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National Cathedral Hosts Islamic Prayer Meeting in Washington DC

National Cathedral, Washington DC

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

(But WHY This Does Not Surprise Me!)

All across America, especially throughout Christian news websites and organizations, people are commenting furiously on the recent ecumenical event in National Cathedral, wherein a Moslem prayer meeting was hosted by Gary Hall, the religious leader and dean of this sacred national landmark in Washington, DC.

Of special interest is Christine Weick from Tennessee, who (without even possessing that renown pair of male anatomy commonly associated with courage,) nevertheless had the boldness to stand up against this outrageous abomination taking  place in a prominent cathedral in our nation's capitol.
Islamic terrorist seizes church sacraments 
after desecrating Christian church

Even as Muslim fanatics worldwide, inflamed by the heretical teachings of the Qu'ran, are destroying Christian churches and homes and beheading, torturing, raping and murdering our Christian brethren, here in America we are opening our churches to this soul-damning cult and foolishly trying to find "common ground for understanding" between Islam and Christianity.

Just ask the Christians being hunted down and persecuted continually under Islam, how much room there is for "common ground" and mutual understanding between Christians and fanatical Moslems!

I am so proud of Christine Weick for her testimony of Jesus Christ, unashamed and unafraid! Read what she had to say:

Thank God for Christian women like Christine Weick
from Tennessee
(But where were the Christian leaders
of the Washington DC area at this time???)

“Jesus Christ died on that cross over there,” the unidentified woman declared as she stood in the front of the room. “He is the reason why we are to worship only Him. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior!” 

“We have built, and allowed you here in mosques across this country,” she continued. “Why can’t you worship in your mosque, and leave our churches alone?”

Weick was then interrupted by indignant men who escorted her out. But she said what the Holy Spirit emboldened her to say! Praise God for those people God is raising up to boldly proclaim the truth from His word to a sinful world!

But HOW could this possibly happen to begin with, in a church sanctuary such as the famed National Cathedral that millions of Americans are familiar with??? I have driven past the National Cathedral many times in the past, when I lived in the Northern Virginia area near Washington DC.  I have also visited this church as well.
"Hi! I am 'a Christian' and your new pastor! Lucky you!" 

Unsurprisingly, the answer is sad and simple. As in many other churches across America today, wolves in sheep's clothing have crept into positions of spiritual leadership in National Cathedral. Because of their unscriptural teachings, they can rightly be called heretics. 

Read this article about the current Dean in National Cathedral, Gary Hall. And be shocked. His close associates are apparently no better, or they would not have been hired and placed there to work with him. Apparently there are those in the National Cathedral who are working for an ecumenical agenda, and to help foster the coming reprobate harlot world church as well.

What place do heretics have in the true Church of Jesus Christ? How can there be true fellowship between light and darkness? And yet, this has sadly happened throughout the churches of America today. Paul the Apostle warned of wolves creeping in amidst the flock of Jesus Christ.

And now such heretics who have departed from the Word of God and the true faith, have opened up Christian churches to idolaters who worship another god!
"IDOLATERS..shall have their part 
in the lake which burneth with fire 
and brimstone, which is 
the second death." 

The words of Jesus Christ 
from Revelation 21:8

Throughout the Bible, God's holy word commands us to never bow down to false gods and idols. This is idolatry. Jesus warns us that all idolaters will have their part in the lake of fire, or eternal damnation. 

Is the "god" of Islam that Moslems worship, also the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ? Never! Why? Because God is never schizophrenic. He is always of one mind and one truth. He is never united against Himself or self-contradictory. What the Qu'ran teaches and what the Bible teaches are clearly contradictory and will never agree in doctrine.

The false god of Islam inspired the teachings of the Qu'ran. The Qu'ran clearly teaches that God has no son, therefore Jesus Christ is ONLY a prophet and NOT the true SON of God. 
"Father, Thy Word is truth."~Jesus Christ

Yet, the Bible clearly declares that God HAS a Son, and that without Him NO MAN CAN COME TO GOD THE FATHER.

The Qu'ran teaches and instructs Moslems to persecute and ultimately murder Christians if they will not convert to their cult of Islam. 

Yet, the Bible clearly condemns such actions, and in fact teaches eternal damnation awaits all those who persecute and offend God's Christian children.

As one studies the Bible and the Qu'ran and then compares the teachings of the two, it becomes clear that the spirit that inspired the teachings of the Qu'ran, and the divine Holy Spirit Who inspired the teachings of the Bible about Jesus Christ, are two separate and opposing forces.

But, the God of the Bible is never divided against Himself, nor does He self-contradict His eternal Word. Therefore the holy God of Jesus Christ and Christianity is NOT the same "god" or spirit that inspired the dubious teachings of the Islamic Qu'ran.

And if it was not the divine Spirit of God that inspired the teachings of the Qu'ran, then exactly what kind of spirit was behind such teachings??? The Bible refers to such heretical and false teachings as "doctrines of demons".

