Monday, November 17, 2014

My Christian Testimony to the World

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

“For God So Loved the world,
That He gave his only begotten son,
So that whosoever believes in him
shall not perish
But have everlasting life.

John 3:16
"For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, 
but that through Him the world might be saved."
John 3:17

It is always such a joy to realize that you have 
discovered the truth at last!

Tomorrow, I will be proudly celebrating my 43rd anniversary of becoming a born again Christian, and being healed divinely by the power of the living God Whom I serve, through Jesus Christ His glorious Son, my Savior. Life is wonderful and finally worth living, all because of my relationship with the Living God through Jesus His precious Son. 

But it was not always that way.... 

I searched for God in years of empty paganism and occult New Age teaching. Dozens of books filled with horoscopes and astrology, palm reading and Jeanne Dixon occultism, reincarnation and karma, and even more abominations and heresies of the devil once filled my bookshelves. Not to mention a crystal ball purchased at Jeanne Dixon's favorite magic shop in Washington DC, and a Ouija board as well.

Oh, how great was my spiritual darkness in those earlier years before I found the glorious Son of God, Jesus Christ! As Jesus declared, "If the light in you be darkness, how great that darkness is!" And indeed, the light that I was walking in, was actually deep spiritual darkness, originating from the pits of hell itself.

Aldersgate United Methodist Church of Alexandria, Virginia
My former church near Washington, DC, so beautiful but yet so empty spiritually

I blame in part, however, the church that I had faithfully attended as a youth at that time. When I attended each service, there was no mention of a Savior Who died for me, nor of sin that separated me from a holy God. Hell was never mentioned either. No altar calls for salvation were ever given.

In place of the Gospel of salvation, a false message was preached from that pulpit every Sunday. It was merely a nice sounding "feel-good" sermon, designed to offend no one, and merely to make everyone feel good about themselves..sin and all. One pastor there even declared to me, "Why, God would NEVER send anyone to hell!" Oh, how empty and deceived that church truly was!
Beware of doctrine of demons 
preached from behind church pulpits!

It would take five terrible years of illness that two doctors could not cure, to bring me broken and despairing to the third Jewish doctor for healing and a miracle at last. 

And when I was sick and dying, I noted that my crystal remained dark and void, my Ouija board never moved, there were no "voices from the great beyond" as the New Age teachings insisted there would be. There was absolutely NO HOPE from the dark world of the occult! Thank GOD that He has provided something BETTER!

Told by my previous doctor at his Park Avenue office in New York City, that I would never have a normal life and would die at the age of 18, both my concerned mother and I were driven out of our former dead church to another new church that actually preached the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I can never forget that Sunday morning as I sat in the pew of that little Pentecostal church, waiting to hear what the preacher would say. Pastor Abbott smiled as he looked down at the congregation, and then opened his mouth to speak simple but true words straight from the heart of God and His word. 

How different this was from my former church! A warm feeling enveloped me as he spoke, something wonderful I had never felt before. It seemed to say that God loved me, and there was hope at last. I listened to every word of his sermon.

As I listened to the pastor's sermon, I realized that I was a lost sinner in the sight of Almighty God. That my sins would someday send me to HELL unless I received forgiveness for those terrible sins. And that the ONLY hope that God provides for sin in our lives is through His wonderful Son, Jesus the Christ, Who came to earth, and Who willingly suffered and  died to atone for my sins and provide eternal life in place of eternal damnation.

The preacher also shared how Jesus has made provision for miracles of grace and healing as well.

As I listened intently, I knew that this was what I had been searching for, all of my life! 

For here was LIFE! Here was PEACE! Here was HOPE AT LAST! And all of this was freely available from an Almighty God Who loved me and gave Jesus Christ to the world to bring light and HOPE.

The heavy weight of depression slowly began to lift from my heart as I continued to absorb this wonderful news. Finally, the sermon came to an end, and an "altar call" to come to the front and recieve Jesus Christ as Savior was given.

My precious mother and I literally rushed up to the front of that church and unashamedly gave our hearts and lives to Jesus Christ before that whole congregation. It was a wonderful day! The best day of my life, in fact.

We then began to pray for God to heal me completely of everything two doctors could not heal me from. The Holy Spirit of God led us to attend healing crusades and prayer meetings. Several months later, after attending a series of revival miracle services, I knew that God had healed me completely.

My healing manifested fully on November 18, 1971. (Tomorrow, 11/18/2014, I will celebrate my 43rd anniversary of this glorious event with much worship and praise and thanksgiving to a mighty God Who reached into my life when I was about to utterly perish.)

After I became certain that I was healed, we returned to one of my doctors, located in New Jersey. He performed several tests, and then returned to tell me that every test came out negative, and that I was apparently healed completely. 

I can never forget his amazement as he said to me, "You have received a medically unexplainable miracle! You WERE WERE brain damaged and a human vegetable previously...but NOW you are a normal human being! No doctors and no medicine could do this.What did you do...???"

I looked at him intensely and replied, "Sir, with all due respect, I know you are a Jewish doctor, but I will tell you the truth: Jesus your Messiah healed me!" This did not bother him in the least. He said excitedly, "You have had a miracle...I am writing this letter confirming this miracle so you can show this to anyone who asks you..." His response was incredible, in fact.
Jesus the Great Physician

No longer was I taking twelve prescription drugs a day! No more seizures and horrific debilitating migraines lasting a week at a time and leaving me bedridden! No more lingering depression and fear of the future! Jesus Christ did it all! And my life has truly never been the same again.

Soon after I was saved and became a born-again Christian, God began to teach me about the dangers and sin of the occult. His world made it clear that Christianity and pagan occult practices were opposed to one another, and that anything related to witchcraft and false doctrines of demons had to be renounced out of my life and repented of completely.

