Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tensions Increase As Ferguson MO Verdict Draws Closer



By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Today is Sunday, November 23, 2014. 

On Monday, millions of people are anticipating hearing the verdict  to be announced by the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, regarding whether Officer Darren Wilson would be charged with a crime. 

Wilson fatally shot 18 year old Michael Brown following a robbery committed by Brown last summer. Wilson declared he did this in an act of self defense after Brown began attacking the officer.Brown's family differs, claiming he was murdered by the officer.

However, it remains uncertain as to whether the verdict will actually be announced this Monday. Word leaked out Saturday that jurors had not yet reached a verdict when they wrapped up their Friday session, and that jurors would meet again to resume deliberations on Monday.

Numerous news articles from across the Internet and other publications describe how protesters in Ferguson are preparing to violently protest the verdict if Officer Wilson is not charged with committing a crime in this case.

In fact, Islamic militants have also stated that they too would become involved in the violence and protesting should Wilson be declared not guilty and not charged with committing a crime.
Police and SWAT teams prepare for civil unrest in Ferguson, MO

The governor of Missouri has already declared a state of martial law in his state, and heavy military presence has arrived, as well as numerous DHS vehicles and FBI vehicles being sighted throughout the region.

Such issues confronting millions of Americans also have the effect of drawing the proverbial line in the sand. People become angry. How are people going to cope with the outcome of such a verdict? Will they choose to respond with anger and violent protesting, even acts of violence against that particular race blamed for the outcome?

Or are people going to maintain peace and respond with non-violence, reacting with Biblical standards of behavior that include understanding and forgiveness, showing mercy, and positive actions designed to promote peace and mutual understanding instead?

One response is destructive, the other is productive. How should we then respond when offenses occur or crisis happens?

Islamic jihadists in action

We can witness how the response of hatred, violence and retaliation affects various parts of the world today. Simply witness the horrors of ISIS as they spin out of control, raping and pillaging, murdering and beheading, destroying everything deemed "the enemy" that stands in their path.

Even helpless children and women are not spared the horrors of rape, beheading and murder. 

Often tragic events occur in our world that have the power to anger, enrage or infuriate us. Our flesh then wants to rise up and retaliate with violence and hate and anger.

However, if manifesting hatred and violence, retaliation and revenge had the power to accomplish good and positive objectives, then Jesus Christ would have advocated this in His teachings.


In fact, Jesus taught just the opposite. He taught the peace-promoting concepts of showing mercy and forgiveness, even love, for those who have offended us. He taught us to turn the other cheek in showing forgiveness. 

Only in this manner can the never-ending cycle of offense-hatred-revenge be broken in the world today. Only through adhering to His timeless teachings can mutual forgiveness and understanding leading to healing and reconciliation be accomplished.

Many people are advocating the use of indiscriminate violence, manifested as retaliatory black against white crime, should Officer Darren Wilson not be charged with committing a crime in the death of Michael Brown.

One avowed communist, Carl Dix, is also heavily involved in the protests and has even circulated a disturbing pamphlet advocating "taking to the streets" and blockading major highways and streets, cancelling school and major events, staging massive protests at WALMARTS, and worse.

But how can this help the situation? How can blockading major highways, or attacking and harming innocent people uninvolved with this shooting, do anything to redeem this situation? How can violent pillaging and looting and arson change the past? Or create a positive outlook for the future? Or bring Michael back to life again???

 Such an unbiblical response that targets innocent individuals and causes property damage and encourages God's laws to be broken, can only be inspired by satan himself. Jesus described Satan as the thief who only comes to steal, kill and destroy people's lives.

Therefore whenever people respond in such a lawless matter, the Bible makes it clear that Satan and sin are the ultimate behind-the-scenes instigator of such destruction actions and responses.

What kind of people historically have used such methods to advance their causes in the world? The COMMUNISTS have always played the race card, and have used social unrest to destabilize a nation in the hopes of causing it to fall into the hands of the communist agenda for that nation.

