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The Tragedy of Jews, Communism and the NEW WORLD ORDER

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

Please note: this article is NOT an indictment against ALL JEWS! This would be utterly unfair and biased. I have worked for Jewish families for years, I have many Jewish friends, I have a background of loving the Jews whenever God has brought them into my life. I have personally spoken to Jews who told me how uncomfortable they are about what is planned for America under the NEW WORLD ORDER, and the Jewish involvement.

Messianic Jews are true heroes of the Jewish faith! Support them in your prayers and contributions to their Messianic Synagogues. Pray for them under persecution in Israel. Love and encourage them. They are the true spiritual Remnant of God's true Chosen People in Israel.

Your prayers can help reach these Jews with the Love of God through Jesus Christ their Messiah. You response of LOVE and prayer and compassion to all Jews after reading this is the proper Christian Biblical response. A response of HATE and malevolence is NOT OF GOD nor Jesus Christ.

Germany felt severely threatened in it's day by Jewish socialists/communists, knowing what happened to Russia. They same people were working to undermine Germany and had succeeded in many of their goals.This is the historical truth behind the Holocaust, and it was reality. There is much historical documentation confirming this.

But the HOLOCAUST response was an abomination to God! It targeted indiscriminately ALL Jews, young and old alike, those involved in communism and those not. A "FINAL SOLUTION" to perceived threat of Jewish NWO communism, and against Christianity is NEVER God's BIBLICAL SOLUTION to sin or spiritual darkness. There is no justification for a Holocaust against ANY person or people. WE are called to REMAIN CHRISTIANS in the image of Jesus Christ our Saviour and Messiah, in our behaviour and response to all persecution and hate. Jesus Christ said from the Cross: "FATHER FORGIVE THEM for they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO!"

A Russian Church in Arvada, Colorado, has in big words over their altar: "FATHER FORGIVE THEM for they know NOT what they do!" And these Christians KNOW that the Jewish communists and Gentile supporters/converts persecuted them unto imprisonment and torture and death for over 8 decades under their communism. They tore down their churches. They spied on their brethren.

But THERE REMAINS THAT CERTAIN ELEMENT OF JEWS, who DO believe in COMMUNISM ACTIVELY throughout the USA (and worldwide) and see it as their tool to being about their anticipated WORLD JEWISH REIGN under the messiah to come (the ANTICHRIST, even as Jews have boasted to me) who will put down all Christian resistance and in fact help enable them to be put to death.

The NEW WORLD ORDER is simply WORLD GLOBALIST COMMUNISM repackaged to help disguise what it really is and who is really behind this agenda. This is why you will find MANY Jews in high positions of power in our nation, to help bring down their NEW WORLD ORDER (COMMUNISM) This includes powerful influence through NEWS MEDIA, HOLLYWOOD, GOVERNMENT/WHITE HOUSE/HOMELAND SECURITY, etc., positions of power that have all worked together for this communist agenda (NWO) for our nation.

This world globalist communism has already destroyed countless Christian lives and churches and Bibles, etc., in every nation into which it has come.

Jewish communists throughout America work hard through the ACLU ("ANTI-CHRIST LABOR UNION") to destroy our Christian freedoms. Jewish communist teachers and professors have infiltrated our education systems, schools and colleges, to preach the doctrines undergirding communism and antiChristianity. Jewish satanists called sabbateans are actively warring against Christianity throughout America. Jewish communist Luciferians work hard to establish their antichrist/666 cashless society banking system via the Rothschild's and co-laborers. The Rothschilds, based out of NEW YORK CITY at that time, plotted and funded the Bolshevik Revolution, with many other Jewish supporters.

Jewish anti-missionary organizations work hard to fight Christian missionaries exercising their freedoms in America to evangelize among all peoples including the Jews. Such include: Yad L'achim, Jews for Judaism, Lubavitch Chabad, and many more.

Anti-Christian Jewish groups like the militant LUBAVITCH CHABAD write the NOAHIDE LAWS designed to behead Christians in our nation and worldwide under their NOAHIDE LAWS.

The tragedy of those Jews who have chosen to reject their Messiah and persecute those who DO accept Him, has resulted in tragedy throughout the centuries.