When I realized this, I was eager to get rid of everything that was an offense to God and had led me astray. Immediately I gathered up all the occult books in my home, built a huge fire in the fireplace, and burned them completely to ashes. I was so angry about being deceived by the lies they contained. Those lies had held me in bondage for years.

Later, I grabbed my Ouija board and took it outside in my back yard. It was set on fire and shortly it was reduced to ashes as well. 
Burn, baby...burn!

However, smashing my crystal ball was a challenge. When it refused to shatter after throwing it on the concrete driveway, I prayed for God's wisdom on how to destroy this tool of the occult. I then remembered that glass can shatter when exposed to heat and then cold immediately after.

I found some tongs in a kitchen drawer, and held that crystal ball over a gas burner in he kitchen. Then I immediately turned to hold it under cold water from the tap. Instantly, the ball developed countless cracks within. 

Triumphant at last, I took it outside to our concrete driveway and threw it on the concrete as hard as I could. It then shattered into hundreds of pieces. 

Halleluia! It felt so good to get rid of those things which God calls an abomination.

From that time onward, my life has become a whirlwind of Christian activities,  including Christian training in various schools, along with many forms of Christian outreach to many people. 

I have worked as a missionary with foreign people, I have enjoyed years of outreach to precious children, sharing the Gospel and watching their lives transform through Jesus Christ. I have shared the Gospel with the elderly, even as I took care of them in professional home health care. 

In my later years, God called me to investigative journalism and alternative news media, to be used as a wake up call to God's people and my nation. This led to performing many PRAYER JOURNEYS ACROSS AMERICA, to weep over this nation and to cry out for God to bring America to repentance. Also, to pray for God  to protect His children in North America,who face such terrible planned persecution from the forces of darkness planning MARTIAL LAW.

This outreach also has involved radio and television broadcasts and lectures as well.

My Christian walk has not been without many challenges, heartaches and trials of faith. However, this is the norm for every true of disciple of Jesus Christ. If you follow Jesus and His teachings in a dark world, you will be persecuted for righteousness sake! But when we stand someday before Jesus in eternal glory, it will be WORTH IT ALL!

Don't think for a minute you will escape suffering and persecution in your life if you REJECT Jesus! The vast majority of people suffering throughout the world today do not have Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

During my years of involvement with OPERATION RESCUE to save the unborn from abortion, I found myself arrested for peaceful and non-violent protests and serving time both in jail and prison with other pro-lifers. Developing an arrest record, something I never had previously, made it very difficult to find jobs afterward. But every precious unborn child saved from abortion was well worth the cost!

When assisting Christian families who found themselves under attack from deadly satanist covens in the mountains of Western North Carolina, I inevitably became a target of their wrath for daring to help families on their hit lists. 

Soon, I found myself being stalked, harassed, and even set up for abduction and brutal murder by them, narrowly escaping their trap at one point. I knew then it was time to leave that region, and later moved thousands of miles away to the Northwest. 

But the lives I touched in that challenging ministry were worth it all.

Today, I am just like every other genuine disciple of Jesus Christ who sincerely wants to walk a closer walk with Him, and touch the world for His glory. I live day to day, trying to follow His teachings and example. And whenever I fail or fall short, as we all do at times, I come to Him for forgiveness and the grace to press on. 

And I remind myself that  the words "give up" or "fail" is not a part of His heavenly vocabulary, nor can it remain a part of OURS as well. We can never turn back from following Jesus Christ our Savior. 

For what is there to turn back to? The emptiness and futility of sin? The heartache and sorrow of not knowing God and His Son Jesus Christ? 

Truly, I tell you, there is NOTHING to turn back to! The overcoming Christian life must always look forward to the future! God is doing something wonderful and new every single day. And Heaven's glories await all who remain faithful to the end.

In closing, I can truthfully declare that after 43 years of Christian ministry and walking with Jesus Christ, there is nothing more fulfilling and more rewarding than serving God and walking in His love and the power of salvation.

Look at the world around you! Behold the many wars and sufferings people are experiencing throughout the world.  It is always in turmoil and filled with tragedy primarily because of those who do not know God's power nor walk with Jesus Christ. 

Wicked and greedy men serving self and satan's purposes who plan to rule this world in oppression and darkness. Such people continually plunge this world into endless wars and conflicts to satisfy their greedy ambitions and endless lust for MORE. 

MORE power. MORE control. MORE of the earth's resources. MORE hegemony and expansionism and colonialism. MORE oppression of mankind. And their greed never seems to end.

Hundreds of people commit suicide daily in this world, dying in despair and going to hell. 

In America alone, over 4,000 innocent children are murdered in their mothers' wombs. 

Cruelty and unrighteousness abound throughout today's world, because of SIN and mankind estranged from God, without eternal hope and doomed to destruction.

Many think that the world does not need Jesus, but they are utter fools. The world needs Jesus Christ more than ever before, even as we sit on the brink of WW III, plus martial law in America!
Jesus can lift YOU up from your crises TODAY.

My friend reading this, realize that you too need the saving and healing power of Jesus Christ also in your life. If you have never received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, right now is the best time in the world to do so. It is so simple to do.

43 years ago I prayed a simple but sincere prayer, asking Jesus Christ to come into my heart and life, and to forgive my sins, and to save my soul. I repented of all my sins. I then prayed for Him to fill me with His Holy Spirit to empower my Christian walk. And I followed up this prayer with actions befitting my new Christian life, by seeking to walk in the light of His Word and commandments.
This has changed my life completely and wondrously, and this can and will change your life forever as well. Millions of others have done this, and can confirm this wonderful reality as well.

God bless all of you my readers!  

Christian readers, be blessed,
encouraged and transformed 
as you continue to 
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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