Sunday, December 14, 2014

UPDATE-My Beloved Brother Has Finally Gone Home.

12/18/2014 Anno Domini

"Welcome home, my son!"
~John Jospeh Schuffert~

~Today, my brother John has just received the greatest Christmas gift that God could ever give him. John has finally gone home to be with his Father in Heaven forever and ever. 

Only the grace of Jesus Christ his Savior could make this everlasting miracle possible.

Following five long years of suffering and pain in various nursing homes and hospitals, my precious baby brother whom I loved from the day he was born, has entered into eternal glory and peace at last.

Although I will deeply miss him, I know that John is in a far better place. I can have joy and peace within, knowing that John received Jesus with all his heart and became a member of God's family through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ His Savior 5 years ago.

And where he has gone, I too shall someday follow.



"Oh death, where is thy sting?
Oh grave, where is thy victory?
But thanks be unto God, 
Who always gives us the victory
by Jesus Christ!"

~I Corinthians 15:55, 57~

Rejoice with me this Christmas season, 
that another one of God's precious children 
has gone home to be with Him at last.

"Blessed are the dead who die 
in the Lord from now on."

~Revelation 14:13~

In loving memory of 
John Joseph Schuffert

~June 12, 1956~

Born Again in Christ

Went Home to be with Jesus
~December 18, 2014~
-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. Pam I found your blog today. I am praying the Holy Spirit comfort you at this time. I am also praying for your brother. I ask that the Lord keep him wrapped in his arms.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your dear little brother John. Sister Pamela, and to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We give God the Glory from whom all blessings flow and Praises to His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus will keep you in peace in His tender and loving arms. With love, Sister Barbara.

  3. I prayed for you Pamela and John and I prayed that God would take him HOME to GLORY--(( EVERY time one passes I THINK that is ONE MORE that won't suffer what is coming upon our world in the NOT to distant future.....Deeply appreciate your prayers. Psalm 91 !!!

  4. "I can only imagine" the reunion taking place. May our Lord continue to give you His peace and guidance. With love, kp

  5. Pamela, I have read your blog for many years, and remember your talking about your brother and your love for him on other occasions. I am very sorry to hear of this tragedy, and hope that your faith really can provide you with some comfort.

  6. May our Risen and glorious Savior Jesus comfort your heart dear Pamela.
    Now John is with the Church Triumphant, praying for us!

  7. Pamela, I pray that God's peace and joy comfort you and your family. Thank you for sharing updates on your brother. My prayers are for you for abundance of many blessings on you this Christmas season.

  8. My prayers are with you and your family-sorry for your loss. May God strengthen and comfort you.