Wednesday, October 28, 2009



By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

After many struggles and debates over a long period of time in both the House and the Senate, the HATE CRIME BILL was passed, and signed officially today (Wedsnesday, October 28, 2009)by Obama . While many supporters of the hate crime bill in certain sectors of society are rejoicing over this as an apparent victory from their perspective, there remain many others throughout America who are wondering exactly HOW it will be used in the future, by WHOM, and against WHOM.

For example, WHO determines WHAT CONSTITUTES A "HATE CRIME?"

Throughout my life, I have both witnessed and reported on what to ME are quite obviously HATE CRIMES. I have investigated and reported on children and other victims harassed and tormented, or ruthlessly abducted for brutal rape, torture and death by the satanist/Illuminati covens across this nation. Surely satanists and their brutal crimes against humanity constitute HATE CRIMES of the most graphic and severe nature!

I have performed Christian missionary work in NYC and elsewhere, and personally witnessed religious hate crimes performed by religious anti-Christian militants against peaceful Christians legally distributing literature in various neighborhoods in NYC. Roving gangs of anti-Christian vigilantes often prowled the streets looking for Christian workers on the streets to attack and harass. Friends of mine were personally assaulted and beaten, their literature stolen and destroyed. Many received death threats and harassing phone calls and many other forms of harassment, often over a long period of time.I have read their hate literature against Christians and against Christianity in fact.

(These hate crimes were frequently committed by various ultra-Orthodox Jews in NYC. Jewish hate literature against Christians, including outdoors posters stirring up neighborhoods against Christians, were quite prevalent as well, as I observed personally. Amazing how THIS religious persecution never makes the news!)

In fact, there are many forms of anti-Christian hatred manifested across this nation, by various groups, continually.Let's carry modern day examples of HATE CRIMES a step further.

Former CIA officers admitted to me, as I researched the coming NWO/MARTIAL LAW agenda, that they used to sit around in circles in the CIA discussing how MUCH they HATED THE CHRISTIANS in our nation, because they stood in the way of their NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA for America.

They admitted that they finally came up with the concept of DETENTION CAMPS to get RID of the Christian threat against their NWO permanently under martial law. And one former CIA assassin admitted to me that , "It will be brutal rape, torture and death once they start arresting Christians during martial law and start taking them to the camps..." These are in fact, TERMINATION CAMPS, as many admitted to me.

Surely this kind of infernal "AMERICAN HOLOCAUST"plan constitutes a major HATE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY NATIONWIDE, and is directed against a large segment of the American people!

What is frightening about the HATE CRIME BILL and it's expansion, is that the definition of WHAT CONSTITUTES A "HATE CRIME" is not clearly defined. This means that potentially ANY group with a cause against another may seek to find ways to exploit this bill to use against what has been traditional religious freedom in America, for one example.

WHAT IF a Christian pastor preaches from a Bible passage of Scripture, and one group of people become "offended?" Is it possible that they might then attempt to use the HATE CRIME BILL legislation to prosecute this pastor, because they choose to interpret his use of Bible Scripture as "STIRRING UP HATRED" against their group and their views?

The obvious answer is YES. And I will dare go one step further and boldly declare that many (with their own personal HATE agenda against the Christians and the Word of God) WILL use this legislation to eventually attack outspoken and uncompromising Christian preachers, related religious books (even the BIBLE...???) and ministries and related organizations, schools, colleges, institutions as well.

The future appears more and more ominous for traditional religious freedoms in America today.

But let's face it: we ARE living in the LAST DAYS before His return. He warned His disciples in Matthew 24, when they asked about the signs OF HIS RETURN, that in that time frame ALL nations would hate his followers, and deliver them up to tribulation and to be put to death. And ALL nations must include NORTH AMERICA as well.

Wise Christians who study BIBLE PROPHECY know that PERSECUTION IS COMING TO THE CHRISTIANS OF NORTH AMERICA, and throughout the entire world, more and more.


-Pamela Schuffert

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