Moslems worldwide are also known for creating such violent circumstances in the quest for their goal of world domination. Interestingly, Barack Obama is both a communist and a Moslem as well. It is interesting to note the both Obama and Al Sharpton met with high profile protesters in Ferguson, MO, previously and gave them the loaded order to "...stay on course!" But exactly WHAT is that "course" that Obama encouraged them to stay committed to???

As Americans read multiple news articles reporting on the grand jury hearing for Officer Darren Wilson, it becomes clear that the press is anticipating a response of violent protests in the aftermath of the verdict being announced, should Wilson be acquitted of charges.

Sitting on the sidelines  and watching all this drama unfold, are millions of American Christians, both African-American and white European plus many others of various nationalities as well. What should the mature, Biblical response to all this be at this time?

The Bible declares, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." The Bible also exhorts us to "seek peace and pursue it." One of the titles of Jesus Christ Himself is, "the Prince of Peace." Jesus repeatedly told His followers, "My peace I give unto you..."

For the Christians of every race living in the Ferguson, MO, region and surrounding areas, there can only be one acceptable response when the verdict is announced at last, and that is to act in accordance with the infallible word of God. 

Regardless of whether people may agree with the verdict or not, God's word does not change to suit our whims or emotions or anger. His Word remains truth and unchanging for all eternity. 

As Christians, we are all called to FORGIVE. We are all called to SHOW MERCY. We are all called to refrain from seeking VENGEANCE.

The Bible calls us as Christians to "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING." This is a time for genuine fasting and prayer for God to restrain the forces of darkness that want strife and division to occur throughout America, to promote further destabilization of our nation. The Bible promises us that fasting and prayer are powerful weapons against the adversary, and that "...the fervent and effectual prayers of a righteous person avail much."

God is able by His divine Holy Spirit to work in the hearts and minds of mankind, to bring forth peace and to bind all dark forces of violence and attack against the innocent victims. God is known to change hearts and minds, in fact, and to bring men and women to repentance from their sins.

I encourage the spiritual prayers warriors of Jesus Christ, living in the areas around Ferguson and throughout Missouri, to spend much time performing prayer walks and drives throughout this tense region, praying for God to restrain all needless, senseless violence and to restrain all destruction of property and loss of innocent lives as well.
Former riot in Ferguson, MO

No lasting results will ever be accomplished in the end by exhibiting such unbiblical behavior including violent protesting and attacking innocent people and destroying another person's property. In fact, the Bible declares that all of this is SIN.

If people in America want lasting results, and want the hand and favor of God in whatever they wish to accomplish, it MUST be obtained on GOD'S terms and by HIS ways and not OURS.

Christian readers, please: will YOU pray about this tense situation in Ferguson, Missouri, TODAY, before the verdict is announced?

Use the mighty spiritual weapons God has given His people as you stand against all violence, danger and harm to others during the volatile time of the grand jury verdict being announced in the future.

Our prayers have the power to MAKE THE CRITICAL DIFFERENCE in America today. 

How tragic it would be, for the anticipated acts of protest and violence and destruction and possible loss of human life, to take place in part because CHRISTIANS ACROSS AMERICA FAILED TO TAKE THE TIME FOR QUALITY INTERCESSORY PRAYER and to stand against the forces of spiritual darkness effectively across our nation!

We as Christians can become a part of the SOLUTION to America's many problems we face today. CHANGE in America begins with more people standing up for what God's Word declares is right, and chasing the darkness out of our nation by deploying God's spiritual weapons against every problem. 

Let it begin with the Biblical solution of fasting and prayer and repenting of our sins individually and as a nation, and turning from our sinful ways and returning to God and His word as law.

Thank you for your prayers over the anticipated crisis coming to Ferguson, Missouri, and surrounding regions. 

"With GOD, all things are possible."~Jesus Christ
-Pamela Rae Schuffert, joining in prayer across America

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