my shock and outrage, to hear from one NSA-linked source that the Pentagon had selected Montana to test their deadly military biologicals/chemicals on the unsuspecting residents of Montana. For example, in the Glacier National Park region, several planes resembling crop-duster planes were being used by the company selected by the Pentagon to test the military chemical warfare agents, performing low altitude spraying over selected communities and towns in Montana. The planes used by the company hired by the Pentagon to test these deadly chemicals on the local citizens were being housed at Glacier International Airport at the time I made my initial report.

I was visiting in Libby, Montana, during spring several years ago, staying at an Amish community there. During that week, it became painfully evident that a deadly test spraying of military chemical warfare agents had taken place over Libby and the entire Amish community as well. Not only did I suffer debilitating symptoms that lasted for about 5 months, but the Amish told me they too suffered severely. One Amish woman (the leader's wife) called it "death sweeping over the community" while I was visiting.

You can read my first-hand report here:

None of this information on Pentagon spraying over Montana was "surfed off the net." This report was the product of difficult and dangerous hard-core investigative journalism, in which I unwittingly became one of the victims while researching. I traveled and lived in my vehicle in order to be able to afford the cost of traveling involved in investigative journalism, spending even bitter winters parked at truck stops across America at night. Often blizzards howled all around me in my unheated vehicle night after night, forcing me to learn firsthand the important skills of SURVIVAL under extreme circumstances.

The skills involving SURVIVAL are critical for Americans to begin to learn, if they are going to overcome and survive the times we all face in America. There are spiritual aspects and there are practical aspects of survival, and one is never complete without the other.

An important aspect of survival in toxic America, too often overlooked, must be researching the quality of the food and water you drink and the air you breathe..all essential for life itself.

The Bible states clearly, "MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE." This is not only true in the spiritual realms, but in the practical aspects of life as well.

The Word of God also states, "Faith without works is dead." This means that our faith, without our properly corresponding works to enhance and back it up, is dead.

I have discovered that praying over my food and drink is Scriptural, to bless it. And I always do. But is this sufficient in itself, without realizing there is a practical aspect of examining it first before we eat it, to understand how it will chemically affect our lives as well? IS faith without our appropriate corresponding works, enough?

The tragic testimonies of countless people who have adversely been affecting by the poisoning of America, and their children, many of whom also admit they are Christians, reveals the truth about this and confirms the wisdom of God. We must work hand in hand with God in everything, including taking care of our health. While God performs the impossible for us, we must perform the possible.

And so I encourage to perform quality research in this vitally important subject, for your health and your life, and then to apply it. Far too many Americans and Christians are victims of the toxins all around us. Many are victims due to ignorance on this subject. And I believe that God is concerned for the health of His people, and has answers to this crisis.

Here are some applicable Bible verses to remember in the pursuit of this issue of your health and TOXIC AMERICA and what you can do about it.
(I am including quick links for your referral as well:)

"My people perish for lack of knowledge." (Of course we know that initially this is referring to lack of SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE of the Living God first and foremost. But this same Biblical principle can also be applied in many other situations we face daily as well, including our health.)

"Faith without works is dead."

"All things are lawful , but all things are not profitable." (Yes, you can eat anything you choose and not receive condemnation from God...but not everything will benefit your health in the end.)

"If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them." (Of course, Jesus was specifically referring to His word spoken to His disciples. But this same Biblical principle of knowing the truth and acting on it, can be successfully applied to everything else God reveals to us as well.)

-Pamela Schuffert reporting to the American people

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