Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Brother Begs Me, "Please COME!"

John Schuffert
(Photo from his previous hospitalization last year)

UPDATE-John was released from the hospital to return to the nursing home at this time. However, his condition still remains poor, and he still needs me to come an minister to him.



Our financial goals to be able to travel there and relocate with the RV have still not been met. 1/3 of our goal has been covered at this time. IF YOU CAN GIVE, please help so I can leave Montana as soon as possible to get to North Carolina, over 2,000 miles away. God bless you! You can donate at the bottom of this article.

Today is SUNDAY, November 30, 2014. I have just finished speaking with my beloved brother John in Transylvania Regional Hospital in WNC. He was rushed there with medical complications only yesterday.

How thrilled he was to hear my voice! I have been outraged over his nursing home's refusal to have their cordless phone fixed so I could talk with John over the past five months while he has been there. I called and pleaded with them to get that phone fixed, all to no avail.

John was therefore so relieved and happy to hear his beloved sister once again.  The last time I was with John was in February of 2014.  I had to leave John to go and help another sick person, my friend Sylvia, who lived in Florida at that time and was in deep crisis and deteriorating health. I have been taking personal care of Sylvia ever since.

John's health has been deteriorating since I saw him last, however. He can no longer feed himself and must be fed by staff. But one thing John can still do, and that is PRAY! He loves Jesus and trusts in Him with all his heart. 

He perked up when he heard my voice on the phone today. We discussed how Christmas is only a few weeks away, and recalled the wonderful time we had together last Christmas when I was with him. I asked him if he wanted me to come back and spend time with him this Christmas as well.

I heard HOPE in his voice as he replied, "That would be great!" Although his speech is now slow and it is difficult for him to talk, he formed those words perfectly. He then begged me to come and see him. We both realize that he may not have much longer to live. I know he needs me so badly at this time.

In order to do this for John, I will have to relocate completely, bringing my truck and RV trailer with me, along with Sylvia. The journey will be over 2,000 miles, from chilly Montana to North Carolina. 
Bringing my truck and new home with me

However, as I discussed this with Sylvia and we both agreed it was urgent to go and minister to John, 

We also realized today that we would have to  come to my readers for financial assistance in this task. 

My funds are depleted as I provide free full time care for Sylvia, with her many health needs. We are approaching her ongoing cancer crisis with a holistic, organic health food healing protocol instead of costly and dangerous chemotherapy. 

Sylvia was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer last May of 2014, according to a CAT scan taken at that time. Her PET scan taken later indicated that she possibly had lymphoma and other cancer activity besides in the pancreas. 

Pancreatic cancer prognosis is very poor even with chemotherapy or surgery. And so we are pursuing the route of health food and cancer fighting supplements, coupled with the most important factor of all, FAITH in the Living God through Jesus Christ as we stand on His promises together FOR A MIRACLE.
There is healing in the precious Name of Jesus Christ!

All of this is expensive, as anyone knows who has shopped for organic foods and quality vitamins and supplements. While I am extremely happy to be able to minister to Sylvia in my home, the financial cost is great, and I have exhausted my finances with continual shopping for these essentials for her health. 

Therefore, I do not have the extra funds necessary to go and visit my brother John at this critical time.

Before hanging up today, I told my brother that I would immediately write an article and share this urgent need with my readers. I said to him that as soon as the necessary support comes through, we would be on our way to visit him immediately and stay a while in his area, so I can spend Christmas with him.

We both were so excited at the thought of this! This journey will also become another PRAYER JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA, as Sylvia and I travel over 2,000 miles to go and minister to John

And so, now you know the REST of the story, as beloved radio commentator Paul Harvey used to say.

If you can, please consider sending emergency financial support for this journey to see my brother John in NC. The major expense is GAS (diesel fuel) for my truck. Trucks burn more fuel when hauling heavy loads, and my RV trailer is 37 feet long. Also Sylvia's vehicle will need gas as well.

I also realize that time is of the essence, based on what John's nurse in the hospital just told me. He admitted that John's body is swollen all over, and that they have just placed him on antibiotics that are being dripped into his body. He said that John may also have pneumonia and other complications as well.

Personally, this is all very devastating for me as well. John comes alive whenever I am with him, praying for him and encouraging him personally. This was one of the reasons he pulled through his previous medical crises throughout the past year, because I was with him...not to mention the presence of God.

Will you please consider making this  one of your Christmas season projects and gifts of mercy at this time? 

My financial resources are exhausted. I am completely unable to travel to do this for John, without your financial support and gifts to make this possible.

You can safely send emergency funds 
through PAYPAL and the DONATE button below.

Thank you so much for helping to make this possible. May God bless you and your loved ones as well. Please keep JOHN in your prayers!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert, and Sylvia too-

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