Friday, October 23, 2009

Our TOXIC NATION Today, And What We Can Do About It

I have just reviewed about 12 books now, all exposing the horrors of TOXIC AMERICA. We are surrounded with and inundated by a sea of toxins and pollutants that are causing childhood leukemia, birth defects, autoimmune disease, cancers and illnesses of every kind.

We are frequently assaulted with these toxins before we even leave the WOMB! And the exposure to such toxins from the outside world continues from the day we are born, to the day we die.

Such toxins often come in the form of the foods we commonly eat, the water we drink, the clothing we wear, the toys children play with, the personal products we put on our bodies and on our hair.

They include many forms of plastics and what industry uses to produce plastics, plus pesticides, chemicals used by industries (and their toxic byproducts and effluent)to produce many of the items we use daily, medical toxins, and military (DOD) toxins, just to mention a few.

Even in the local grocery stores across America, we are inundated with "food" products that contain toxins and health hazards of many kinds. Plus, MISLEADING ADVERTISING indicating how "healthy" and "good for you" such products are, reinforced by a dubious approval by the FDA that is often tainted with money incentives from the food industry itself.

I am preparing to publish a series of articles that outline important facts on what my research has uncovered, condensing it for the readers into WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW and WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. Parents need to PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN from our toxic world. And themselves as well. EVERYONE needs to understand what is happening across America, to spawn so MUCH sickness and cancers and birth defects at this time.

I will also be publishing the titles of books and their authors, and websites as well, that will be helpful in enabling you to understand more about this timely subject, and learning what you can do about it.

Personally, I am now VEGETARIAN/ORGANIC (VEGAN.) Following much research, I finally realized that I HAD to change my eating habits and choices, because of how toxic the food production industry has become. I ONLY drink quality bottled water, due to the many toxins that have accumulated in our public water systems now. Due to the many chemicals they now inject into animals used for food (meat/milk/dairy), plus contaminated feed filled with pesticides and other contaminants they supply to them, I have been compelled by thorough research to finally give up these products completely.

IS VEGETARIAN/ORGANIC MORE EXPENSIVE than "regular" food? NO! And I have never felt better in my life! So watch for my coming articles on YOUR HEALTH and the truth about OUR TOXIC NATION.

-Pamela Schuffert

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