Friday, October 2, 2009

The Military Families Who Suffer in SILENCE: NWO Recruitment and Brainwashing

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I am writing this report from cold, hard experience. Our USAF military family was one of MANY who suffered and are still suffering today, in silence. I am writing this to help other military families, wives especially and often their children, who suffer in silence, victims of US military policies, mainly RECRUITING MILITARY HUSBANDS INTO THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

And they are recruiting husbands into it's accompanying religion, hard-core SATANISM now so rampant through EVERY military base nationwide (including found among many high level military officers as well. For example, the ORION GROUP is a satanist coven in the USAF dedicated to the bringing forth of the NEW WORLD ORDER. By day they are high level officers in the USAF, and by night they are hard-core human-sacrificing satanists. Several information sources, including Chaplain Col. Jim Ammerman, confirmed this to me during my research. And they are only one of MANY in every branch of the US military. How sad.)

When my famous USAF father was finally tapped by the USAF and Pentagon to hop aboard their nefarious NWO military agenda, our family was a happy one. My parents were happily married, and we two children were happy as well. It took me many years after the destruction and disintegration of our family and my parent's marriage to finally put all the pieces together, but a very grim picture finally emerged. And this pattern is occurring in MANY military families.

NWO RECRUITMENT of military begins with the military officials presenting the targets (those they select and tap)with information regarding the coming NWO/MARTIAL LAW AGENDA for America, and the world. Those selected are then tempted to jump on board this NWO bandwagon with promises of payraises, perks and promotions, fame and acclaim, IF they will work with their NWO agenda.

Many military candidates immediately begin to perceive, as the introductory indoctrination presentation begins, that this NWO AGENDA is an anti-American, anti-Constitutional and in fact traitorous agenda against the Constitution and the American people, and say NO immediately. But others are tempted by the bait and promises, and jump on board.

What they are NOT told until later, is that the join the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda of the military, they must also embrace the accompanying RELIGION of the NEW WORLD ORDER. This is HARD-CORE SATANISM (Or, the Illuminati, as some prefer to call themselves).

SATANISM is sadly rampant on every military base nationwide, in every branch of the US military. The NWO Illuminati/Satanists have successfully infiltrated every US military base and facility including the Pentagon, and have planted and recruited people in the military to jump on board their NWO agenda and to accept their religion, Satanism.

My father, due to his fame in the USAF and his popular influence in the USAF due to his cartoons, was pressured into joining the NWO agenda. And later, into joining participating in the grim satanist elements of it as well. Because of his initial reluctance to do so, they sent in what is called a "SATANIST BLACK WIDOW," a satanist woman trained in the art of seduction in order for the satanists to more easily recruit the person they are after, through seduction. Sadly, it worked. My father was not a Christian at the time and he fell into their evil trap.

My parents once-happy marriage was slowly destroyed. The happy family man my father used to be was no more. He gradually became an angry man, suspicious, cruel, unloving. My loving mother had no idea what was happening to her husband. He would come home from the Pentagon filled with anger, hostility towards his family and especially towards Christianity. The anti-Christian NWO brainwashing, coupled with exposure to satanism, was working it;s wicked poison into his heart and mind. And my loving daddy was stolen from his family by the NEW WORLD ORDER for 30 years.

We suffered terrible rejection, both children and wife. What had we done wrong? We LOVED Daddy! Years of heartache and sorrow and depression followed my father's recruitment into the dark world of the NEW WORLD ORDER in the military.

But we learned to play the game of "pretend" among our friends and neighbors. And he played the game as well among our friends. My friends in our neighborhood would come to me and say, "Oh, your dad has such a great sense of humor...whatta wonderful guy!" I could only smile through tears, knowing the sad truth. His anger and temper and cruelty kept us under fear and control day and night.

How MANY military wives are also suffering in sorrowful silence across America, as their military husbands are being tempted and pressured into joining the grim NWO agenda for America??? How many OTHER children of military fathers are also suffering, becoming the victims of the horrific brainwashing and mind control of NWO programming that turns once-loving fathers and husbands into cruel taskmasters in their own homes? Most have no idea of what has really happened to the husbands, and why they are becoming as they are. Such victims suffer from rejection, trauma, heartache, and depression.

MILITARY WIVES, If YOUR military husband is going through similar unexplainable transitions of behavior and character, negatively affecting YOUR marriage and family, this account may help to explain WHY. Children of military fathers, if YOUR father is also going through such transitions, this may prove helpful in understanding what has happened.

It took me years of research, coupled with heartache and rejection and trauma, to finally uncover the truth of WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DADDY.

Military policies and dark agendas of the NWO such as this are destroying MANY once-happy families, marriages and relationships. Many men cannot resist the temptations of both pay-raise, perks and promotions, PLUS often "the other woman" frequently used to help win them over.

Christian military wives, PRAY for God to show you what is happening, IF this sounds like what you are experiencing in your family today. If you are NOT a born again Christian, become one today. Jesus Christ can then give you power and strength to deal with your heartache and crisis, and help you to overcome your circumstances as well. He will also heal your heartache due to rejection, as he did with my wonderful Christian mother and I.

FINALLY, following 30 relentless and enduring years of prayer, DADDY CAME HOME! My Christian mother and I would not give up on his soul and his salvation. And Jesus Christ came through once again, all glory to the Living God and Jesus Christ His wonderful Son! And the final six months of my father's life, we had Daddy back with us...a repentant man, born-again and filled with the mercy and power and forgiveness of the LIVING GOD through JESUS CHRIST HIS SON! Jesus Christ and the power of His precious Blood and mercy set him free from many years of NWO mind programming and satanism as well.

Of course, military husbands and wives as well may suffer severe trauma from being exposing to war time situations, as in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, etc. This too can place extreme stress on marriages and family relationships as well.

Military wives and families, there is HOPE for YOUR husband, YOUR marriage and YOUR family if this is the kind of situation you face! Through God and faith in Jesus Christ, ALL things are possible, declares God's Holy Word. Yes, there were times I wondered IF God would ever come through, as I suffered because of my father. But I KNEW from the eternal word of God, that GOD WOULD ULTIMATELY ANSWER OUR PRAYERS! And God did.

Never give up. God doesn't! (I am taking the time daily to pray for every person who reads this post who finds themselves in the same kind of situation our family was in. God knows who you are! And HE CARES!)

-Pamela Schuffert

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