Paul the Apostle wrote to Timothy, warning that in these last days, people would turn from the true faith in God through Jesus Christ, and instead listening to deceptive spirits and doctrines of demons. 

This then is the true spiritual origin of the teachings of Islam, which contradict the holy Word of God, the Bible, and contradict the true teachings of Jesus Christ.
"Thou shalt not bow thyself to them, nor serve them..."
Deuteronomy 5:9

Therefore, what an abomination in the sight of a holy living God, to witness unsaved pagan Moslem idolaters bowing down to the false god of Islam, and worshiping this idol in a Christian church dedicated to the worship of the ONE TRUE GOD and His Son, Jesus Christ!!!

What part do idolaters and idols have 
with the temple of the Living God???
-From II Corinthians 6:16

And of course, in order to influence Americans nationwide, the enemies of the Gospel simply had to stage this major event in the large and influential National Cathedral of Washington DC just for emphasis. 

Their clear message is, "Sure it's okay to try to mix Christianity with Islam! We can all be friends, even if your Allah advocates murdering Christians! The Christian God doesn't care if idolaters worship a false god in a church dedicated to His truth and worship! We will fill America' churches with pagan idolaters who whose Moslem cohorts murder Christians and destroy churches throughout the world, and it's all okay! This is liberal  ECUMENISM at it's finest, and the future of the church after all. And God HELP the poor Christian do-gooder who dares to disrupt this event and get in our way!"

Sigh. This brave Christian woman who dared to confront this blasphemous event was not only unceremoniously hustled out of the cathedral, but then had to endure the brunt of news media bias in the WASHINGTON POST, as if to add insult to injury.

"WASHINGTON CATHEDRAL'S FIRST MOSLEM PRAYER SERVICE INTERRUPTED BY HECKLER" was the WP's article's biased headline. Was she only "a heckler" or a righteous person standing up for God's truth in this hour of deadly compromise?

Well, fellow Christians in North America, here it comes. This problem of ISLAM IN AMERICA and the compromised "Christian" clergy who want to usher in CHRISLAM simply won't go away. It is here to stay...for now. The challenge has been set before you. In fact, it's already in your back yard, America!

And what are you going to do, Christians of America? Sit back in your cozy recliner as you watch all this on the nightly news, and then do nothing about the dangerous infiltration of cults and CHRISLAM into our Churches across America? 

And it won't stop at our churches. Look at what Islamic fanatics are doing in various regions of North America regarding taking away Christian freedoms and rights, even in getting Christmas celebrations banned in one school. All because they are somehow "offended" by Christianity and Jesus Christ.

Well, let me tell them something. I am offended at how Moslems are burning and destroying churches, and torturing, raping and imprisoning my fellow Christians in every Moslem nation across the globe. 

I am offended at every effort they make to try and diminish my Christian liberties and rights throughout my nation, America, dedicated as a true Christian nation under God by my Pilgrim Christian ancestors beginning in 1620. 

I am offended at Islam's blasphemous teachings against Jesus Christ the Son of God, and their hate literature called the Qu'ran that has led to countless Christians being imprisoned , beheaded and murdered throughout the world to this present day.
Christian priest beheaded by Moslems

My fellow Christians, if you are also concerned about this clear threat to our freedoms and Christianity in America, remember: complaining never changes anything. 

If you are displeased over this recent event taking place in National Cathedral, one of America's most prominent churches, why don't you take the time to fast and pray about all this, and ask God how you can make a difference in our world today? 

Why don't you seek God as to how you can become a part of God's solution to the darkness of the cult of Islam spreading throughout our nation? And how you can stop the spread of spiritual darkness and compromise in the churches of America, beginning with monitoring your own?

If you are not willing to become a part of the solution, then you just might be part of one of America's greatest problems, that of widespread INDIFFERENCE AND APATHY in many of the churches of America today. 

The concept of "church" has become so diluted in many Americans' minds. 
When the term "going to church" is mentioned, most Americans envision people frantically waking up Sunday morning and rushing to get to church on time...singing  few songs (even if you don't know them)...throwing some money in the offering plate as it is passed...listening (often impatiently) to a sermon and glancing nervously at their watch, afraid to miss the "all you can eat lunch buffet" after church, or that upcoming Sunday afternoon football game on TV.

And then, once again it is over for another week. People hurry out of the church building, briefly greeting one another, and then don't even interact with fellow church members until the following brief encounter in church next Sunday. In thousands of churches across America, this scenario is repeated Sunday after Sunday.

In the midst of all this, where is the enduring love and fellowship between believers?Where is taking the time to get to KNOW one another, and to LOVE ONE ANOTHER as Jesus Christ commanded us to do?

We as Christians in the 21st century have lost the true Biblical concept and meaning of "The Body of Christ" and the church of the Living God. We have forgotten our true spiritual roots and what TRUE DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY is really all about. We need to rediscover the true essence of THE BODY OF CHRIST once again, and what genuine Christian love is really all about.