The darkest manifestation of Jews rejecting the Messiah and persecuting those who do accept Him, has resulted in the greatest ongoing holocaust of all, ugly COMMUNISM, beginning with the Bolshevik Revolution in the early 1900's. Funded directly out of the Jewish communities of the super-rich in NYC, beginning with the Rothschilds and Jewish co-founders/funders, communism rose up to destroy the lives of tens of millions of innocent Christians throughout Russia and beyond. Communism was used by this element of Jews to destroy countless Christian lives and churches in every nation wherein they have invaded with the WORLD GOVERNMENT OF ANTICHRIST.

COMMUNISM is the world government of ANTICHRIST of Revelation 13. It takes MANY YEARS to subdue the entire earth under a communist/socialist world government described in Revelation 13, and not a mere 7 years spoken of as an outline in Revelation. The Bible only gives us glimpses of major events regarding this, as in REVELATION. RUSSIA is that nation in which the Jewish Illuminati Rothschilds chose to begin their world takeover. Note that the book of Revelation describes the coming WORLD BEAST government as having the FEET OF A BEAR. The Russian national symbol and animal mascot is THE BEAR! Having the FEET OF A BEAR indicates that this is the major moving force behind this world government of antichrist.

The world would have you believe that RUSSIAN COMMUNISM HAS BEEN TOPPLED! That the Russian military is in shambles. That COMMUNISM THROUGH RUSSIAis no longer a world threat. HOW FOOLISH TO BELIEVE THIS PROPAGANDA AND THIS DANGEROUS LIE! The communists planned this for years, to DECEIVE THE WEST! But not all in America are deceived, and that includes the COMMUNISTS IN AMERICA TODAY. How well they KNOW that the NEW WORLD ORDER is indeed COMMUNISM, and that martial law takeover is their HOUR OF COMMUNIST TAKEOVER power! READ this excerpt from the book THE PERESTROIKA DECEPTION:

'The Perestroika Deception' explains the devious secret intent behind the Leninist strategy which the 'former' Communists are pursuing under cover of fake 'reform' and 'progress towards democracy'. The immediate strategic objective is 'convergence' with the West -- on their terms, not ours. The ultimate objective is Lenin's: replacement of nations states with collective regional governments as building blocks of the 'New World Social Order' -- World [Communist] Government."

LISTEN to the interveiw of Yuri Bezmenov regarding the coming COMMUNIST TAKEOVER of AMERICA:

Russia is soon to shock the world and ROAR BACK INTO WORLD CONQUERING POWER! Russian military might far exceeds the USA now. Russia will soon fulfill Bible prophecy in Revelation 13 as the BEAST THAT WAS, and IS NOT, and now IS once again!

COMMUNISM already has established the pattern of the WORSHIP OF THE BEAST AND HIS IMAGE in communist places like NORTH KOREA, where statues of Kim Il Sung have been erected and people told to WORSHIP HIS STATUE AS GOD! This is a return to world conquering and worship of Roman emperors indeed.

And through the Jewish Illuminati (Satanist) Rothschilds banking system over the world, they are working hard to establish their Luciferic CASHLESS SOCIETY and the MARK OF THE BEAST chip implant as well.

THIS is what the NAU then is all about: the bringing together of three different nations to form REGION NUMBER ONE (Canada/North America/Mexico) of the ten world regions (revelation 13: ten kings who will rule the world under the ANTICHRIST BEAST.)

Even as Russian Communists created gulags and hauled Christian and political resisters of COMMUNISM to the gulags by trains across the USSR, even so shall Christians be hauled in boxcars and shackles to the modern GULAG SYSTEM now erected across America/Canada/Alaska, to be brutally persecuted, tempted to deny their faith, tortured and killed. HOMELAND SECURITY camps will be used extensively under martial law for their grim purpose.

WHY do you think rabid NWO supporter, JEW MICHAEL CHERTOV, was once the HEAD OF HOMELAND SECURITY? Would he have any problem with Christians being put to death under martial law in Homeland Security camps? Not at all, which is WHY he was placed in that role to begin with. Nor will Janet Napolitano either...And there are many Jews who support the NWO agenda sitting on staff at homeland Security to this day.People are being selectively placed into positions of power they will utterly agree with the NWO agenda for our nation, including throughout our US government, our US military, the Pentagon, the intelligence community, the modern day US GULAG system including HOMELAND SECURITY and FEMA, and beyond

WHY do you think that Russian spies are bragging to Russian Christians in America openly now, saying, "HA! STUPID AMERICANS! As life WAS in RUSSIA, so shall it soon be in AMERICA!"

