Monday, December 28, 2009

The TRUTH About "CHRISTMAS"-From a Letter to a Friend

(The following is a lengthened presentation from an email letter I just sent to a dear friend in the UK.)

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

Dear Lisa,

Of course I know! I have known the truth about "PAGAN-SOLSTICE/COMMERCIAL 'CHRISTMAS'"for years. The pagan/Druid/pre-Christian era origins of how it is celebrated commercially and solstice, etc.

But NOTE-God is happy whenever and wherever HIS SON is glorified and salvation promoted through Him. There is a reason WHY God has allowed Christians worldwide to seek to remember and honor the birth of His Son at the darkest time of the year. It is to celebrate THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD coming into this dark world, at the world's darkest hour of winter solstice. What an empty time of the year winter solstice would be, if there were no remembrance of Jesus Christ come into the world at this dark time, spiritually and physically.

I am NOT talking about celebrating with pagan trees, or the YULE log (yech!) or singing pagan songs like "DECK THE HALLS," etc. ( I will neither play nor sing DECK the Halls, with it's emphasis on YULE celebration.)Nor am I talking about "COMMERCIAL CHRISTMAS" with the pressure on to BUY-BUY-BUY and spend all your money on things. Nor am I talking about "CHRISTMAS RADIO" where the non-stop songs are non-Christian centered, orientated on getting people to spend money by both travel and gifts, etc.

I especially HATE that pagan creation of "SANTA CLAUS!" While historically, Saint Nicholas (with the name now shortened to "Saint Nick or Santa Claus) was indeed a kind and benevolent Christian figure of the past, he has now been shortened to "Santa Claus" who steals all the glory and attention from the Lord Jesus Christ at this time of the year.

Children are made to believe in A LIE when they are taught to believe in SANTA CLAUS! Their focus and attention is placed on a mythical creation of communist/commercial minds, through radio and television and the shopping malls.How terrible that a non-existent creature is elevated to the level of ALL KNOWING GOD (knowing who is naughty or nice and who sees everyone) and who comes to bring gifts to millions of people simultaneously. What a terrible commercialized/communist godless substitute for the SON OF GOD supposedly to be honored on this day!

Children and all mankind should be focused on JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD on the day supposedly dedicated to honoring HIS COMING INTO THE WORLD!

The communists do this. They substitute FATHER CHRISTMAS or "Father winter" in place of Jesus Christ, and make it totally commercialized and godless. And the commercial communists do the same thing here in America today...all to take a buck and take away FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST as well.

Christmas choirs and Christ-based Christmas performances with altar calls for salvation (we had one here in this area) honoring the SON OF GOD coming into this dark world IS acceptable to Him. God has shown me this after becoming strictly against ANY form of Christ celebration at this time. God will use that which is of HIM and His Son for His glory. And I pray against ALL THE REST!

-Pamela Schuffert

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