Friday, December 11, 2009

My Brother is In A Coma-Just Received the Email TODAY!

UPDATE-Wednesday, December 16, 2009-I spoke with a nurse yesterday, and she said that John continues to be stable. He is slowly coming out of the induced coma, but is not responding to commands or audio/visual stimulus, although there is movement. It may be taking time for John to rid his body of the powerful medications used to induce the coma.

Please continue to pray for John in Tulsa, OK. I have been encouraged to wait for the right timing to come to Tulsa to visit him (when he can respond to me), and will be working with a social worker, should he overcome and survive this crisis, to help obtain special living circumstances for him, and to help take care of him for the rest of his life if necessary. In order to support my many ministries in the past financially, I have been a home health care provider between various outreaches, and hope to provide care for my brother as God opens doors and makes provision for his life.

Continue to pray for our nation. Nothing has changed for the agenda of the NWO for America, and we are slowly being moved in the direction of the coming police state. Only the grace of God through the prayers and intercessions of many has held back this darkness thus far. Your prayers and faith are needed!

Thank you for your love and prayers at this time and always.-Pamela Schuffert

UPDATE-Saturday, Dec. 12, 2009-4:38 EST- John's doctor in charge of his case left word that he is STABLE, and they are going to attempt to get him off the assisted breathing equipment soon. YOUR PRAYERS ARE BEING ANSWERED! KEEP IT UP! And THANK YOU, all my readers!-Pamela Schuffert

UPDATE-Friday, Dec. 11, 2009-4:05 PM, EST-I just called St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK, and talked to the nurse who oversees my brother's room. She admitted that his chances of recovery are very slim, in his very poor state. "Of course, there is always hope...." she added. I agree! But I also know that God is sovereign and His purposes and ways are perfect. I will rejoice in the Lord, whether my brother is given the grace to recover and serve God on earth, or whether he is taken home for the glory of God. Either way, whether in LIFE or in DEATH, Christians are ALWAYS VICTORIOUS through Christ Jesus!

Either way, however, I must go to visit him in Tulsa. Your prayers and support are critically needed at this time. Thankyou.-Pamela Schuffert


Only a few minutes ago today, Friday morning, December 11, I opened this email from my former webmaster for AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, Ron in Tulsa, OK. My heart was crushed by the following words:


I have been praying non-stop for my brother John, who came out of 30 years of living in the world of sin and drugs, to finally become a born-again Christian who played guitar for church services regularly, although in a wheelchair. My former webmaster, Ron, would take John to church services so he could play the guitar for the glory of God. John has a powerful testimony of how Jesus Christ set him free fron over 30 years in the dark world of drugs and rock music and the lifestyle of "drugs, sex and rock n' roll."

ONLY the power of the Living God through His Son Jesus Christ, plus prayer from his mother and I for those many years, kept him from being killed or becoming one more statistic of those who die from living this kind of deadly lifestyle.

Years of his living in the world of parties and drugs and alcohol brought his body into great sickness, to the point of being placed in a public assistance nursing home in Tulsa, OK. But through this suffering, he finally gave his life to Jesus Christ, and has loved and served Him ever since.

Sadly, no one took the time to contact me from the public assistance nursing home to tell me my brother has been ill with double pneumonia and is NOW IN A COMA! Thank God for my former webmaster, Ron, who just sent me this email. Read the following email from Ron:

Dear Pam,

Today - Thursday Dec 10, Diane and I were heading downtown to The Tulsa Violin Shop and as I was on Denver Street near 6th Street, the thought came into my mind to drop by and see how John was doing at The Day Center. When we got there and paged him to the front, a person named John Dugan came to the front desk and advised me that John had been rushed to St. Francis Hospital earlier in the week and had double pneumonia and was in a coma.

Diane and I went to St. Francis hospital to see him and he is in the Intensive Care Unit on the 4th floor and on a breathing machine. He was unconscious when I went to his bedside and spoke healing to him and prayed for him. I don't know whether I am the first one to tell you of his condition or not, and I really prayed for him and let him know he was loved and not forgotten.

I hope you are well........... John is in room 4508. I don't know the phone number and he is surely in no condition at this time to talk to anyone. I plan on checking back with him and hopefully in next few days to a week.

I remain his only surviving relative. It is urgent that I go to Tulsa to visit him, and if necessary to take care of potential funeral arrangements, etc. Those of you following my blog know that I remain in great financial need, having even donating what I recently received while playing my accordion to a homeless woman in crisis, as God directed me to. I have no vehicle (it died a few months ago and had to be towed away, as I explained to readers previously.)I have no funds for travel to speak of.

IF God leads you, I would deeply appreciate ANY support for emergency finances for travel to get to Tulsa ASAP. I am now going to call the hospital and check on his status after I post this.

You can sent (even overnight) all emergency finances to: Pamela Schuffert, C/O Rev. Kenneth Foreman, PO Box 488, Montreat, NC, 28757. Make all checks out to Rev. Foreman, who then turns over all donations to me, since I do not belong to any bank. You can wire emergency funds to to me via Black Mountain , NC.

I will keep you posted as soon as I find out more about my precious brother's status at the hospital.

PLEASE PRAY FOR MY BROTHER JOHN! And please pray for me for grace to deal with this tragic situation, in Jesus' Name.

God bless you all this season,

Pamela Schuffert

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