WHY do you think Russia has been secretly involved in the building of NEW GULAG CAMPS in the ALEUTIAN ISLANDS off the coast of ALASKA, to intern and kill off American resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER under martial law?

WHY do you think Russian troops are already here in the USA and Alaska and Canada, and are being trained to attack American resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER (communist takeover in America) under martial law? And why do you think CHINA, a major world communist power, is also involved in America's national debt...and if we fail to repay them, they are invited to come into America and TAKE IT OVER as repayment...thanks to our NWO/ communist/Illuminati leaders in America today!

Did you know, that Russia has demanded and received, secretly, FOUR US STATES as payments for their help in setting up MARTIAL LAW TAKEOVER? Those states are: Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. NO WONDER I discovered so MUCH NWO preparations taking place in those states and the pacific Northwest! No WONDER Russian spies are bragging about taking over in Washington state to my Russian Christian friends there! NO WONDER there are so many sightings of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES and secret camps throughout that region! NO WONDER RUSSIANS are bragging to Americans in Washington state: "Be careful WHAT you say, be careful WHAT you do...THIS IS NO LONGER AMERICA! (Reported from Soap Lake, Washington.)

BY THE WAY, did you know that the PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES company, Gunderson Steel of Portland, OR, is JEWISH-OWNED AND OPERATED?Ken and Sally Gunderson are Jewish. GUNDERSON has accepted millions of dollars from the US government to build these deadly prisoner boxcars with shackles to haul Patriot and Christian Americans to their deaths to the camps under martial law. Sally Gunderson is a Messianic Jew, however. God bless her! I am sure she is not happy with this Gunderson agenda...

Thank you, dear Comrade OBAMA, even as Russian leader Dmitri Medvedev called Obama recently...for preparing to complete the years of previous labors of the world globalist communists and NWO supporters in our once free AMERICA!


And this is why you will find many in the Jewish communities secretly rejoicing over the thoughts of Christians being "sent to the camps, "even as one Jew admitted to me in visiting her relatives in NEW YORK CITY.

Many of today's Jews believe that COMMUNISM is their key to WORLD JEWISH REIGN and the purging of the world of the hated CHRISTIANS once and for all. TO better understand all I am saying, go to this link:

The GUILLOTINES and the NOAHIDE LAWS are no secret to these Jews, either. The communist/NWO Jews in high positions of power, along with their Gentile counterparts, are directly responsible for the guillotines now in many of our US military bases, and our men being trained in secret in how to operate them on Christian resistance in the future UNDER MARTIAL LAW.

As tragic as all this is, I am compelled to tell my fellow Americans the truth in this matter. Yes, God has given me a Divine love to reach out to the Jews with His Son, the Messiah. I have done so for years. But I also love my fellow Christians and freedom loving Americans, and the truth is too terrible to be hidden any longer. I join with the faithful crew of independent journalists who dare to expose this dark truth to America in this hour. And I WILL join with those Christians worldwide who suffered terrible tortures and martyrdom for their faith in Jesus Christ in daring to stand against this beast called COMMUNISM or the world religion of the ANTICHRIST.

Having worked with Russian Christians under communism, I know what they suffered for their faith under COMMUNISM. Brutal torture and death and martyrdom and suffering and exile and imprisonment. And women were not spared either. I am certain I will not be spared, and am telling you the truth before I am called by God to suffer and die for my Christian faith and journalism in the future.

I EXHORT YOU, my fellow Christians: REMAIN FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH when all this comes upon AMERICA!

NEVER RETREAT in the face of these communist murderers who come to DESTROY YOUR CHRISTIAN FAITH!
And there are many more besides communist Jews who support this NWO agenda.

I exhort you, my fellow American Patriots: NEVER RETREAT in the face of these ruthless NWO murderers, who come to destroy your precious liberties, to seize your family, your lands and possessions and take you to their MODERN GULAGS in the boxcars and shackles to be killed and Freedom Lovers and our CONSTITUTION!

REMEMBER! There has NEVER been a battle won, BY COWARDS or those who retreated in the face of fear or danger!