Biblical love has often been abandoned by many Christians, because the cost of loving others exactly as Jesus has loved each one of us, is simply too hard to achieve and maintain. 

But we must remember that Jesus gave us a new commandment. It is probably the most broken commandment in the New Testament today. And sadly, too few Christians even realize when they are breaking this important commandment.

"A NEW commandment I give unto you, that you love one another even as I have loved you. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, when you have love one to another." From John 13:34 and John 15:12

When is the last time you can remember any fellow Christian seriously taking the time and effort to love you, as Jesus Christ loves you? Or when have you taken the time to love a fellow Christian as Jesus commands us to? (I am not talking about just loving family members, either.) Stop and think about it for a moment.

Where is LOVE in the churches of America today? And just how far does it reach?

Many people have shared with me about how disillusioned they are with the churches in our nation. Some have gone to their local churches in desperate need of Christian love and compassion and fellowship...and have emerged as sad and empty as when they first walked in.

No one talked to them or greeted them. There was no real interactive fellowship. No one took the time to manifest the love commanded by Jesus to be shown to one another. We live in a lonely, hurting world wherein people are starved for genuine Christian LOVE and compassion. 

But sadly, people will not always find it in their local church.

Yet is this the will of God? NEVER! Churches are not only places of worship and praise to Almighty God, but a sanctuary wherein people can find peace, love and compassion from fellow believers in Christ Jesus. How can any place call itself a church, when  holy Biblical LOVE is not a pivotal teaching and a tangible presence therein?

Another serious problem: holiness and sanctification have frequently been thrown out the window by many Christians, while they allow the seductions and temptations of this world to overwhelm their lives. 

Secret cyberporn abounds in many households, as does fornication and adultery and other forms of sin, including lesbianism and homosexuality. And the leaders of the flock are by no means immune to sin either.

I'm sorry to disagree with the liberals, BUT when the eternal Bible states that sexual immorality is SIN, and that the sexually immoral will NOT inherit the kingdom of Heaven, it means exactly what it says. God  will never re-write His holy commandments to please any sinner! 

No one seems surprised today when another televangelist or prominent preacher falls because of seduction or money. Sadly, it has become the norm more and more in our world today.

"Do as I SAY, not as I DO!"

The Bible commands us to boldly declare God's truth to a sinful world around us,and to become willing to suffer persecution for proclaiming His truth. 

Yet how many American Christians remain silent in the workplace when told that they cannot share their Christian faith there? Often they refuse to become willing to partake of the sufferings of Christ, because it might rock the boat and their comfortable little world.
Don't be afraid to speak up for Jesus Christ!

How can we expect to change the world around us for Christ, if we are not even willing to suffer persecution for doing the right thing in His sight???

As an honest and observant Christian of 42 years now, I can tell you that the problem of "Christians compromising with the world" in National Cathedral recently, is simply indicative of the broader tragic state of many of the Christian churches throughout North America today. False teachers and wolves in sheeps' clothing abound therein.

However, as in every generation, God has his "remnant Christians," true disciples of Jesus Christ who are dedicated and sincere, walking in the light of Jesus Christ daily and unafraid to speak up boldly for the truth, and determined to live for Him every single day.

Such committed and steadfast people are the true disciples of Jesus Christ in this generation, and the ones who are destined to OVERCOME THE WORLD and to reign with Him on the earth someday.

In closing, do not compromise His precious and eternal word to become a "men-pleaser". 

Do not become a part of the "harlot church" filled with sin and abominations in the sight of a holy God. Do not participate with false churches who have abandoned the true faith and yielded to "doctrines of demons" as National Cathedral has sadly done throughout recent years. And they are not alone in this.

Choose instead to be a part of Christ's holy and pure Bride and Body, sanctified by His blood, filled with His Holy Spirit, and destined to overcome and "inherit all things." Jesus Christ is returning for a spotless Bride of His chosen and elect, washed in His blood and victorious over sin. The sinful and the compromised will not be a part of this holy Bride of Christ! 

Fellow Christian, if you have fallen into sin, ask yourself this question: do you prefer your sins, over your eternal soul and salvation??? Is eternal damnation preferable to forgiveness and eternal life? No? 

Then come to Jesus Christ TODAY for forgiveness and let His blood wash you from ALL sins! Be restored in your fellowship with God through Jesus' precious blood, and become a part of His Bride and what God is doing in the earth today!

Choose to not be like this world. Choose to stand boldly for Jesus Christ and His teachings, regardless of the persecution you may face for the truth. 

Together we can change the world, and help bring America back
 to the God of our Christian forefathers and founders of this nation, 
who above all knew the eternal truth of 
"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord God."
Are YOU willing to be a chosen vessel of the Lord's, to do His will in this world, and to change this world by bringing His Word to America and mankind?

And if not YOU, then WHO?

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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