Friday, December 18, 2009

Pray Against SOLSTICE SACRIFICES This Season

For many, this time of the year is a season of celebration of many special events, including Hanukkah and Christmas. For those into the dark realms of paganism and the occult and the "olde religion," etc., it is a time of ancient pre-Christian era SOLSTICE rituals signifying the shortest day of the year.

And for satanists and the Illuminati, it is a grim time of yet more HUMAN SACRIFICES to Satan/Lucifer. And the increasing demand for MORE sacrifices, means more innocent victims abducted, bred, obtained through fake adoption agencies, even children seized through DSS to secretly be turned over to covens for sacrifice later, and more.

These innocent victims then suffer unspeakable horrors at the hands of these ruthless servants of Satan in their SOLSTICE rituals, to be raped, tortured, crucified and ultimately murdered and cannibalized. Tiny infants are not even spared such horrors. And an often complicit news media will NEVER tell America the full truth about grim statistics in this matter.

This is a time for increased intercessory prayers and fasting, with concern and compassion on behalf of all intended victims: those victims who have already been tragically abducted and are being held for sacrifice, and those future victims who they are yet stalking to sacrifice on Solstice.

In my years of battling satanism in this nation, I have witnessed the power and glory of God in His divinely intervening on behalf of others endangered, through fasting and prayer in the power of the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Your prayers and compassion, coupled by faith in the Living God and His Son Jesus Christ, can make a great difference this season, and always. PRAY!

-Pamela Schuffert

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