There has never been a Christian who OVERCAME to become victorious, who did not deny themselves and remain faithful unto the END!

NEVER DENY YOUR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST when these haters of Christianity and Jesus Christ drag you before their modern guillotines and threaten to behead you if you will NOT renounce your faith to join their NEW WORLD ORDER and become communists!

Truly, the hour is so very close for America to fall under the iron fist of the NEW WORLD ORDER and the communist agenda for our nation. Are YOU prepared?

Here is only one of many articles I am going to publish on this urgent subject to enlighten you.

Also go to this excellent link:
And please note: historical FACT and related truths can never be described as
ANTI-SEMITISM, any more than exposing sin in the churches in America today can be called ANTICHRIST. Exposing corruption is what these reports are all about, and never does corruption deserved to be protected!

Israeli Christians Worship Under Armed Guard By Rev. Ted Pike

Israeli free-speaking newspaper Ha'aretz reports that anti-Christianity toward messianic Christians in Israel is now so intense they can't worship safely without armed protection. Militant ultra-orthodox Jewish settlers dominate most local government and police in central Israel and the West Bank. Police do nothing as Christians are harassed and threatened with violence. (See "Christians in Israel: An Endangered Species")

In October, a Jerusalem church used by messianic believers was mysteriously torched. A messianic teen was critically injured by explosion of a package bomb in his face; police believe ultra-Orthodox terrorists were responsible. Angry orthodox Jews publicly burned hundreds of New Testaments. (See "Burning New Testaments in 'Democratic' Israel")

Official persecution of Christians is sharply on the rise in Israel. Ha'aretz says, "Calev Myers, a lawyer who represents messianic Jews, said he has fought 200 legal cases in the past two years. Most involve authorities' attempt to close down houses of worship, revoke the citizenship of believers or refuse to register their children as Israelis In incidents of violence [against Christians], police are reluctant to press charges."

The government of Israel maintains a hands-off policy. It contends that Christians who witness and are persecuted deserve it. The government is just as anti-Christian as local magistrates. Israel continues to attempt to deport a German Christian student for the alleged "crime" of witnessing. (See "Christian Deported from Israel")

History of Persecution

As every Bible student knows, Jewish leaders did not welcome the emergence of Christianity in the first century. The Pharisee Saul of Tarsus led ruthless and homicidal persecution of the infant church until his miraculous conversion to Christianity. The Book of Acts recounts several dozen instances of violent persecution of Christians throughout Israel and the Mediterranean. Such Jewish hatred may have continued under Nero, a convert to Judaism.(1) Perhaps the greatest authority on ancient Rome, Edward Gibbon, asserts that Nero's zealously Jewish wife, the beautiful Poppaea Sabina (ancestor of one of the most renowned sages of the Talmud, Rabbi Meir)(2), almost certainly incited Nero to blame a relatively unknown sect, the Christians, for the burning of Rome.(3) In that persecution, countless Christians (including most of the apostles) were martyred.

Yet, unable to destroy Christianity physically, anti-Christian Jews attempted to destroy it spiritually.

The Jewish Encyclopedia says some early church fathers said all heresies of the time began with Jews (4) who wanted to poison Christian teachings. The Encyclopedia flatly states that Jews inspired gnosticism-the most destructive heresy in Christian theology. Gnosticism's bad premises have negatively influenced both Augustinian Catholicism and Calvinist Protestantism to the present. (5)

Circumstances (and God's grace) restricted the first-century Sanhedrin from persecuting the church into extinction. Yet the Talmud and Zohar-most sacred texts for observant Jews-burn with hope of someday renewing violent persecution against Christians as "idol worshipers." These rabbinic scriptures teach that the coming Judaic one-world order will uphold Hebrew monotheism with zero tolerance toward those who believe in a "polytheist, three-in-one God," Christians. (See "Israelis Attack 'Amalekites'-with Baseball Bats!" )

New Power to Persecute

The power to persecute Christianity has largely returned to Judaism through Jewish control of big media and "hate crime" laws. Jewish supremacists are encouraged as never before that they might finish what their forefathers began in the Book of Acts (See "Jews confirm Big Media is Jewish" See also, "Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians")

Meanwhile, evangelical Christians remain in denial. In view of rising anti-Christianity in Israel, Christian leaders and media are silent. Unbiblically, they refuse to find fault with a nation and religion they believe God forbids them to criticize. Evangelical leaders hope that somehow the increasing anti-Christianity coming from orthodox activism in Israel will subside as a result of even more palavering of Christian "love" and "blessing." They have no solution for rising Jewish anti-Christian activism and media corruption in the western world.

