Saturday, December 26, 2009

Canadian Troops to Be Deployed in USA-URGENT LINKS

by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

Standing Firm for Jesus Christ in This Hour

I just received an email regarding Canadian troops to be sent to America,
and our troops to be sent to Canada, as an exchange of services concerning anticipated coming rioting in both nations. The rioting seemed to be over food shortages. It will of course lead to martial law or be a part of it. I have long warned my readers of coming food crises. Do YOU have YOUR emergency food supplies in stock in this hour?

Choose to stand FIRM in Jesus Christ in this and every hour we face in America and Canada at this time. He has promised and He WILL supply all our needs indeed. But never forget that faith without works is dead as well. We must work WITH Him in this in practical ways.

WHEN martial law is declared, remember to stand firm in Jesus Christ. We are called to hate our lives in this world, to lay them down for the Word of God and His truth. We are called to FAITHFULNESS UNTO DEATH at all times.

You may live to see the day of the modern guillotines manifested according to the prophetic word of God (and they are coming sooner then you think). The Noahide laws have been signed into legislation, to be activated under martial law. Christians can and will be beheaded under the Noahide laws. The guillotines are in military bases nationwide, with men being trained to operate them continually. You will be tempted in that hour to deny Jesus Christ and your Christian faith to join the NWO agenda. DON'T DO IT. To do so will bring eternal damnation to your soul. Review Bible Scriptures regarding faithfulness unto death, and confessing Jesus Christ before men. Your eternal soul is at stake.

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