Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Americans FINALLY March in Protest Against LYING NEWS MEDIA Nationwide!

This article is reprinted from WORLD NET DAILY, an excellent source of INDEPENDENT journalism and reporting. It fully confirms what I have been trying to tell my readers about the lying news media and their corrupt policies that cover up crime, the NWO agenda, that are complicit with "black ops" such as "9/11" and more, through NEWS MEDIA BIAS AND BLACKOUT.

Many Americans choose to live under the delusion that they have FREEDOM OF THE PRESS in America, and the NEWS is the TRUTH. IN fact, the organized news media moguls and conglomerates have become the government's intense tool of MIND CONTROL/CONDITIONING that the Russians protesters against communism called PROPAGANDA throughout THEIR news, such as IZVESTIA and PRAVDA.

At LEAST most Russians weren't so dumbed down as to believe the propaganda in THEIR communist mainstream news media! As Russians sarcastically told me, "We KNEW there was no "PRAVDA in IZVESTIA" and no "IZVESTIA in PRAVDA!" Meaning, there was no TRUTH IN THE NEWS, and no NEWS IN THE TRUTH. (Pravda and Izvestia are two major newspapers in Russia to this very day.)

In order to receive and distribute the REAL news in communist Russia, the Russian dissidents formed their own UNDERGROUND NEWS MEDIA, called "SAMIZDAT and TAMIZDAT" meaning self-published materials. they distributed it through underground channels nationwide. Will it come to this someday in America, in the direction we are going now? I believe it will!

I am so thankful that FINALLY many Americans are realizing the NEWS MEDIA have become the "LYING LAPDOGS" of the corrupt Establishment and NEW WORLD ORDER agenda threatening our nation.And this is WHY I am an independent investigative journalist, working for NO one but God and on behalf of the American people. NO one pays my wages, except the grace of God through occasional readers. I refuse to be controlled by the forces of darkness undermining our nation. The people of this nation deserve THE TRUTH!

-Pamela Schuffert

CBS, NBC, ABC to be slammed by more than 100 protests

Tea parties dare Obama 'Minion Media' to 'cover what's right under their noses'

By Chelsea Schilling© 2009 WorldNetDaily

American taxpayers are planning to storm more than 100 mainstream media offices and stations across the nation next week in protest of a MEDIA BLACKOUT of the growing movement against Obama administration policies.

Following sparse coverage of a massive 9/12 march on Washington, talk show host Rush Limbaugh urged citizens to bring their protests to the front doors of major media outlets."The media [are] no longer reporters. They are repeaters," Limbaugh said on his Sept. 14 show.

"There have been hundreds and thousands of protests by conservative groups that haven't been covered, and tiny turnouts by the Left that are covered."It's not just Obama who's lying. It's his Minion Media, too!

He suggested citizens host tea parties "on or next to the properties housing the TV networks."

"Dare them to cover what's right under their noses!" he said. Limbaugh suggested leaders of the media rallies present a list of grievances to each individual station."Make the challenges substantive and adult and challenge their journalistic ethics," he said. "... I want this all to happen spontaneously.

"Now, a group unaffiliated with Limbaugh is preparing to do just that."Operation: Can You Hear Us Now?" is planning more than 100 media protests across the nation next week. Nearly 7,500 fans have flocked to a Facebook page for the event......-end

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