This threat to Christian civilization will not go away unless Christians face these threats head on and protest. To turn the other cheek does not mean to be silent before evil.

Testing Christian Limits

Evil Jewish leadership, from Israel to America, is testing Christians to see how much abuse they will take. Hitler and Mussolini tested the West in 1939 with preliminary wars of aggression in Spain and Ethiopia. In the same way, militant Jewish activists use hate crime prosecutions (such as conviction of Rev. Stephen Boissoin in Canada) to lay groundwork for worldwide persecution of Christians.

So far, Jewish supremacists must be delighted in how evangelicals continue to cooperate, even as such Jews undermine our Christian civilization.

At the turn of the 20th century, a holocaust of anti-Christian persecution erupted from Jewish-inspired communism in Russia. Tens of millions of Christians in Russia and, later, China, southeast Asia and Cuba died. (See "Jewish Activists Created Communism")

Today, a malignant trickle of persecution insidiously proceeds from Zion, spreading across the world landscape. It still could be dried up if Christians identify its leaders as Jewish and expose them to the withering heat of public displeasure.

That is not happening. The source from which it emanates is sacrosanct to Christians and allowed to flow unobstructed. With such spectacular complicity from most Christian leaders, there is little to restrain even more aggressive anti-Christianity.

Scripture says full-blown persecution will eventually break forth over the whole earth as the great harlot, international Jewish control, devastates the church. (See "Israel Prophesied to Control Mideast")

Israel, the first to spiritually marry her divine husband, Christ, apostasized and became the mother of spiritual whoredom; she killed Him. Ever since, she has sought another husband, Anti-Christ, who will give her world dominion and take away her shame.

Initially, the great harlot will undoubtedly use her hate crimes laws to imprison evangelical "anti-Semites."(See "US Government Condemns 'Unintentional' Anti-Semitism" ) Ultimately, Christian "idolaters" will be executed as heretics under the Talmud's Noahide laws. (See "Coming Jewish 'Utopia' Ruled by Noahide Laws") Rev. 17:6 says Israel will become drunk with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. The beast she rides upon, anti-Christ, will "wear out the saints of God" (Dan. 7:25) and "destroy the mighty and holy people [the church]" (Dan. 8:24).

How is a juggernaut of persecution this ominous empowered to worldwide dominion?

By the eerie silence of the Christian world right now!


1. "Nero," Jewish Encyclopedia, page 88.

2. Ibid. This article says that, according to the Talmud, Nero converted to Judaism and Rabbi Meir descended from him.

3. Gibbon, Edward, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, volume I, page 459, Modern Library, New York. Gibbon says the Jews bitterly resented Roman dominion of Palestine and had a much stronger motive to burn Rome than did Christians. "But the Jews possessed very powerful advocates in the palace, and even in the heart of the Tyrant; his wife and mistress, the beautiful Poppaea, and a favorite player of the race of Abraham, who had already enjoyed his intercessions in behalf of the obnoxious people."

4. "Gnosticism," Jewish Encyclopedia, page 681. This article says, "It is a noteworthy fact that heads of gnostic schools and founders of gnostic systems are designated as Jews by church fathers. Some derive all heresies, including those of Gnosticism, from Judaism." "...the principal elements of Gnosticism were derived from Jewish speculation" "since the second century B.C. gnostic thought was bound up with Judaism, which had accepted Babylonian and Syrian doctrines."

5. My video Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance considers at length the bad influence of Gnosticism on Augustinian, Calvinist doctrine. I point out that Calvin's teaching of unconditional salvation (eternal security) was directly influenced by Jewish Gnosticism. Both Augustine and Calvin largely bought into the Gnostic idea that to inhabit a physical body is sin. With little confidence in obedient, daily trust in Christ to save us, they turned to covenant guarantees: "once saved, always saved," and loyalty to the true church, Rome. Their lack of conditions of obedience laid the foundation for evangelicals' almost universal belief that Israel also enjoys a covenant-based unconditional right to occupy Palestine, even in disobedience.

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